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Deloitte Interview

#1 Deloitte Interview
27/01/2011 21:42

Senior C

Just wanted to share my Interview experience with you all. I applied Dot almost two weeks ago for SC (with 4 years technical implementation experience and 5 years consultancy experience in Asia and Europe). Got a call just two days after the submission and the one who called asked general questions (current work, experience, skills, little about qualifications, and typical points: why do you want to leave etc etc, and expectations.

The first call was last for about 20 minutes and after two days got another call and they wanted to have my first round interview with one of the SMs. The first round went well and SM asked many technical and business related questions and some scenarios (I felt he was technically sound), and some analytical questions (guess he wanted to see my analytical skills), he also gave some scenarios (many of them were real world and some were I had experienced in my consultancy life) . The interview was supposed to finish in an hour but last for two and half hours with lot more interesting discussions (it was really an informal talk, but with much business related issues). He concluded the interview saying "you probably will fit in to our infrastructure security team" (which gave me a green light ).

After the interview I asked him, in case if I get selected what is the next step (I was so scared to see these Assessment canters as many of you have faced). He said, for some fresh candidates and experience hires they do assessments and for well experienced professionals they don't, for experienced hires the next round is with Partner.

Next day I got a call from Dot and asking me to see the HR and fixed a time for a meeting (next week W’day), which mean either I have not done well in the interview (I feel I did well anyway  ) or HR wanted to discuss the compensation matters.

Can someone PLEASE help me for the following concerns?

Seeing what I have written here, what is your guess, have they selected me or just dropped and HR wanted to see me and say SORRY?

Given the scenario, if they wanted to see me for compensation matters, what is your advice and what should I expect (my current is 40K+10% Bonus and I will be based in Manchester if I get selected)

Please help !!!!!


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#2 RE: Deloitte Interview
28/01/2011 10:18

Senior C to Senior C (#1)


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#3 RE: Deloitte Interview
28/01/2011 10:23

rc to Senior C (#2)

unlikely that HR would waste time saying sorry and also unlikely they'll get into comp yet so so assume it's a continuation of 'fit' interview

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#4 RE: Deloitte Interview
28/01/2011 10:36

Senior C to rc (#3)

Thanks rc....

any other Helps/comments/tips? specially package.... etc...


is there some who experienced the same.... please......

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#5 RE: Deloitte Interview
28/01/2011 12:37

Aces to Senior C (#4)

As mentioned by previous post, you dont get called to meet the HR Team unless its a continuation of the interview process - so thats 1 point for you :-)

HR interviews will be the general stuff of - What if, What happened when, Have you faced this and that etc so gauge your issue management skills, your communication and your mannerisms - of course, the interview that usually holds more weight is the one with SM/Partner so if that went well you are quite close to an offer.

Tips for HR - be frank, be polite and sell yourself. Ask anything you want, do some research on avg pay and place yourself in the bracket you want or possibly higher. Justify why you want to be given a particular banding and package and thats about it. HR will note down anything you tell so its good to be on record to manage any surprises later.

Wish you the very best


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#6 RE: Deloitte Interview
28/01/2011 14:32

Senior C to Aces (#5)

Thank you Aces...

good points to keep in mind... thank you again.

please drop any comments if any one of you have.....

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