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Tactical recruitment

#1 Tactical recruitment
17/09/2001 00:00


It would be easy to believe its all doom and gloom out there right now. Not so! There IS tactical recruitment going on within the Business and Technology solutions sector. As a headhunter my organisation specialises in discreet recruitment, so if you are looking for a career change or have recently been made redundant, I would like to hear from you.

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#2 Re: Tactical recruitment
17/09/2001 00:00


Can you send me details of your company I am very much interested in your services

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#3 Re: Tactical recruitment
18/09/2001 00:00

Jim Carroll

Tony If you forward your email address to me I will reply immediately.


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#4 Re: Tactical recruitment
21/09/2001 00:00

Ricardo Afonso

Currently im looking for a career change and would like to hear what you have to offer.

kind regards


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#5 Re: Tactical recruitment
21/09/2001 00:00


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#6 Re: Tactical recruitment
21/09/2001 00:00


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#7 Re: Tactical recruitment
26/09/2001 00:00


Please contact me :

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#8 Re: Tactical recruitment
28/09/2001 00:00


Hi Jim

I'm a project manager with several years consulting experience. Just graduated with distinction from Theseus MBA programme. I'd like to talk.

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#9 Jim I've not heard from you yet
01/10/2001 00:00


Hi Jim, have you e-mailed me as I have not received anything yet

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#10 Re: Tactical recruitment
10/10/2001 00:00

martin jennings

i have just qualified with an mba and am looking for a way to change my career and get into consulting. any help from you would be gratefully accepted.

sincerely, martin

Martin Jennings MBA

91, Stour Road, Home Tel. (01202) 476021

Christchurch,Dorset. e-mail:

BH23 1JN. Mobile: 07790 046814


To obtain a Business Consultancy position with a strong emphasis on strategic analysis, communication and presentation, and people management.

Relevant Skills

q Superior analytical skills including strategic and operational analysis

q First-rate interpersonal and communication skills, written and oral, at all levels

q Computer literate - skilled creator of essential business documents and PowerPoint presentations

q Naturally creative and innovative approach towards problem-solving

q Self-assured decision-maker, confident without being arrogant

q Respected trainer and developer of people


May 1992 – present: Area Manager – Woodhouse Wines

I began employment with Hall and Woodhouse as a store manager, rapidly being promoted to the position of Assistant Area Manager. Since appointment as Area Manager in 1998 I have been accountable for the performance of eleven stores.

q Successful management of eleven retail outlets with a combined annual turnover in excess of £4.5 million

q Generated and managed annual cost budgets and profit targets for all stores

q Trained Store Managers in the use of the Financial Profit and Loss Statement and the Stock Control Report for Product Group Planning and store merchandising

q Designed and implemented the selection, recruitment, training and development of staff up to Store Manager level

q Created, designed and implemented monthly promotions for the stores

Within the last three years sales turnover has been kept at a modest 1.5 – 2% growth at the same time as a gross profit increase of 1.5%.

March 1991 – May 1992: Department Manager – Makro U.K.

Makro is a high volume wholesale organisation which places a high demand on time management and delegation skills.

q Successfully managed wholesale Drinks Department – responsible for staffing, cost control, stock control and replenishment, promotions and departmental profit contribution

February 1987 – March 1991: Area Sales Manager – Majestic Wine Warehouses

Majestic was the market leader in 1987, and still is. I began as a van driver soon progressing to Area Sales Manager for the South Coast, based in Poole, Dorset.

q Successful management of credit accounts ranging from sole trader’s to the Military and Naval Bases in the South of England

q Successful growth of 15% in turnover over two years, achieving a reduction in rolling debt of some 40% at the same time

q Wide experience of presenting through wine tasting and sales activities, from board members and lt. Colonel’s to individual restaurant owners


From September 1998 I studied part-time for an MBA at Bournemouth University Business School. This study was self-funded and I have successfully passed every unit and will graduate in November 2001. My particular strengths during study were; communication and presentation, business analysis, strategy and planning, and human resource management.

q M.B.A. – graduation 2001 Bournemouth University Business School

q Diploma - Wine & Spirit Education Trust

q BTEC Diploma – Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management

I am very keen to acquire new skills and have a natural ability to learn and adapt to change. I am a committed worker with a concern for my colleagues and for my employer. I have an inquisitive nature and a strong business and commercial aptitude.

I sincerely believe that I have a great deal to add to the knowledge pool, and indeed the character of the company that employs me.

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#11 Re: Tactical recruitment
19/11/2001 00:00


Dear Jim,

Are you still looking? If so, please send me your e-mail address so I can send you my details.

Yours, Paul.

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