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Year Review - funniest funny

#1 Year Review - funniest funny
15/12/2010 12:22

Old Father Time

So it's nearly the end of the year and there have been a few humourous gems in thi syears posts.

What's you nomination for:

- most humorous thread

- most humourous individual comment?

C'mom - be like the BBC and re-run some of the classics at Xmas....

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#2 RE: Year Review - funniest funny
15/12/2010 14:50

anon to Old Father Time (#1)

Most humorous comment:

A potted history of Arthur Andersen -

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#3 RE: Year Review - funniest funny
15/12/2010 15:25

ABC to anon (#2)

I loved the suggestion made quite some time ago (can't remember the thread, or exact wording), when discussing automated rejection letters, that if we are ever in a position to reject an interview/job offer we should give firms a taste of their own medicine, and reply with sth like:

"Thank you for your interest in my profile. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of interest in my skills at present, I am currently unable to accept your interview/offer. Please do not hesitate to contact me again in a couple of years when your offering may be more closely aligned to my aspirations."

I remember it 'cause I spilled some tea on myself with the laughter. Quality stuff!

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#4 RE: Year Review - funniest funny
17/12/2010 15:36

Anon-anon to Old Father Time (#1)

Funniest thread is 68884 - closely followed anything involving Aces.

Best individual post is harder to say, but I loved the pretend-PA post (in all its glory below) which just seemed to summarise the ridicuous and numerous threads on PA at that time.


We're not whinging! PA ruins lives and its not whinging to point that out.

Until a few years ago I was happy, fit and productive. Then I took a job with PA. Soon after I found that I was getting older. Every single day it seemed like I was aging.

Then I noticed that my wife seemed to be getting older too! And she didn't even work for the firm.

Then last year my dog died. At that point I really though about leaving the firm. I mean what did my dog ever do to PA?!

However I stuck it out because I was quite close to a promotion by then. I wish I hadn't because only a few months later I found out that my house was worth 20% less than when I joined PA. That was just too much! I made it clear to one of the partners that it had to stop. To be honest he seemed to have trouble understanding my conerns. Talk about detached form the real world!

Finally last month I was told that I might be at risk of redundancy, despite the fact that I am one of the most capable powerpoint people in my team. Whats that all about?

Now I find myself looking for a new job. There is not one single consultancy advertising for consultants with advanced powerpoint skills, experience of local government bodyshopping and multi-functional cross method process improvement efficency maximisation!

Which just goes to show how bad the PA partners are! PA have cornered the market in these skills to an extent that we've clearly frightened off all the competition. PA now have a monoply on government powerpoint work and they still can't make it work! Losers!

Man I'm glad I'm out of there.

And I'm not whinging.

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