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Accenture - best place to work, why ?

#1 Accenture - best place to work, why ?
19/12/2010 10:07


i don't understand, why Accenture keep voted as Best place to work ? All i read or heard are about how bad to work for them......any ideas ?

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#2 RE: Accenture - best place to work, why ?
19/12/2010 10:39

ACNProg to newACN (#1)

It's not THE best place to work, it's just in the rankings.

Everyone has a different opinion, if you're a 21 y/o who just moved from a little town to the Big City to be surrounded by a bunch of the same type of people working 9-8 and getting p*ssed every night you'll love it. Those are the people that are voting in these things. If you're an SE or SM been there 7 years during the good times and have your big pay check you'll vote in these things.

However if you're human and you don't live to work, you wanna move on and you're tired of the grind you wont vote, you'll come on here and b*tch like crazy. It's very therapeutic :)

But notice, it's not just ACN it's every consultancy, it's quite hard to find a good word said about any company...

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#3 RE: Accenture - best place to work, why ?
22/12/2010 03:46

PussyGalore to ACNProg (#2)

Nothing to write hoome about the ACN culture, mostly a ego centric driven culture. Promoted when you are well networked, you do all the hard work an someone else can be credited for it in the moderations......most important the old boys club calls the shots......if you escalate some issues you might be dubbed as a person requiring 'heavy maintenance' ....over I would give it a 4/10. The work they do is pretty average, all SM's and M's are overloaded, they have a huge workforce in India and the quality of resources is quite poor, I had some resources from there onsite in UK on a project and they could not even engage with the client team. Enuf said.....I am looking for a change .....had enuf of ACN /

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#4 RE: Accenture - best place to work, why ?
22/12/2010 07:31

PussyGalore to PussyGalore (#3)

Sorry for the typo's and spello's in my message above .... I have jelly fingers...

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#5 RE: Accenture - best place to work, why ?
22/12/2010 10:58

Mr Cool to newACN (#1)

When I graduated way, way back in 1989, Andersen Consulting (as it then was) offered a starting salary of 20K when all other big grad employers were offering an average of 12.5K. You might have been able to join with a 2.1, but the advice was that only a first would get you on the interview list for sure. They manned their stands at career fairs with gorgeous, well dressed twenty six year olds who were all doing amazing projects.

Joining AC meant getting THE best training and it was therefore a great place to go even if it was just for a few years. The alumni was also worth being part of.

Roll on twenty years and thing have changed. In order to grow in size, Acn have had to focus on the IT system integration market to the point that they do very little else. As this market has changed to outsourcing and off-shoring, they have been forced to do the same. They are still a very profitable firm but have very little of the intellectual or elite allure that they once had. The CONSULTING arm is still a great place to go for a few years of hard work and client-site training, but the overall brand has been greatly diluted by the mass of IT solutions and off-shoring.

Why are they still officially in the “great place to work” – because they have an army of people willing to say so in order to maintain the brand value of their own CV.

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#6 RE: Accenture - best place to work, why ?
22/12/2010 11:43

:-) to Mr Cool (#5)

Very nicely explained Mr Cool !!!

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#7 RE: Accenture - best place to work, why ?
22/12/2010 12:39

:-) to Mr Cool (#5)

Very nicely explained Mr Cool !!!

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#8 RE: Accenture - best place to work, why ?
22/12/2010 12:50

Dave to :-) (#7)

I can remember interviewing with Andersen Consulting about 15 years ago.

You could have run a strip club with the staff that worked on reception.

The office was very trendy, albeit impractical in my opinion. Bar stools and hot desking along a wavy table loosk very trendy, but makes for an utterly useless working facility in my opinion. The beady-eyed little geek that interviewed me was a proper little turd. No personality and extremely arrogant. He just seemed like a very suspicious, untrustworthy character.

The group exercise was a sham. It was like something from The Apprentice, a bunch of starry-eyed young wannabes fighting with each other to outshine as being the most co-operative 'team player'.

I witnessed real-life instances of juniors scurrying around pompous middle-managers as they whizzed around the office in full stride.

The guy that took me to lunch seemed OK, though.

The funny thing was, I don't think many of the staff that worked there really knew what Andersen Consulting actually did. They seemed to know it was all about technology and big impressive corporate offices. Lots of talk about "My client this" and "My client that". Yet, not a single one of them actually managed to answer my question "What do you do for your clients?"

I left feeling highly impressed yet bitterly disappointed. So much glamour and shine, yet almost a sort of 'nothingness' at the sme time.

Oh, those were the days.

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