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Casual Fridays

#1 Casual Fridays
20/01/2011 11:29


Calling all style-conscious consultants,

Can anyone recommend some shops to buy nice, smart, non-chinos, non-slacks trousers to wear with a shirt for a smart/casual office day on Fridays? I'm new to this city and can't believe how polarised the offerings are - either suit trousers (slacks) that look ridiculous when worn with a pullover, or baggy chinos from M&S. Where's the middle ground??

Found one place, Reiss. Nice trousers, but small and very few models.

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#2 RE: Casual Fridays
20/01/2011 12:11

fashion dude to Ermenegildo (#1)

It’s a real problem. There used to be a chain of shops called C&A that specialised in providing smart/casual clothes for Consultants and Accountants, but they withdrew from the UK in 2001. You may be able to purchase from their European stores. Otherwise I’d recommend the Boss store just off Cheapside or perhaps Harrods which is in Knightsbridge. There is also a large Primark just outside of Telford.

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#3 RE: Casual Fridays
20/01/2011 12:13

Giorgio to Ermenegildo (#1)

Slacks are sooooo last year - you need to get some flannels.

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#4 RE: Casual Fridays
20/01/2011 12:26

Ermenegildo to Giorgio (#3)

I don't know if Hugo Boss make their trousers for men with no arses, or whether I have a disproportionately fat ar5e, or both. But either way, I don't fit well into a Boss trouser...!

Also, they border closely on jeans.

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#5 RE: Casual Fridays
20/01/2011 12:33

jodhpur joe to Ermenegildo (#4)

what are the salient characteristics of a non-chino, non-slack, non-jean gentleman's trousering ?

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#6 RE: Casual Fridays
20/01/2011 12:43

Evil Consultant to jodhpur joe (#5)

Personally, I get my sartorial advice from The Chap magazine,

There's nothing like facial hair and a homburg to go with my preferred velvet jacket, tailored shirt and cravat if you really want to impress those clients.


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#7 RE: Casual Fridays
20/01/2011 12:51

suits you to deleted (#0)

you need to fit in with the client.. in the manufacturing sector I find a mid-calf shell trouser works well

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#8 RE: Casual Fridays
20/01/2011 12:53

Ermenegildo to deleted (#0)

I suppose a detailed and descriptive overview of a non-chino, non-jean, non-slack pair of trousers may take on the following form:

- A fabric that closely resembles that of chinos; decidedly neither denim nor slack suit fabric (whatever that tends to be).

- A shape that respects the general shape of the human leg -in particular thighs-, as opposed to hanging off your hips (i.e. chinos).

- But not tight (I'm not a parisian in his early twenties going out for a drink in Notting Hill)

- Expected price: £50-100

Executive Summary:

An upper-tier high-street priced, nicely fitted, formal pair of chinos.

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#9 RE: Casual Fridays
20/01/2011 13:01

Mars A Day to Ermenegildo (#8)

Choose Life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a f*cking big television, choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol, and dental insurance. Choose fixed interest mortage repayments. Choose a starter home. Choose your friends. Choose leisurewear and matching luggage. Choose a three-piece suite on hire purchase in a range of f*cking fabrics. Choose DIY and wondering who the f*ck you are on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing, spirit-crushing game shows, stuffing f*cking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pishing your last in a miserable home, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, f*cked up brats you spawned to replace yourself.

Choose your future.

Choose life.

Choose a pair of f*cking trousers and get on with...having a life.

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#10 RE: Casual Fridays
20/01/2011 13:06

Bob to deleted (#0)

Banana Republic (Regent Street)

Charles Tyrwhitt (

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#11 RE: Casual Fridays
20/01/2011 13:08

Ermenegildo to deleted (#0)

Mars A Day,

I called out to style-conscious consultants. If you don't fit that bill, your reading of and contribution to this thread was neither necessary nor relevant.

How long did you take out of your valuable and fun-packed life to write that pointless post, by the way? Is this what you mean by... living? Get back to work(life) ;-)

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#12 RE: Casual Fridays
20/01/2011 13:08

Bob to Bob (#10)

Or go to Bicester retail park and check out Ralph Lauren, Charles Tyrhitt, Boss, and most other high end men's clothing retailers. All in one convenient location, and clearance prices.

Oh, and they have an Ermenegildo Zegna there too.

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#13 RE: Casual Fridays
20/01/2011 13:28

Ermenegildo to deleted (#0)

Thanks Bob, that sounds like some solid advice.

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#14 RE: Casual Fridays
20/01/2011 13:35

Maragret to Ermenegildo (#1)

I wear women's clothes on a friday, that's how casual I am. Really should put my kn** away though.

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#15 RE: Casual Fridays
20/01/2011 13:44

Wiley to jodhpur joe (#5)

Jeez, I really despair – this is consulting 101 for heavens sake!

Are the big4 and MBB no longer teaching grad entrants on the basics of consultancy dress code?. For those who have joined the industry recently and have not been given the required training (what do they teach you at uni these days?) please memorise the following.

Chinos – predominantly a heavy-cotton based trouser that usually comes in flat-fronted design. Pleated front on a cotton chino risks creation of a hybrid chino/flannel that would be unacceptable in polite society. They are always a single block colour – usually cream, khaki, green or brown.

Suit trousers – available in a variety of cloth, the crucial element is that they are an exact cloth-match to a fitted jacket

Jeans – classical definition is that they are made from a specific cotton material – denim – originating form the traditional cloth manufactured in Nimes, France. Modern usage of “jean” to refer to any casual trouser is simply incorrect and should only be used in this way by people over the age of 50, or actuaries.

Slacks – admittedly a more challenging term, but anyone of decent breeding would recognise a pair of slacks as being a formal trouser, usually incorporating front pleats and a full length front crease that requires them to be ironed side-on. Construction is normally from a lighter weight material and can include synthetic components such as polyester or rayon.

Clearly Ermenigoldo is looking for a pair of trousers that are flat-fronted and constructed from a light wool material or heavy cotton, but with a simple pattern in the material.

Please excuse me, I’m late for a board meeting.

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#16 RE: Casual Fridays
20/01/2011 14:13

billum to Wiley (#15)

Austin Reed

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#17 RE: Casual Fridays
20/01/2011 14:17

secret shopper to billum (#16)

Mars - it seems you may have already done the market analysis on electrical tin openers; what would be your recommendation? I'd ideally like one that reflects a Shaker design ethic and is capable of a smooth transition into reverse motion.

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#18 RE: Casual Fridays
20/01/2011 14:40

Mars A Day to secret shopper (#17)

Good grief - I was trying to lighten the mood with a great quote from Trainspotter, not unbalance the equilibrium of those preoccupied with worsted cloth.

Cue my smooth transition into reverse motion.

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#19 RE: Casual Fridays
20/01/2011 18:30

Ermenegildo to Mars A Day (#18)

I know Mars, I just enjoy a bit of banterous ribbing. Thought the smiley/winky face may have given that away.

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#20 RE: Casual Fridays
21/01/2011 14:02

Mars A Day to Ermenegildo (#19)

Ermenegildo I completely missed that one!

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#21 RE: Casual Fridays
21/01/2011 14:38

Shoe Polisher to Mars A Day (#20)

For years I wanted a four slice Dualit toaster with option 'Toastie' baskets fisished in bright chrome with bright chrome detail (limited edition, you know).

Finally got it a couple of weeks ago and I'm not disappointed.

I suggest that you if you like gourmet toast served hot, get involved.

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#22 RE: Casual Fridays
21/01/2011 14:51

Wiley to Shoe Polisher (#21)

Shoe Polisher - how badly paid are you that you had to save up for years for a toaster!!

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#23 RE: Casual Fridays
21/01/2011 15:15

rc to Wiley (#22)

@Shoe Polisher - ironically I threw exactly one of those away before Xmas; you'll find the chrome tarnishes with heat, and the elements burn out and cost more to replace than a new downmarket toaster... still, enjoy while it's shiny!

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#24 RE: Casual Fridays
21/01/2011 15:26

Shoe Polisher to rc (#23)

@Wiley - I put 5p in a bottle every time some jumped up jackarse got their come uppance and I spun 'em out the door..

@rc - I know, what do you expect? british built!

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#25 RE: Casual Fridays
22/01/2011 19:32

Craig Milbourne to Ermenegildo (#1)

Hi Ermenegildo,

How about thinking a bit further out of the box. Im quite the contrarian so perhaps, have dress up Fridays where you wear a nice spanking suit etc on a Friday, and dress down on Mon-Thursdays.

Your bosses might applaud your innovative approach, but put perhaps start the trend on a Friday where you can start on a high.

Forget the herd mentality of following the masess. Do the opposite (Warren Buffet). As the problem with sheep is, that they always need a shepherd...

p.s. Shoe Polisher Ive had the red dualit toaster 4 slicer for 4 years, its never really let me down. However, the kettle did after 2 years. So if your investing in the whole set, be careful as interest rates my rise by 0.5% soon, so dont get caught out.

Best regards,


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#26 RE: Casual Fridays
23/01/2011 23:02

Ermenegildo to Craig Milbourne (#25)

Sorry Craig. I like the creativity, but I'll pass.

I believe clothes should be largely a hygiene factor, and one should be associated primarily with their work. But you can still be casual (like the masses) and stylish.

I would counter Warren Buffet with Rudyard Kipling, who (quite wisely, in my opinion) posited that a man should neither look too good nor talk too wise.

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