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Accenture Graduate Entry

#1 Accenture Graduate Entry
15/12/2010 16:37


Hi everyone.

I am invited to Accenture's initial office based interview for graduate entry position - consulting group.

I was wondering if you guys know what I should expect from this first round? Should I go formal or smart casual?


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#2 RE: Accenture Graduate Entry
15/12/2010 16:51

Rita The Singer to l'evian (#1)

In small, flat and unstructured organisations like Accenture, with little client facing and low expectations, they really value a laid-back approach to business. They pride themselves on their uncompetitive internal culture.

Keep it casual. If your interviewer is a man, try find out his fav. football team (have a look on his Facebook page). Try wearing that team's jersey to the interview, but with a nice smart pair of jeans; you have to show them there are limits to your chillaxedness.

Now seriously, l'evian, we're talking about a consulting position in ACN, not a summer job at your local pub. Suit Up.... always! (and no, your uncle Joe's "The Simpsons" tie is not good enough)

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#3 RE: Accenture Graduate Entry
15/12/2010 17:28

Mars A Day to l'evian (#1)

l'evian I hope for your sake you acquire some basic common sense prior to joining an MC.

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#4 RE: Accenture Graduate Entry
15/12/2010 17:42

l'evian to Mars A Day (#3)

OK, Rita the Singer, thanks. I will suit up.

Mars a day, I think I have some basic common sense, don't worry.

Now, does anyone know anything about what goes on at this first round of interviews?


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#5 RE: Accenture Graduate Entry
15/12/2010 18:35

Rita The Singer to l'evian (#4)

l'evian, you took a bit of a ribbing, brushed it aside, and got on with business. Well done! So many others would have started a big petulant, defensive rant.

I've done two 1st-round interviews with ACN over the yrs, and both were different. One was CV conversation + a 10-min basic case study. The other, competency based (tell me about a time when...) + CV discussion.

General advice: there's no harm in politely asking the person who invites you to interview what you should the interview format to be. It is in the best interest of both yourself and the company that you be as well prepared as possible. The more you know about the interview, the better you can prepare.

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#6 RE: Accenture Graduate Entry
15/12/2010 19:13

l'evian to Rita The Singer (#5)

Thanks Rita.

I guess competency based one looks at the candidate's experience in the past? Is this so?

What was the basic case study about?

Thanks again.

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#7 RE: Accenture Graduate Entry
15/12/2010 21:20

Rita The Singer to l'evian (#6)

Ok, you've become annoying again.

1) Open (or any other search engine), and type in "competency based interview questions"

2) If you don't know what case study interviews are about, a) you're in trouble, b) I refer you to the benefits of step 1.

2a) If you want to know what MY specific case was about; it was 3 years ago, I honestly can't remember. Even if I could, it would be irrelevant to you.

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#8 RE: Accenture Graduate Entry
16/12/2010 08:50

Mars A Day to Rita The Singer (#7)

l'evian I remain unconvinced about the common sense so far, but you seem a fairly balanced and normal individual so here goes..

First, as Rita advised, go familiarise yourself with case study questions - you will get them alot in MC interviews, so you may as well get practicing. Key to getting through them - much like a math question - is show your workings/thinking, how you go to a solution (it doesnt actually matter if the solution is wrong that much). Expect to justify your answers. Case study type questions can be thrown in at any time, not just as a formal part of a process.

They will be asking you about past behaviour to show how you will behave in future, and for evidence of certain skills. If you dont have relevant experience (which would be unlikely as a grad entry) you will need to demonstrate those skills from your extra curriculars, part time work etc. They won't be asking you for recommendations on migrating HBOS to x core platform in payments, but will be asking for examples of leadership, handling difficult situations etc. Think through your CV and try to make sure you are not using the same example to answer more than 2 questions at the most. At this point its all about transferable skills - you dont yet have the hard knowledge so they will focus on your raw potential.

And SMILE. Easy to forget in an interview when you are nervous, but good eye contact, smile, be responsive, mirror the body language of your interviewer, all goes a long long way. For the first year of your working life in an MC you are basically a cost centre, so whether you come across as someone they would like to have around will probably tip the balance one way or another.

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