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Moving to Australia

#1 Moving to Australia
07/02/2011 16:28

Bored of UK

I'm thinking of getting an internal transfer from UK to Australia (probably Sydney). I can do this in my company but becuase it's at my initiative I'd have to organise it myself (i.e. the company are not transfering me, I'm transfering myself if that makes sense).

Anyone done this and how did it work out? I've got family so this for the long term.

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#2 RE: Moving to Australia
08/02/2011 00:12

JDP to Bored of UK (#1)

In general, having international work experience looks good on any CV. Most companies in sydney are globally competitive and thus held in generally high regard.

You are lucky if you can do this by yourself ( at your inititive) PROVIDED your company supports you. You are also lucky that you will have a job once landed on the shores of sydney. This makes it so much easier than coming in anyother way.

The work-life may be a bit easier than the UK/US. However, sydney is fast approaching the helter-skelter demanding work environments as in the US/UK. This is just global competition at work.

The working environment is generally friendly and supportive.

Salaries in sydney are generally high ( and they have to be- sky high income tax and cost of living). Rents/buying a house is ridiculous. However, make sure you negotiate your salary.

Regarding family, australian cities are known for ease of family life ( for lack of better words)- you know what i mean- flexible workign conditions, understanding team and bosses etc...

Something that aint in the US/UK as much. Decent schools , etc...The main gripe i hear so often with any australian city is that its damn well impossible to save any money. The costs are just too high- and sydney is probably the worst offender in that regard.

If its money you are after, forget sydney - forget australia in fact. If its a balanced life you are after then there is few that match sydney ( or most australian city).

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#3 RE: Moving to Australia
09/02/2011 17:09

Keith to JDP (#2)

My experience is very different. Consultants are often lured down under by the work/life balance offering and then are totally shocked to discover that their colleagues work much harder and longer than those in the UK. Add to that, the constant traffic jams coming in and out of Sydney, and you will soon find that an easy family friendly life with lots of stubbies on the beach is simply an oasis !!

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#4 RE: Moving to Australia
09/02/2011 23:48

JDP to Keith (#3)


you are partly my last post , i mentioned that sydney in particular is fast approaching the american way of life. However, it is still a bit better ( not that much, but a bit) than US/UK.

The other australian cities are better than sydney for work-life balance- especially melbourne.

Melbourne is just a bit smaller than sydney in terms of population and commercial opportunities but offers better value in terms of work-life and the sort. It is also cheaper than sydney.

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#5 RE: Moving to Australia
10/02/2011 13:29

anon to JDP (#4)

What about Auckland, NZ?

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#6 RE: Moving to Australia
11/02/2011 01:31

JDP to anon (#5)

I would not consider any NZ opportunities. The commercial opportunities in NZ are way too small. What you want is to have a good family-work balance whilst having enough job opportunities in the region. In the ocenia region, i would only consider Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Of the three, I believe melbourne is the best placed and balanced. Sydney is the most 'amercian' city and brisbane is the most laid back city ( has good work-life, but low on salaries and job opportunities whilst being almost as expensive as melbourne).

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