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PA Consulting IT Advisory

#1 PA Consulting IT Advisory
17/12/2010 16:51


Hi I'm looking at applying for a role with PA in IT Advisory but am hoping to get a little more than my current 40k salary, I have 3-4 years IT Consulting experience at a large IT company but just want a little change.

Everything on here about PA seems negative but then everything on here about anywhere seems negative lol

Any insights on getting >40k and projects etc?

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#2 RE: PA Consulting IT Advisory
18/12/2010 01:06

Rollercoaster to PAMaybe (#1)

40K base salary would be about right for a new Consultant (although they might take you on as a consultant analyst though depending on your experience). Corporate strategy is to raise the base salary for lower ranks though so that could go up (but you'd get less less bonus)

On top would be car allowance (£5K) and bonus (0-40% depending on performance - reckon on 10% as an assumption) at 25 days vacation now.

As there are few lower ranks left in ITA you should be able to get onto projects quite easily if you are flexible and with a generalist skill set. Mix of public and private, more banking in the last year. If you are a PMO type then you'll do well. You can do OK as a business analyst type of role.

What do you do today? What do you want to do?

Also give ITA recruitment a call for a chat to get more direct and up to date advice.

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#3 RE: PA Consulting IT Advisory
18/12/2010 09:20

ITA to Rollercoaster (#2)

Agree with Rollercoaster on all his/her points.

Utilisation for lower grades is quite high these days, so you will have no problem getting on a project very soon.

40K+car+bonus+benefits for 3-4 years sounds about right. Also a chance to make some tax-free money on expenses, if you are assigned away from home.

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#4 RE: PA Consulting IT Advisory
18/12/2010 18:25

PAMaybe to ITA (#3)

Right now I have a nice little PS role, great team, great exposure but I know that time is coming to an end and I don't wanna be stuck in one of the millions of dead end roles in this company.

I like BA work, which is pretty much what I'm doing now, it'd be great to get into finance too as they're heavily recruiting now and so going forward if I were to move on I'd have that as an option.

Coming from a job with no bonus that's more of a perk for me as long as there are annual payrises and I wouldn't be stuck on that salary forever. I'm really looking for closer to 45.

Do you have to take the car allowance, I don't even know what that is but I have a car already :S

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#5 RE: PA Consulting IT Advisory
20/12/2010 11:28

tigger to PAMaybe (#4)

you dont have to take the car allowance, but its just cash in the bank above your salary. I dont have a car... but still get the car allowance. One of those odd benefits you get, but dont ask questions as to why...

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#6 RE: PA Consulting IT Advisory
20/12/2010 17:39

Rollercoaster to tigger (#5)

Sorry it is a "transport allowance" not a car allowance.

Why would you choose to not accept money? You could always give it to charity!

Happy Christmas

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#7 RE: PA Consulting IT Advisory
20/12/2010 23:01

PAMaybe to Rollercoaster (#6)

... oh okay! I dont know how it works that's what I was asking. I thought it was like IF you want a car we'll give you 4k towards it, that you didnt actually see it it just went to wherever you got the car.

Obv if it's just a cash part of "the package" then its different!

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#8 RE: PA Consulting IT Advisory
21/12/2010 11:14

Big Dog to PAMaybe (#7)

car allowance is a way to bump up your base salary, but the base is what any % salary increase, bonus etc will be based on.

Revenue will treat that it as income.

You don't have to own a car, but some companies might query why you need to expense car hire if you've been given a car allowance.

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