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AT Kearney?

#1 AT Kearney?
14/01/2011 09:54


I'm interested to find out about life at ATK as an opportunity has come up there. Specifically I'd like to understand work-life balance, exit options (PE? Internal Strat?), how UK operations are doing.


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#2 RE: AT Kearney?
14/01/2011 11:01

anon to anon (#1)

Taking ATK as a whole, the answer is not going to be very hlepful. Which practice or team is the position in?

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#3 RE: AT Kearney?
14/01/2011 11:17

anon to anon (#2)

Not sure of the exact team name but it's operations strategy / supply chain in the uk

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#4 RE: AT Kearney?
14/01/2011 11:50

anon to anon (#3)

ATK has a strong pipeline and team in that market. It's very established and has a good reputation so there is a lot of repeat business, even/especially during the economic downturn as companies have launched projects to take costs out of the supply chain, improve resilience, etc.

Work-life balance is mixed - you'll be worked hard as a new joiner. From your mention of PE as an exit avenue from SC, I'm guessing you're at the less experienced end of the career spectrum. There are a few senior and mid-level folks who have a vicious streak in them and like to flex their power over the grunts. But stick it out and you'll have a bit more control over your schedule. The office facilities are naff, which can take its toll when you're there a lot of the time but there's a good team atmosphere so you can at least escape to the next-door pub afterwards. Exit into industry positions and other consultancies is common.

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#5 RE: AT Kearney?
14/01/2011 13:25

Joe Blogs (geddit?) to anon (#1)

Pre-eminent in operations supply chain: that really is their trump card over Bain/BCG/McKinsey. They do their best with work/life balance: in the office on Friday, that sort of thing but don’t even think about it if you are worried about that aspect. It WILL be hard work. In fact don’t even think about a consultancy career but that’s a different story. I don’t think ops /SC will qualify you well for PE but that would apply whoever you worked for: as far as exit is concerned they are a top brand name that will open more doors for you than Big 4. That said you will probably be a bit sniffy about most other cons firms once you’ve worked for them. Not heard about the vicious types: generally thought to be rather more friendly and down to earth than their competitors.

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#6 RE: AT Kearney?
14/01/2011 16:39

Skeebo to Joe Blogs (geddit?) (#5)


I'm ex-ATK (so know that the best bar isnt next door but the one round the corner).

Ops practice @ ATK is pretty much key the main usp of the business. As an ex-ATK working in Ops in industry everyone recognises the value of the ATK brand.

Work:Life balance wise - was 'reasonable' compared with expectations of other firms; but certainly not overly balanced towards life. you will work hard - but the work is very enjoyable. I used to say it was like a good book - intellectually stimulating difficult to put down.

Regards exit options - they are what you make them. going to ATK (or MBB) is a bit like doing an MBA - it only pays off if you make it pay off. Probably wouldn't expect lot af alum go into PE - a lot move to industry or function that they spike in. Lot of friends ended up in strat functions. I ended up in ops strat function in major firm

Am i happy with joining ATK - yes; i dont think i would have go where I am now without joining ATK (or another firm) but it wasn't plain sailing after getting - you need to work hard afterwards.

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#7 RE: AT Kearney?
16/01/2011 13:57

Fury to anon (#1)

They just bought Quintel Strategy Consulting, so at least the Dutch branch seems to be doing well.

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#8 RE: AT Kearney?
16/01/2011 17:10

ex-ATKer to Fury (#7)

ATK is hard work, in line with the consulting profession more generally. In the London office it was seen as ‘better’ than MBBB in terms of work-life balance but this does depend on project and partner. As one poster already mentioned, there are a few folks with a ‘vicious streak’. But usually, the Footmen beckon on a Friday and you can get out after a few pints.

I would say that the people there are exceptionally bright and hard working but prepared to get their hands dirty, perhaps reflective of the operations heritage.

I didn’t see anyone struggle (at least on the face of it) to get better jobs of the back of their time there, from junior to senior levels. I know I did!

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