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contemplating with the green dot

#1 contemplating with the green dot
25/03/2011 02:40


hi all, i've recently been approached by a headhunter for a manager role in deloitte. i've been with ACN (IT strategy practice) for nearly 7 years now as manager and will pursue a promotion to sr manager this year..... expert advice/opinion is greatly appreciated in terms of:

a. salary expectation (the recruiter hinted a total remuneration of about 85-87K) - is this good in the lower, medium or high package for a manager in deloitte?

b. is 18-24 mos a reasonable time for me to run a 'campaign' to get promoted to sr mgr? - or is this this too unrealistic...

c. how strong is Deloitte's IT strategy practice?

Thank in advance for your advice.


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#2 RE: contemplating with the green dot
25/03/2011 08:16

Anon to ACNer (#1)

Hello. Having come from ACN to Deloitte, my advice would be to consider that regardless of capability and performance, it takes time to integrate into a new organization and you would be looking at at least a year -18 months before you had a shot at promotion and even then you would probably be disadvantaged relative to the other managers who have been at the firm a few years and have a stronger relationship with the partners / directors who you would need to sponsor the promotion. So if you have a realistic shot at SM in Accenture this September, I think it would probably be worth sticking around. Once you have your promotion, you will have a stronger case to move across laterally if you still wanted to. That said, if your chances of getting promoted in September aren’t that strong, it may be worth considering the move now.

The package looks about right for manager level. Remember, you effectively lose 5 days holiday (assuming Accenture still gives 30 days), so you may want to factor that in. However, I think Deloitte makes slightly more generous pension contributions. I’m afraid I don’t know too much about Deloitte’s IT strategy practice, hopefully someone else can help you out on that. Hope this helps.

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#3 RE: contemplating with the green dot
25/03/2011 09:41

ACNer to Anon (#2)

Hi anon.. thank you very much for the feedback/advice. Very helpful indeed... As to the promotion in ACN, I suppose it will all depend on who will sit in the panel.. I believe I have a strong case but then again, I don't have any insight on other candidates who are pursuing the same promotion...

I recently looked at but not so sure about the integrity of the data presented... but then again, it's just me...

again, I'd like to appeal to the other practitioners in this forum for their views..

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#4 RE: contemplating with the green dot
25/03/2011 11:07

someguy to ACNer (#3)

ACNer, I would suggest going through the process with Deloitte as it can't hurt to have an option to hand. That said, Anon's comments are spot on - also recognize that as a new manager you will have little credibility with either entrenched juniors or your clients and will have to establish yourself very quickly indeed to have a chance in 18 months for SM.

Is the Deloitte salary significantly above what you are getting as an M2/M3 (I wouldn't have thought so)? If not, what other factors are at play here - and is sticking it out for SM even a realistic option?

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#5 RE: contemplating with the green dot
25/03/2011 14:09

have you gone mad to someguy (#4)

do you really think £85-87K at deloitte is worth leaving ACN. Let me break that £85K for you. You will get around £75K basic, £6700 as flexible allowane and then 10-15% bonus. So if you say you are up for promotion in ACN in Sep I would think you are on M3 with a basic of around £80K plus £5500 as car allowance plus 10% bonus. So you package at ACN will be anytime more than the maximum Deloitte will pay you. You have far stronger chance for promotion at Accenture even if you dont get it in Sep you can get it in March or even Sep next year but building that credibility in an organisation like Deloitte is never going to happen in next 18 months!

If you are afraid of not making SM at ACN this year or even next year and want to spend more time on manager level even then Accenture will be a better place to be!

Deloitte is the worse BIG4 company to work for. I did the same mistake of leaving ACN when I was close to making SM and Joined Deloitte as Manager however, in no time ( in 5 months) I realised my mistake and left Deloitte to join a leading industry as Senior Manager. Mind you your notice period will increase from 1 month to 3 months after you have completed 6 months with Deloitte so it was the best time to leave Deloitte before getting trapped into their 3 months notice thing.

I see no reason why you should not wait at ACN for getting promoted. The size of Deloitte IT consulting in UK is 10 times smaller than Accenture UK and the kind of assignment they undertakes are sh$te, most of the time they will sell you as a body to client without defining your roles and responsibilities and you will be at the mercy of client as to how they should treat you on day to day basis. and Finally the duration of Deloitte's most assignments are merely 3 weeks ( I haven't witnessed any assignment in ACN which was less than 3 months) so you will be working like a an ass and hopping from one client to another every month! Life in Deloitte is going to be worse than hell!!

I have worked with both Accenture and Deloitte and can provide you my first hand experience.

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#6 RE: contemplating with the green dot
26/03/2011 01:17

ACNer to have you gone mad (#5)

Hi Have You gone... thanks fr the input.. very insightful.. I must say though that the remuneration package I provided still excludes the bonus.. so it is slightly higher with what Ive got in ACN.. though not that much I must admit..

You also mentioned that the size of ACN is 10x bigger than Deloitte but the your reference point might be inclusive of the SI folks in ACN.. in which case, they are not IT consultants but more of project delivers..

Setting aside the money difference, I think I am looking at a long term view of my career.. I think (and from what I've read so far in this forum - yeah I know that I have to view the comments with a pinch of salt all the time), Deloitte (and indeed the rest of the big 4 bar KPMG??) can provide me the breadth and depth of a true consulting exposure - something that I havent seen so far in ACN.. I don't think IT Strategy is not one of the strongest point of ACN at this point..

You are spot on though that I might as well wait to get to ACN's SM promotion but then again, should I be putting more weight in having a short time gain (ergo SM in ACN) or should i tr my mettle in a more competitive but true blue consuting outfit??

happy to discuss this further with you and really interested in learning/understanding more of your experience (if you fancy sharing it in this esteemed forum)..

have a nice weekend..


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#7 RE: contemplating with the green dot
26/03/2011 23:54

anon to ACNer (#6)

agree with HYGM, it will take you quite awqhile to build up an internal network, worth giving it a shot in ACN for Sept (and the perf mgmt process is practically upon us anyway) so what do you have to lose? the package at D doesn't sound like one worth moving for especially if you factor in a "value" for your internal ACN netowrk/knowledge of the company etc.

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