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Tel interview with Acc

#1 Tel interview with Acc
14/12/2010 17:20


I have a telephone interview with Accenture for a network consultant role. Its the first stage. Any input on what kind of q's to expect?

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#2 RE: Tel interview with Acc
15/12/2010 08:19

Dave to nevermind (#1)

Just don't take the call on your bluetooth headset and think you can get away with taking a leak at the same time. I did that and I think they noticed.

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#3 RE: Tel interview with Acc
15/12/2010 09:42

ex-ACNer to nevermind (#1)

First stage telephone interview is to gauge your experience in relevant technologies, working in teams, experience in managing people, size of projects, etc.

The interviewer won't go into too much detail as the interview will typically be for around 45 mins in which time the interviewer will have to convey the type of work we do, typical client engagement etc.

Good luck!

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#4 RE: Tel interview with Acc
07/01/2011 12:16

nevermind to ex-ACNer (#3)

Thanks for the advice. Got through the tel interview. In process of next stage. This is for a manager level position. Can any1 provide info on:

1. HR interview....what are ACN competencies? Anyhting else to prepare for this?

2. Where I can find more info on case studies. This is for the networks group.


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#5 RE: Tel interview with Acc
10/01/2011 10:01

ex-ACNer to nevermind (#4)

Congrats on getting through the telephone stage. You should now be at the final stage which will consist of:

1. HR interview (45 mins to an hour) - they will discuss general type questions like, how do you deal with difficult clients/colleagues, etc. they will try and build a generalist picture of your prior background (a bit similar to last time) and will also sound you out regarding level and package.

2. SE (or SM) Interview. Normally this is with a Senior Exec, but if there are none available at the time a Senior Manager is asked to stand in. Again this is for about an hour, and is split into two elements:

a) Case Study - this is for them to gauge your thought processes and to see if you can absorb informaition quickly and produce high-level solutions to the situation at hand. Typically it will be around two companies merging, or a consolidation of client real estate and you have to talk through how you would manage it from not only a technical side, but from a business perspective also (think about staff retention, etc.)

b) This is the one on one chat with the SE/SM who may again ask some questions about your past, but the real point of this is for them to see how you handle yourself in one on one situations. Remember, the interviewer will be thinking throughout - 'Will this person fit well into Accenture/Network Technologies?' and 'Will this person resonate with the clients that I put them in front of?'

Best advice is to try to relax, and think that you have already sparked some interest otherwise you wouldn't have got through the first stage, so you have some prior skills/experience that they are actively looking for.

Good luck!

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#6 RE: Tel interview with Acc
11/01/2011 17:12

nevermind to ex-ACNer (#5)

thanks ex-ACNer. waiting for a date 4 the interview to be set now.

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#7 Hi nevermind:::: Tel interview with Acc
12/01/2011 20:04

Consultant to nevermind (#1)

Hi nevermind,

Congrats for your 1st round and all the best for your second round ! ! !

btw, I also have an interview for consultant position in this Friday. Can you pls advice if the 1st round focusses on Indepth technical details of the technology or is it just some competency questions (team work etc). I would really appreciate if you provide specific details. I have an interview on Oracle BI technology.



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#8 RE: Tel interview with Acc
12/01/2011 20:11

Consultant to ex-ACNer (#5)

Hi Ex ACNer,

Can you please help me.

Need to know how much in detail should I revise my Oracle concepts for ACN 1st round of interview. I have just seen a big bundle of ref material and I am not able to sleep because I expect these to be discussed in the technical interview.

I know due to 45 min time limit, the interviewer cannt ask me everythiing, but still need to know ' how deep' should I revise for the technical stuff.

Really need your advice.



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#9 RE: Tel interview with Acc
13/01/2011 12:57

ex-ACNer to Consultant (#8)

Hi Consultant - read my first post on this thread - you may be asked some questions regarding the technology, but I wouldn't expect you to be asked anything too in-depth.

The interviewer should be able to gauge your experience through listening to you talk about the types of projects you have previously worked on and your role within it.

Good luck for Friday - and get some sleep!

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#10 RE: Tel interview with Acc
13/01/2011 23:07

Consultant to ex-ACNer (#9)

Thanks ! ! !

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#11 RE: Tel interview with Acc
14/01/2011 10:28

nevermind to Consultant (#10)

sorry for the late reply.....ex ACNer is spot on. not technical details at all. more around your CV and how you deliver in an end-2-end engagement. Whilst talking around ur cv, give some indication of the level of expertise u have in ur domain.

hope all goes well.

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