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Beware of TEFEN

#1 Beware of TEFEN
01/02/2011 18:57


TEFEN is currently looking for consultants via Mindbench. In my experience this consultancy is very unprofessional the least to say when booking and following an Interview. They will ask you to do numerous exams, GMAT as if you were to join a top business school, salary offer under market rates, and very unprofessional on the way they treat candidates. I would not advise to even look at them or do it at your own risk. Ian

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#2 RE: Beware of TEFEN
03/02/2011 16:51

recruiter too to Ian (#1)

always was very much sub-proudfoot with some very very weird culture traits from the top down

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#3 RE: Beware of TEFEN
03/02/2011 16:56

youyo to recruiter too (#2)

I love Tiffin Bites !

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#4 RE: Beware of TEFEN
21/02/2011 13:09

Jamie Anderson to Ian (#1)


I'm Jamie at Mindbench, and I've been recruiting in Consulting for 6 years and counting (read: I know when a firm is wasting my & my candidates' time). I'm currently managing our TEFEN campaign and very happy to be asociated with them.

For those interested in such things here is the (current) truth:

TEFEN came out of the recession in good enough shape to be hiring and do indeed want MBA quality thinkers, hence the - single - 1 hour GMAT (ie MBA) test. Then you meet a UK Partner, then it's a 1 hour case study. Simple!

As for their treatment of candidates I have managed a good few Consultants through their process recently and only had one case of someone being re-booked at admittedly short notice, but that happens with any and every consulting firm and candidates sometimes have to do it too. Everything else has been smooth sailing.

TEFEN are not the best in the world, but don't claim to be, they also aren't a firm looking to sell massive teams into every client; they have a solid client list and those firms come back time & again. I have placed people there who are still very happy with the firm (and from good companies).

They are getting the benefits of the enhanced exposure just as TEFEN promised.

If you would like to discuss anything posted here you can find me through the Mindbench switchboard.

PS Neither I nor Mindbench have ever sent anyone named Ian to TEFEN.

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#5 RE: Beware of TEFEN
21/02/2011 13:49

Shoe Polisher to Jamie Anderson (#4)

Don't work for accenture!! I worked there for seven and a half years and when I left they didn't:

a. hold a public celebration of my tenure

b. award me with a medal of honour and valour

c. continue to pay my salary for twenty five years

d. cry that much

e. wait five years before replacing me

Therefore they're terrible.

Didn't get the job then, 'Ian'? Funny that....

Jamie, you didn't need to dignify his petulant post, but well done anyway.

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#6 RE: Beware of TEFEN
22/02/2011 15:41

Mr Kipling to Shoe Polisher (#5)

I like tiffin...

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#7 RE: Beware of TEFEN
27/05/2011 12:55

Heiko Frank to Ian (#1)

Sorry, if there was any inconvenience you experienced. I am board member of Tefen in Germany and I can assure that this was never an issue - even at our UK or German office. Indeed, we are keen to onboard leadership people. GMat is just one step (1st step in the procedure) in our overall procedure (incl. 3 face to face meeting with different people upt to the partner level.

The salary plus benefits are according to German consulting standards and we do have an own HR person dealing all HR activities (recruitment, HR development plan, career plan, Tefen Academy training session, experience sharing sessions etc.).

First time I saw a complain in the internet and I take it serious.

I will try to figure out if and if yes, what the problem was about.

I will appreciate any reply

Dr.Heiko Frank

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#8 Tefen
30/05/2011 09:41

Heiko Frank to deleted (#0)

Are you a real consultant? I am wondering about the way you write. Anyhow, I am here and how many board members from the other consulting companies (you mentioned the Big 4) you have seen here?

As I am in Germany and not every social media site in the world I am following, it came to my knowledge last week and I replied immediately. I can´t answer faster if I am not aware of.

With mindbench we will have another discussion, but that´s on me and my colleagues.

I just want to be precise: Gmat is just one single activity next to the interview etc. within our 1 step procedure.

Kind regards

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#9 RE: Beware of TEFEN
01/06/2011 09:20

Imperial1309 to Heiko Frank (#7)

I have to agree with Dr. Frank and say that the fact he has been willing to respond and tried to rectify/understand issues which have arisen through the recruitment process is to be commended and has changed my perception of TEFEN.

I appreciate that as Consultants this would be what we would advise our clients to do in order to head off adverse publicity etc... and so should be expected. However I have on a number of occasions directed the attention of Partners in my firm (Big 4) to this site when there have been issues raised - or they have asked me why we are having problems with recruitment etc... In general the response I have had has been of disinterest.

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#10 RE: Beware of TEFEN
18/06/2011 08:27 to Ian (#1)

Dear All,

I just want to say I went for a GMAT test at Teffen. I unfortunately didn't pass the GMAT test. This test is very different from a lot of other grad recruiters, however I believe to be just as valid a method. I unfortunately did not get an interview as I did not pass the test however everything was handle extremely professionally.

Graham Page one of the partners/directors personally phoned me to tell me that I didn't pass. Told me my score and said that it is a shame but that they do have to filter the numbers of interview due to time commands. He was extremely professional and I left with the feeling that TEffen would actually give a more personal experience. I hold my experience in high regard. To be honest Ian whist on the internet you are free to say whatever you like it is always best to justify your anser. If you think the experience you received was poor explain why, this makes it have far more impact.

Just my thoughts.


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