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CV Lie

#1 CV Lie
02/02/2011 00:35



I'm through to the final assessment stage for a Senior Consultant position at Deloitte and am starting to worry about having changed an A Level result on my CV from a C to a B.

I know it was wrong and that i shouldn't have done it but am now wondering if that would be checked should I be offered the job.

Can anyone please advise? Thanks

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#2 RE: CV Lie
02/02/2011 02:28

Marcus to mt (#1)

This is a pretty stupid thing to do. If there is one you should not lie about it's qualifications, as they can find out. Firms with an accountancy background like Deloitte can be particularly anal when it comes to A level grades, so be warned.

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#3 RE: CV Lie
02/02/2011 08:45

anon to mt (#1)

They've surely lied to you even more about quality of their projects, bonuses, training, etc...

You've just shown you are fitted to be a consultant.

Soon you'll spend months on IT projects and you'll call it operational strategy.

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#4 RE: CV Lie
02/02/2011 12:13

Ex-Green Dot to mt (#1)

Eek - two bad moves. First, changing the grade and second disclosing it was Deloitte! I can pretty much assure you that a Del recruiter will pick up on this post and chances of double checking all current apps has just tripled.

If you are a recent grad (less than three years) then it is VERY likely that grades will need to be proven (certificates shown).

Less likely if you are an experienced hire, BUT, if they catch you later (once youve given up your current job for example!) they WILL fire you. Thay cannot do the work they do and have people lie on thier CV's.

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#5 RE: CV Lie
02/02/2011 12:20

Dave to Ex-Green Dot (#4)

Suspect it's nothing a bit of tipp-ex and a fine black pen can't sort out. LOL.

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#6 RE: CV Lie
03/02/2011 11:31

Marcus to Dave (#5)

This site might give some useful help:

Not a cheap solution and you can still be found out if they contact the school.

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#7 RE: CV Lie
03/02/2011 13:00

Rob to Marcus (#6)

There was a pretty decent and heated thread on this wall some time ago about a guy who had faked his degree to get into Accenture. This one sounds pretty similiar. For me, you'll probably get away with it - HOWEVER there is no guarantee this will always be the case. If you want to take a chance on it (bearing in mind that lying about qualifications warrants summary dismissal) then go for it. However fully agree with ex Greendot. If you lie about one grade, you will lie about a few pence. If many people do that, you have a few pounds disappearing, and pretty soon you end up with another Enron.

If I was you - I'd bite the bullet at this stage and tell them. Explain you made a mistake in the application - that you contacted them immediatley you found out - that you simply "could not allow the process to continue without highlighting this mistake".

Most likely they will commend you on your honesty and carry on with the process.

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#8 RE: CV Lie
03/02/2011 16:32

recruiter too to Rob (#7)

unless they've read this....

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#9 RE: CV Lie
03/02/2011 18:18

boroboy77 to mt (#1)

When I joined Deloitte as a SC 5 or 6 years ago, from memory they checked degree grades and the like, but not A-level results.

I'm pretty sure of this as my 6th form is now a housing estate as my certificates are probably somewhere in my parents loft, so I dont see how I could have given them to HR.

However that's not to say they wont, or that you were clever to do this.....

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#10 RE: CV Lie
04/02/2011 10:36

DoctorD to boroboy77 (#9)

What’s done is done.

My sister did a similar thing. After she had received an offer from one of the Big 4, she told them about a 'discrepancy' on one of her A-Level grades (she was a recent grad).

Basically HR said her integrity was questionable and withdrew the offer.

If you are an experienced hire then chances are they won't go to the level of checking your A-Level grades, degrees usually matter- hopefully you haven't told porkies there.

The way I see it there is not much benefit in telling them now. It’s unlikely that they will pat you on the back for coming clean and continue with your application. Keep quiet and be patient.

In hindsight it was a silly thing to do. Learn from your mistakes and don’t do it again.

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#11 CV Lie
04/02/2011 11:33

Marcus to DoctorD (#10)

I agree. Best not to say anything. No point in fessing up over something if it will damage you later.

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#12 RE: CV Lie
04/02/2011 11:48

Jim Carrey to Marcus (#11)

The sleepness nights aren't worth it.

Get in touch, tell them the truth. If you get ejected from the process, then c'est la vie.

Or, if you think they will eject you, then just withdraw your application. Then you could apply again in the future after a year or so and that time tell the truth.

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#13 RE: CV Lie
05/02/2011 01:13

Marcus to Jim Carrey (#12)

Why would he have sleepless nights? They'll either find out immediately or never. Or do you think HR departments do audits of employee exam results as a matter of routine? Surely they have better things to do!

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#14 RE: CV Lie
05/02/2011 07:37

Bozzman to mt (#1)

Difficult to know without knowledge of the rest of your CV and depth of non-academic credentials, but usually at SC level the A-levels were recent enough that they'll ask to see certificates. If you're only coming into SC level because of a career change and you're more experienced/older than the norm then they may not bother, but best to have the certificates on hand just in case.

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#15 RE: CV Lie
07/02/2011 10:25

anon to Marcus (#13)

The “sleepless night” period is the period between a) resigning from your current job on the strength of the other job offer, and b) the time its takes the new firm to check your certificates AFTER you’ve joined their firm. Thus, the order is:

Receive new job offer

Resign from existing job

Stop sleeping well

Start at new firm

Hand over certificates to HR/authorise HR to request copies from issuing body (this is what they will ask for if you do not have your own copies)

Wait for discrepancy to be noticed

HR interview asking why there is a discrepancy

Waiting period while HR decide what action to take against someone who has lied on their CV in order to get a job with a firm that makes most of its money from audit!

Fired with no/minimal notice and no reference due to gross misconduct.

Start looking for jobs available to people with no reference from previous employer.

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