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Background check / Verification

#1 Background check / Verification
15/02/2011 07:30


What are the various Background / Verification checks done by big4 ? I am not talking abt ref checks...

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#2 RE: Background check / Verification
15/02/2011 09:26

Anon to Anon (#1)

Here's what I know

Not big 4 more shaby 400

Atos - they check your local pub to see you don't have a tendancy of leaving data sticks / confidential stuff behind

PA - do indepth checks with your local mental health hospital on the assumption you must be mad to...

ACN - send you a change control for your CV to be altered and see how much you try and charge them

and rumour has it Berger lock you in a room shine a light in your face before plunging it in ice and say ve do not believe this cv - vot is you real name

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#3 RE: Background check / Verification
15/02/2011 10:15

Sir Duncan McBallantyne to Anon (#2)

He he.

And McK make you supply 10 references, fill out 5 psychometric questionnaires, send them a 45 page application form with many many open-questions such as "why do you want to work here", do 15 case studies with 10 different partners, have 8 rounds of interviews, and attend 4 assessment days. Then reject you.

PWC give you a telephone interview then you never hear from then again.

etc etc

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#4 RE: Background check / Verification
15/02/2011 11:36

Shoe Polisher to Sir Duncan McBallantyne (#3)

I use Kroll to do a full background check. They go through every part of your CV with a fine tooth comb, get transcripts from Universities and references from EVERY employer.

If there are gaps? they investigate.

Most people come out of it ok, one or two chancers get caught and incredibly, people still lie about their education.

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#5 RE: Background check / Verification
15/02/2011 11:55

Dave to Shoe Polisher (#4)

Interesting. Tell us more about this "Kroll" and their procedures. How thorough is their work? What precisely do they cover and how do they do it? Be detailed and descriptive.

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#6 More about Kroll
15/02/2011 12:55

Anon to Dave (#5)

Kroll – description here goes then –

The monster that gets the Award for Biggest Monster in a Doctor Who episode turns up in the Season 16 story The Power of Kroll, with Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, Mary Tamm as Romana, and a fairly static, superimposed rubber cephalopod as Kroll. It aired between 23 December 1978 and 13 January 1979.

The story itself is a classic mix of tropes, PA and PWC consultants that involve an ecology disrupted by careless developers, indigenous exploitation and displacement, fanatical worship of their VP’s, capitalistic imperialism, native rebellion and giant monster destruction.

Some viewers have expressed disdain toward the costuming used for the “Accenture Consultants” (the original inhabitants of Delta Magna, now refugees from a capitalistic regime on the planet’s third moon), but it works within the context, provided a little discretionary tolerance is applied.

And though the huge testacled Kroll is really too ambitious a creature for the available MBB budget, what we get does work on a simple conceptual level, despite size discrepancies between long shots of the monster and the incongruous smaller testacles that attack on a personal level. Kroll clearly has a mass of testacles that can attack from beneath the swamp.

More info if needed....HTH

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#7 RE: More about Kroll
15/02/2011 14:57

rc to Anon (#6)

I've worked with Kroll - they are a security firm with a wide range of services - at one end they might be doing look ups on applicant qualifications, at the other they can source large hairy gentlemen to physically mitigate risks in dodgy countries... intriguing mix of lawyers, accountants and ex military

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#8 RE: More about Kroll
15/02/2011 15:27

Dave to rc (#7)

Sounds interesting. Do they provide a service whereby they will kick applicants in the balls if they have given fake or exaggerated details?

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#9 RE: More about Kroll
15/02/2011 17:15

No Dave... to Dave (#8)

If we get the feedback that applicant lied, we just turn them down. No reasons given.

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#10 RE: More about Kroll
15/02/2011 17:47

Dave to No Dave... (#9)

Tell us more about the types of lies and exaggerations you have picked up on in the past. This could make for interesting reading.

That Kroll firm sounds well tough. Sort of makes me think of the Krays for some reason.

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#11 RE: More about Kroll
15/02/2011 18:35

Private Eye to Dave (#8)

Didn't they throw some guy out of a window in Canary Wharf then try to cover it up and run a smear campaign a couple of years ago?


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#12 RE: More about Kroll
15/02/2011 18:39

inside line to Private Eye (#11)

Got sold by MMC as ironically the whole industrial espionage angle poses too much of a risk of lawsuits and reputational damage. The professional indemnity premiums were through the roof.

Strange when you think companies hire them to protect corporate reputation and minimise lawsuits - guess it takes a [allegedly] to catch a [allegedly].

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