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Capgemini Work Culture

#1 Capgemini Work Culture
11/01/2011 04:41


Ladies & Gents - How would you describe CG work culture ?

Compared to ACN & DOT ?

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#2 RE: Capgemini Work Culture
11/01/2011 10:40

anona to earlybird (#1)

Is it just me, or are the questions on this forum getting increasingly pointless?

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#3 RE: Capgemini Work Culture
11/01/2011 11:47

rattrap to anona (#2)

the one improvement at CG has been a move away from the rat infested slum in Soho to proper offices... this only happened because the senior French exec drafted in to sort out consulting refused to work in those conditions and initially had people coming for meetings at his home.....

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#4 RE: Capgemini Work Culture
11/01/2011 16:09

RAT TA TAT to anona (#2)

Anona - It's just you ......he he he he

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#5 RE: Capgemini Work Culture
11/01/2011 18:48

Insider to RAT TA TAT (#4)

@OP it really depends where you land. Compared to ACN the work culture is a bit more balanced. Compared to the Green dot I'd say its about on par (except for the poor green dotters stuck out on gov't projects in somewherenotverynice)

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#6 RE: Capgemini Work Culture
12/01/2011 15:26

rc to Insider (#5)

much like anywhere else, and there are a number of ex ACN VPs - as anywhere the culture is as much about who is running a given engagement rather than the overall firm culture. some of those ex ACNers are pussycats compared to *** The Psycho, who is long term CG/EY...

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#7 RE: Capgemini Work Culture
13/01/2011 08:16

Hmmm... to earlybird (#1)

Do you happen to like being overworked whilst being paid well below market rate? Promotion/reward prospects and tangible career/skills development were definitely not working or waiting for when I was there. Their high attrition rates as spoken of elsewhere on this forum and on Google are also evidence of work/reward culture issues. I personally will never make that move again.

Obviously it depends where in the business you're talking about and what role. If you're interviewing then it would only be wise to ask very specific questions on this topic and don't accept the proverbial politician's response or you could end up being another case of 'careful what you wish for'...

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#8 RE: Capgemini Work Culture
13/01/2011 09:30

billum to Hmmm... (#7)

Having been there (consulting not TS), I'd say it's a good place to start a consulting career for a few years - the graduate program is very good and that community is strong, and that then flows into the next couple of years after being accepted into a business unit. However after that it's time to get out. MC salaries are tight but not desperately under-competitive, but too much of EC and VP comp is dependent on bonus set against unachievable objectives and an over-aspirational bonus pool to divvy up. The firm makes much play around having a more laid back culture, and uses this very deliberately to attract and convert experienced hires (whether it attracts the right kind of people is questionable..) and to prop up the comp policy. In reality though, the ethos is very much that of the body shop, and utilisation is really sweated, much to the detriment of investment in training (do it in your own time...), proposition development (ditto..) and practice management (ditto..). There might not be regular pressure to work weekends on client project, but in order to stand a chance of hitting all the other objectives, those weekends start evaporating. There is also huge pressure from an early grade on individuals to take full responsibility for their own utilisation - which, when they are not in a position to sell directly to a client, means a lot of stress when the pipeline is thin. The utilisation pressure rewards becoming a generically deployable body rather than developing specialist expertise - which makes it harder to get a job externally, particularly client-side. The old lags there speak warmly of the Gemini days, when there did appear to be some differentiators in place, and I think CG is still very much trading off those past days.

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#9 RE: Capgemini Work Culture
13/01/2011 11:06

Ex-ACN to billum (#8)

It is the same in ACN, not much diff. To be honest ACN comp is also sliding southwards and being rationalised to be in line with in ACN is CBT based, do it or just go thru the motions....promotions are based on your upward management skills...old AC lads talk about the AC day with moist eyes. They think ACN now is a big IT shop with Indians forming the largest employee force worldwide.....not much diff between CG &ACN except ACN has better marketing & as a result a stronger brand ...

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