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Top Graduate Programs

#1 Top Graduate Programs
06/01/2011 00:30


Will graduate college in the next 2 years with a level 8 (hons) degree in Business & Law from UCD Ireland. I'm trying to decide which direction to go with my career.

I've done an internship that saw me sitting in front of a computer at a desk 9-5.30 all week and I know that there is no way I could do that after college. I'd love a business or law related job with good opportunities that involves a lot of traveling in the sky or on the road.

I'd gladly work long hours if the money and prospects were good. Anyone know of a good graduate program that consists of a alot of traveling work? And also a company car to go with it if possible!


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#2 RE: Top Graduate Programs
06/01/2011 10:40

ABC to JOH (#1)

aaaah yes, I fondly remember the day -about 2 yrs before graduating- when I became enamoured by the vision of being a jet-setting international executive, banging air hostesses and visiting great places as I went along.

Since about two months and four 6.30am Ryanair flights into my first job, I've worked towards that nice office position (which, if interesting, is rarely regimented by working hours, nor is spent constantly sitting behind a computer screen).

Travel is enjoyable when it is for leisure; A LOT less so when it is constant and for work.

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#3 RE: Top Graduate Programs
06/01/2011 11:00

SenorMick to ABC (#2)

Whilst ABC has a point - don't let it put you off.

A bit of time living in a hotel with a good, like minded team of colleagues, eating and drinking every night will be fun and valuable for a while, even in Watford or Hull.

Yes, it might not work out like that (could be long nights in the office, a boring team and a boring project). You'll probably experience a bit of both.

You could even end up with opporutnities to work abroad (good for the CV as a minimum) and see the airports of many countries - perhaps even get out for the evenings or weekends.

At best, you'll have some great travel experiences, see some new places and enjoy it with some new friends.

At worst you'll realise that travelling for work isn't all that before you either spend time later in your career searching for it or settle down and regret not trying it.

Consider consulting, but ensure you enter with the right expectations. (E.g. it's a great place to start your career but be aware you will probably be sat at a desk 9-beyond 5.30 most days.)

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#4 RE: Top Graduate Programs
06/01/2011 11:05

anon to JOH (#1)

I would not recommend consultancy. Travel is a major part of the deal, but almost always means Monday morning flight to client site where you spend 12 hours working at a PC, then a Friday flight home.

To be properly “out and about” I’d recommend going into sales. Grad entry options for that sort of job be found as an Account Manager for the big consumer product companies (Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, etc,) or in the big medical supply and pharma’s (selling to medical practices).

Those jobs involve being on a different client site each day, doing pitches to buyers, order-taking, etc and usually come with a company car.

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#5 RE: Top Graduate Programs
06/01/2011 11:55

anon to anon (#4)

How much do such jobs pay?

I've been in consulting for 4 years now and would like to leave to work in a sales / bd job but it's hard to spot where the real opportunities are compared to the dodgy 100k OTE 10k salary efforts flooging radiators.

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#6 RE: Top Graduate Programs
06/01/2011 16:30

ucd'er to JOH (#1)

JOH - let me know what your email address is and can give you some thoughts that way. I'm a fellow UCD graduate (Arts degree) working in London (consultancy) for the past 8 years so can give some tips on future direction...


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#7 RE: Top Graduate Programs
06/01/2011 19:59

JOH to ucd'er (#6)

That would be great. Thanks.

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#8 RE: Top Graduate Programs
07/01/2011 07:26

ucd'er to JOH (#7)

Spamtastic - thanks sucker!

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#9 RE: Top Graduate Programs
07/01/2011 11:04

real ucd'er to ucd'er (#8)

to the previous post...this was not me. clearly some people have nothing else to do but put up annoying posts and think they are funny.

thanks JOH will email you separately

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