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Consultancy outside London; transition for MBA grad?

#1 Consultancy outside London; transition for MBA grad?
12/02/2011 09:09


Good morning All,

I’ve had a good search, but the only threads vaguely relevant to my enquiry seem to date from 2004, so I’d be grateful for your views.

I've been working in supply chain/operations/commercial roles with FMCG manufacturers since graduating from Cardiff with a 2:1 in Economics and Management Studies in 2002. In late 2009 I was promoted to the exec’ board of a SME, earning £61k including my car allowance. Late last year I completed my MBA (again from Cardiff,) graduating with distinction.

I’ve just spent 3-months travelling to recharge my batteries having gone through group-level administration and subsequently helping the part of the business that I ran into new hands. I was then made redundant when the operation was consolidated into the new owner’s site and I showed no interest in wanting to work with them beyond the finite transfer period – no hard feelings, just scant opportunity and a culture that I found a bit odd.

So, now I’m back in the UK and seriously considering a switch to consultancy; I simply would like to spend my time working on business improvement projects rather than running a business or operation day-to-day. At least for now.

That waffle aside (thanks for sticking with me…,) my question is this: Is it realistic to think that I might move into consultancy without having to live in London? My reasons for wanting to do so are two-fold – and the usual economic/financial reasoning is secondary to the desire to live somewhere green. I’ve travelled to west London a fair bit with work and, whereas at 22 I saw it as exciting and enticing, at 31 I see it as dirty and unattractive.

I don’t care where in the UK I live, so long as it’s not in the urban jungle. I absolutely do not wish to antagonise London lovers. I’ve many friends who feel the same way – it’s just not for me.

Many thanks,

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#2 RE: Consultancy outside London; transition for MBA grad?
12/02/2011 11:14

Cardiffian to PurelySmoke? (#1)

I'm a Cardiffian (undergrad and MBA) and currently ploughing through some interviews in Consultancy (weirdly also in business transformation!)...

I have scanned and asked, what feels like the entire 65million people in UK for consulting outside of London (or closer to some green belt)....those that I found would not be my first choice, and all those who I really want to work for are, guess London taan !

I will be doing the 4 nights, 3 nights split if I can...although in consulting, I think there's so much travel, there's potential to be on site 4 days a week anyway?!

Happy with your Cardiff MBA? Carry the 'clout' you'd hoped?

Good luck

No drama, quite

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#3 RE: Consultancy outside London; transition for MBA grad?
12/02/2011 19:33

PurelySmoke? to Cardiffian (#2)


Re: Cardiff MBA - to be honest, I've only been back in the country for eight days, so not really best placed to comment on its 'clout' as yet. That said, based purely on the evidence within previous threads here, I'm a little disappointed that CARBS isn’t better regarded. We shall see.

Bottom-line is however that I was sponsored so it was either Cardiff or distance learning (No, ta) so I am not about to whinge. What’s your view?

@All you other good folk – no doubt with better things to do on the weekend (like work, right?)

Any views on working outside London, particularly as an industry entry point? Also, any view on my general prospects in light of my qualifications and experience?


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#4 RE: Consultancy outside London; transition for MBA grad?
14/02/2011 16:22

PurelyJoke? to PurelySmoke? (#3)

It seems that I more likely to elicit responses if I mention the word 'hosiery.'

So there you go. Anyone?

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#5 RE: Consultancy outside London; transition for MBA grad?
15/02/2011 09:23

rc to PurelyJoke? (#4)

you don't mention the obvious route which is joining a regional office - the limitation being that they are still in conurbations like Edinburgh, Manchester etc. Odds are you'd still end up working in London for significant chunks however - you might be able to live somewhere green with a big commute, but you won't be working anywhere green - because that's not where the work tends to be...

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#6 RE: Consultancy outside London; transition for MBA grad?
15/02/2011 12:26

Bob to rc (#5)

Have you considered contracting? Obviously easier if you have good networks and hot skills, but I'm sure there are agencies or the like that you can use to find contracts. Means you don't have to be 'based' in London but work on the same projects/programmes as consultants do.

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