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Executive level E&Y - Question

#1 Executive level E&Y - Question
17/03/2011 10:51


Hi all,

I have a quick question and your insights would be well appreciated.

I had applied for a role within PI at E&Y and received an email saying that the partners are interested in moving ahead with my application, but at the executive level as I do not have any UK consulting experience. (I am Canadian, but have been working in Dubai-GCC for the past 3 years)

I have been to the careers site and it doesn't have much to say about entering as an executive. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on what I can expect from entering at the executive level and what the salary range would be.

Many thanks,


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#2 RE: Executive level E&Y - Question
17/03/2011 12:27

Eyer to William (#1)

This is a Senior Consultant grade. Pay grade is about 38 - 50K depending on experience and how well you negioiate. With 3 years experience, maybe push for £45K

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#3 RE: Executive level E&Y - Question
17/03/2011 16:53

Ved to Eyer (#2)

and what is the progression there after upto Partner?

Thanks, Ved

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#4 RE: Executive level E&Y - Question
18/03/2011 04:52

William to Eyer (#2)

Thank you for that Eyer.

Can you let me know how an executive is functionally different from a consultant. I am assuming it's more back office support. Are there good opportunities to move up from there?

Thanks again,


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#5 RE: Executive level E&Y - Question
18/03/2011 09:46

Short Hair, Shiny Shoes (Ey'er) to William (#4)

Hi Ved, the progression is:


Senior Consultant


Senior Manager


(Exec Director)


Senior Partner

Exec Director is in brackets as this grade is higher than director, but it is seperate from moving to partner, it is less a selling role and more focused on delivery.

Will... Although I work in PI at EY, I have never heard someone referred to as an Executive (that term tends to be used in the assurance practice). But going on my colleagues assumption that this is a Senior Con role, then the expectations are quite high, you will be required to manage workstreams, be responsible for a number of deliverables and the main client counterpart for these. You may also have a number of consultants reporting to you.

That is on the assumption it is an SC role that is being referred to as Exec. I'm intruiged by this though, so may try and find out more today :)

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#6 RE: Executive level E&Y - Question
18/03/2011 09:51

Darren Seymour to Short Hair, Shiny Shoes (Ey'er) (#5)

Executive is equivalent to Consultant

Senior Executive is equivalent to Senior Consultant

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#7 RE: Executive level E&Y - Question
19/03/2011 09:57

EYer to deleted (#0)

HI ved,

Not sure where some of the other comments have come from as not really accurate.

Executive is an SC grade. You move to this grade after finishing the grad programme (about 3 years) or when you join as you are as an experienced hire. The grade can be quite broad but you def won't be managing workstreams. As you move to manager, you'll be looking to do this as part of your business case but you are expected to manage your workload which will then be reviewed by the manager. What Short Hair, Shiny Shoes is describing is how you need to perform before promotion to Manager.

The progression route in the other posts is correct. You go to Manager after Sc/Exec (usually 3 years) then to Snr Manager (depends on how good you are at sales - can be a very long time at SM), then Director. EY has introduced a split in the career path after Director. You can go to Partner where sales are the focus on you have equity in the firm, or to Exec Director which is a new grade and you are still salaried.

On the difference in Exec, this is a blow back from before Advisory. There was Bus Advisory Services (BAS) started about 5 years ago with lots of Accenture refugees and Business Risk Services, which had their Programme Advisory and TSRS service lines. PAS and BAS were merged to form Advisory and TSRS was merged with another service line to form ITA. The grades were all made consistent and we adopted the BAS terms of Consultant, SC, M, SM, D, P. I'm not sure why the ad still says Exec as this is called SC now.

There is no such thing as Senior Exec. The Consultant grade was called Associate.

Whether its Exec, Associate, etc, if its for Advisory in one of the service lines, this is consultancy role - client facing engagements. The internal back office support roles are different and not aligned to PI. Progression is as described above.

Hope this helps


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#8 RE: Executive level E&Y - Question
21/03/2011 12:49

Darren Seymour to EYer (#7)

"There is no such thing as Senior Exec"

EYer - I suggest you check before making statements like the above. I recently (last week) interviewed for a Senior Executive role within Operations Advisory at EY. Ask the HR department (if you work at EY) and they will confirm that the Senior Exec role does exist. Look in the "job search" section on their careers website.... Enough said

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#9 RE: Executive level E&Y - Question
21/03/2011 20:18

EYer to Darren Seymour (#8)


Don't need to check - Op Advisory is a different Department, it does not Advisory. This sits in Transaction Advisory.

Suggest you read up before the interview if you hope to work there

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#10 RE: Executive level E&Y - Question
22/03/2011 12:52

Monkinton (former EY'er) to EYer (#9)

Chaps, just to clear it all up....

- Exec (now SC) in Advisory = Exec in TS / Corp Fin

- Manager in Advisory = Senior Exec is a TS / Corp Fin

Thus, the Senior Executive role DOES exist, but not in Advisory!

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