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pa consulting levels

#1 pa consulting levels
01/03/2011 21:58

acn dude

Can anyone please advise how the Acn career levels match to those in PA consulting.

I am a M1 and would like to understand the equivalent level in PA.

Thanks in advance

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#2 RE: pa consulting levels
02/03/2011 00:00

Not joking to acn dude (#1)

Associate Partner

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#3 RE: pa consulting levels
02/03/2011 16:45

mac to Not joking (#2)

Can anyone comment on PA's interview process? how quick are they in terms of giving feedback after interviews and tests?

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#4 RE: pa consulting levels
03/03/2011 14:17

recruiter too to acn dude (#1)

Joking is of course joking. The gradings are Partner, Managing Consultant, Principal Consultant, Senior Consultant, Consultant and some Analyst grades. MC is positioned as Associate Partner or Director level (even if the base salary is lower) and is very sales driven. Principal level is also quite salesy. So M1 is top end of Senior Consultant/bottom end Principal methinks

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#5 RE: pa consulting levels
04/03/2011 16:07

SS to recruiter too (#4)

Why don't you try:

Unformatted cut and paste below...

In your career you could, for example, start as an Analyst, and move on to Consultant Analyst, Consultant, Principal Consultant and Managing Consultant. The rank structure eventually extends through to the more senior levels of the firm.

The different roles that can be undertaken by our consultants fall into three main categories: operating, selling and thought leadership. The list below will give you a brief description of each rank.


In general, has recently completed higher/further education and starts in PA with some relevant business experience.

Supports a team of consultants in research/analysis in their specific technical field.

Will be trained in appropriate analytical methods and in the basic disciplines of consultancy.

Consultant analyst

Is generally a graduate with two to three years' work experience in a relevant field, frequently joining as an Analyst.

Part of a project team under the supervision of a team leader, performs more demanding research/analysis with increasing client contact.

Independently contributes to well-defined internal Practice projects.

Receives sector-specific and core consultancy skills training.


Someone who is promoted from Consultant analyst, or comes as an experienced hire from industry or consulting sectors with a post-graduate qualification (academic, professional and /or technical).

On assignment, works independently on own project tasks which are predominantly client-facing but under the supervision of an assignment manager.

May be called on to provide input to sales, marketing and thought leadership activities.

Receives training in operating assignment skills, sales techniques and communication skills.

Principal consultant

Someone who has been promoted from the Consultant level, or recruited from either industry or consulting sectors with significant experience at the appropriate level.

On assignment, manages day-to-day client relationship organisation.

Act as assignment manager on small and medium-sized assignments, supervising small teams of two or three consultants and is responsible for quality, profit and project planning.

Active participation in service proposition, business development work and thought leadership.

Receives training in sales, operating assignments and communication skills. Where appropriate, personal career development resulting in possible promotion to Managing consultant will be encouraged.

Managing consultant

Someone who has been promoted from Principal consultant; or recruited from a senior level in industry (but usually with prior consulting experience), or in consulting sectors.

Active involvement in account management with client organisations.

Works as an assignment manager on complex/large projects; responsible for initiating and leading sales and other business development activities.

May have line management responsibilities.

Sells and operates across national and Practice boundaries, developing PA competencies outside own field of expertise.

Receives training in business management, key account management and assignment management of large, complex assignments, Undertakes advanced core communication, leadership, sales and operating skills. Where appropriate personal career development resulting in possible Senior member election will be encouraged.

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#6 RE: pa consulting levels
04/03/2011 18:03

Banana Republic to SS (#5)

I know two Consultants in PA who both recently joined Accenture at Manager level

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#7 RE: pa consulting levels
10/03/2011 02:44

acn dude to Banana Republic (#6)

Thanks for your help

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#8 RE: pa consulting levels
12/03/2011 11:53

anona to acn dude (#7)

Promotion and growth prospects are poor in PA. This is the only largish consulting company that did not grow in size during the 1997 - 2007 boom, and has cut its headcount in half since then.

If you are looking for a good consulting career, look elsewhere, unless a PM role in some local authority is something that excites you

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#9 RE: pa consulting levels
12/03/2011 13:31

erk to anona (#8)

another thing to watch out for is that quite a few of PA's best thinkers are now heading up an outfit called Templewood which seems to speak volumes about PA'S ability to secure good work using its own brand.

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#10 RE: pa consulting levels
14/03/2011 15:36

ditto to erk (#9)

Have the team in Templewood actually left PA? Or is it something they've set up to do work PA doesn't do?

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#11 RE: pa consulting levels
14/03/2011 19:04

Tom to ditto (#10)

Aren't you confusing things with that Doctor Who spin-off?

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#12 RE: pa consulting levels
14/03/2011 21:38

dr who to Tom (#11)

Spot the PA Partners with an exit strategy..

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#13 RE: pa consulting levels
14/03/2011 22:26

I ain't Einstein to dr who (#12)

Best thinkers...sheesh

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