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Offers - advice sought

#1 Offers - advice sought
20/01/2011 09:32


I've been interviewing a lot recently and the offers are starting to come in. Any advice regarding dealing with offers would be welcome e.g.

- Would an email constitute a formal offer?

- How long is reasonable to sit on an offer while waiting for recruitment process to finish elsewhere?

- How best to deal with recruiters keen to close the deal

- Any other advice that would help me at this stage!

Thanks in advance.

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#2 RE: Offers - advice sought
20/01/2011 10:51

Mars A Day to CT (#1)

Yes an email constitutes a formal offer - always ask for an email copy of the letter and contract while waiting for the hard copy.

Waiting period depends on what timescale the company in question will give you. 2 weeks is reasonable, a month is pushing everyone's patience so make sure you keep in contact with the company after they offer. It is legally difficult to withdraw an offer once formally made, but they can make a reasonable assumption you are declining if they dont hear from you.

Deal with recruiters the easy way - be honest. Tell them you are close to other offers, are keen to try and get some options on the table before committing. Dont tell them where these offers may come from though, just how far into the process you are.

Other advice - keep in touch with everyone - the recruiters, any companies who have made an offer etc. When you do accept an offer, make sure you graciously decline the others and tell the recruiter/s, thank them for their hard work and any help, and offer to keep in touch. Do not just vanish - this will come back to haunt you should you need to move again.

Finally dont rush a decision, go with what feels like the right place/people etc, and its not all about money - feeling like you will go in to work on a monday full of energy and feeling welcome is worth far more than a few £££.

And well done on the offers! :)

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#3 RE: Offers - advice sought
20/01/2011 13:19

CT to Mars A Day (#2)

Many thanks Mars, top advice as ever.

Any guidance on references please? e.g.

- Should I expect a delay in between verbal and formal offer while references are followed up on?

- Should I only provide details of referees to a recruiter if I intend to accept an offer?

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#4 RE: Offers - advice sought
20/01/2011 14:35

Mars A Day to CT (#3)

No. Referencing only kicks in once you have received a formal offer - which you have accepted. Some companies will reference before you start, some within your probation, and some not at all. Do not consent to have references approached until you have formally accepted a formal offer.

Check whether the referencing is being undertaken by the recruiter or the hiring company. It is usually undertaken by the hiring company unless you have gone through a retained search firm.

Of course make sure your referees have been primed to expect the reference request. Written references are usually limited only to a confirmation of role, time with company. The real thing is the phone call, so if you have any references which you are not 100% confident in (such as concern an ex manager may try to scupper your move for example) the insist on written references only.

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#5 RE: Offers - advice sought
20/01/2011 15:04

CT to Mars A Day (#4)

Thanks again Mars, appreciated.

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