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This can't continue

#1 This can't continue
12/12/2010 15:55

This can't continue

mon - thurs 12-13 hrs a day; fri 8 hrs a day, then to pub, get home at 21:00, eat crap, go to sleep. Too tired to do much sat/sun and then the horror of mon comes around again before I blink.

Wouldn't be a massive problem if I didn't get so tired easily after work/on w/e's as I could work towards my own hustle (setting up own business etc). At the moment, don't see a way out of this cycle....anybody feel like me?

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#2 RE: This can't continue
12/12/2010 16:00

excenture_burn_out to This can't continue (#1)

Agree, lived like that in 7 countries 14 cities for 10 years with ACN.

It is like a drug......once you are hooked it is difficult to get 2 cents start reducing hrs slowly, make sure your supervisor is aware ( you can tell him you are having heavy breathing and chest pains ...a good lie ).....look for a 9 - 6 job.....and them move on.....avoid withdrawal symptoms and regain your LIFE

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#3 RE: This can't continue
12/12/2010 19:26

yoyo to excenture_burn_out (#2)

Been there, and used to hate the Sunday nights fretting about work. I believe there are three options:

1. Stay in the same cycle

2. Try and change your hours/work-life balance

3. Leave

If I did 1 I was wasting my life, spending it all on work is ok for a little while to build knowledge but to do it for a prolonged period seems absurd.

Option 2 is, in my opinion, a career limiting move in consulting in the long term. But perhaps that was just my old firm and there may be better opportunities in yours? Do you have anyone senior you trust that you can speak to? When I looked at the partners long hours and travel seemed inevitable and I always felt sorry for their families.

I eventually did option 3 - I left after several years at a well known strategy firm and now work in industry. I thank god I left, I see my friends and family and work is now a part of my life balanced with many other things. My suggestion would be do it right and don’t move to any old role. You may have to wait it out but you can get well paid, good jobs with great hours.

Good luck!

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#4 RE: This can't continue
14/12/2010 16:25

Mr Cool to This can't continue (#1)


You need to be realistic. When you are in a downward spiral where the main symptom is extreme physical tiredness brought on by the relentless focus on work, the answer cannot be to work weekends on your own business idea. That is like suggesting an ME sufferer simply exercise their way out of their lack of energy!

Here are the facts.

1) If you want to make it in your current firm you buckle down, put everything else in your life on hold and “death march” your way to the end of the project. Many people do get better at handling the workload in time, and in some cases people discover afterwards that they were being tested by their firm to find out what they were made of.

2) If you feel this is not a temporary situation, nor one you are able/want to get used to then write “Self Awareness Day” in whatever you use as a diary and force yourself to work in sensible steps towards your goal. Spend absolutely no more energy on progressing your career at your current firm – you have no future there.

3) All smart people who launch their own business do so while being paid as an employee of another firm. All start up CEO’s I know (and I know dozens) all say they wish they could have kept themselves employed just a little longer while they did the groundwork. The impact on personal cashflow can be huge and that can make a big positive impact on the freedom you have to chase the right sort of business, employ the right sort off people, etc.

4) HOWEVER – you, can’t do all of this at a job that is killing you. SO, obvious answer is to take a temporary and small step back to a less well paid but less time consuming job.

5) Be aware that many people on taking that step back find they never step forward again! It turns out that the idea of starting their own firm was just that – an idea.

Good luck.

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