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HELP! Interview with Accenture

#1 HELP! Interview with Accenture
10/12/2004 23:00


Hello everyone!

I have been invited to the first interview stage with Accenture recently for an SBA position. I would be extremely grateful if anyone has any suggestions on how to handle this first crucial step.

What kind of questions should I expect? What is the best way to prepare for them? What sort of behaviour are they looking for in prospective employee?

I would really applreciate some feedback on this! This is quite urgent and important!

Thanks to all!

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#2 Re: HELP! Interview with Accenture
12/12/2004 00:43



Make sure you have a good all round grasp of what Accenture does. Understand the company structure i.e. operating & capability groups, and how each applied itself to a project. To prepare for my interview - I read through loads of case studies on their website. This is invaluable - it'll help you to answer all the questions but in particular the case study one! Make sure you know why you want to be a consultant. If there's one thing the interviewer wants to know - it's do you really want to be a consultant! Also - prepare the usual suspects...when did you use initative? A time when u've been under pressure? etc etc.

And finally - speak positive and energetically. Even if your IT knowledge isn't the best..talking as if you know what you're on about will count for a lot. They're going to be entrusting their clients with you - so they'll want to see you communicating in a confident and well-thought out manner.

Good luck with it! If u really want to be a consultant and work for Accenture - they'll more than likely pick up on this and you'll get through no problem. (On the flip side they're also quite good in sussing out (and rejecting) the people that are only applying for the salary and 10 grand bonus!)

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#3 Re: HELP! Interview with Accenture
12/12/2004 02:04


Hi Tom,

It is certainly very kind of you to have answer me with clues about accenture's interviews...were you offer a place at SBA?

I am being interviewed for a SBA Position...I am going to do my best this is for sure and wish me luck...i hope not nervous to be able to speak English fluently (I am Portuguese!). By the way if you remember more please email me back!

Season's greetings!


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#4 Re: HELP! Interview with Accenture
13/12/2004 13:28


In Sweden, we had to take an analytical test. 40 questions in 25 minutes, although we weren't supposed to complete the test. I mean none of us did. If you get to do this test, remember to be accurate - it's multiple choice - and don't be worried if you feel you're not going to finish it. I only answered 29 questions. Anyway, I agree with the previous reply - he gave you some very useful help. To emphasize something he said - be sure you understand what Accenture does. What for instance would your tasks be?

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#5 Re: HELP! Interview with Accenture
01/03/2005 12:59

One more applicant

Hi Maria, I've just been through the first roung interviews for an SBA post as well. It's basically a behaviorial type interview, wanting to assess you on general skills, initiative, character. Questions on your past experience working in teams, achievements etc. The case study is a very short one, about 10 mins. More on ideas than the actualy analysis of numbers/graphs etc. Good luck and let me know if you get through!

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