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Job search strategy

#1 Job search strategy
09/12/2010 14:26



Can someone please tell me the best job search strategies. I have been looking for a job in MC for past 3 months. Had a few interviews but no success may be because my last job was in healthcare/life science. I am doing whatever i can but I think it is not good enough. Can some please add to my list what else can be done

- Using Top-consultant

- Using my Linked in network, MBA colleagues

- Applying through

- Personal network

many thanks

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#2 RE: Job search strategy
09/12/2010 14:49

ABC to Jobseeker (#1)

Part of being a Mgt Consultant is about analysing and understanding markets, and designing strategies for success on said markets. The MC job market is one example; put yourself to test.

For the time being you have left out what would be my top 2:

1) deciding what firms you would like to work for and applying directly

2) getting a list of relevant headhunters and calling them

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#3 RE: Job search strategy
09/12/2010 21:59

nownow to ABC (#2)

Frankly, finding jobs is not difficult. Top consultants has dozens of adverts on its front page - just apply through various agencies. You will land your CV on their desks and they will do the rest.

I once contacted one agency who in turn put my application through just about every firm.

So in short their is not much strategy in 'searching' for job opportunities and/or finding a channel in which to reach these.

Your strategy should be to target adverts, which match the skill-sets you have on offer [e.g. finance, strategy, supply chain, IT].

If you landed a few interviews but no job offers, chances are, the issue is not with the search but rather with the applicant.

Either your interview skills and/or competences are not good enough for MC or perhaps the level you are aiming at, or your experience/ CV is not good enough.

ABC does make a valid point in his opening sentence above...perhaps something worth reflecting on.

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#4 RE: Job search strategy
10/12/2010 15:09

Shoe Polisher to nownow (#3)

Crap advice above, both posts. If you base your strategy on responding to adverts, you'll be wasting your time, the jobs already gone mate.

The best candidates come to me via:

1. Sitting down and working out exactly what you want to do (based on what you CAN do of course)

2. Write a compelling two page CV that highlights why you have chosen your path and a sample of successes therein.

3. Research the companies/practices that use skills like yours, find a senior contact in each.

4. Reach out to that person via email, its fine to do that now, telling them that you would be keen to get involved with ABC plc blah blah and would like to speak them personally about their own experiences and needs.

5. If they send you to HR you have failed. Fact.

You make it interesting, they will be interested.

Absolutely forget going through websites you stand no chance. That's nothing to do with you or your abilities, just that your CV is read by CHUFF NUTS in the first place who have half your ambition, a quarter of your intelligence and no perceptive skill whatsoever. They cannot be trusted with your future.

If you want a job, invent it and sell it.


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#5 RE: Job search strategy
10/12/2010 15:22

rec to Shoe Polisher (#4)

@shoepolisher - are you a recruiter? or hiring manager?

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#6 RE: Job search strategy
10/12/2010 16:51

ABC to rec (#5)

Shoe Polisher, regarding my cr*p post:

Firstly, thank you.

Second, Your points 1 - 4 are basically an expansion upon my point 1. As for my point 2, if headhunters don't work, I suppose they better all start shutting up shop before they lose any more money.

A side note: I am currently in 3 selection processes (final round) with the strategy teams of large firms, all of which received my CV through their online portal. Should I not go to these final interviews, as apparently I stand no chance?

Differences of opinion on certain issues aside, I really like your 5-point strategy. I'm sure not too many go to that effort, and if you are the right person for the job, I can imagine it working a treat.

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#7 RE: Job search strategy
11/12/2010 11:35

someguy to ABC (#6)

haven't done it in a while, but when I was on the market I re-wrote my CV (content, not form) for every single job application I did, and only sent it through after a discussion on the role, industry focus, etc with the recruiter.

SP may have been a bit harsh but he is right - a targeted hiring manager or recruiter should tell you it's a "sold/open" role and they are actively recruiting, BEFORE you send your CV out. Ideally you've had one or two phone calls by that point. Otherwise you'll just be glad handed by a junior in the HR sausage factory.

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#8 RE: Job search strategy
11/12/2010 12:43

Shoe Polisher to someguy (#7)

Having re-read my post, you're right. Harsh.

For the record I am a Practice Manager who hires between 15-30 FTEs a year and about 50-100 Contingents. I did work at PWC, hence my comment about their tests in another thread and I have been around a few houses and am fairly well known in the industry. My daily rate and the amount of calls i get suggest I am at least OK at what I do.

The problem with portal apps is that you are marked against your peers and in my experience you arent hired against instinct. My way definitely works better just outside the top four, but then i think that life is better outside of top 4. (having worked in and out AND at MBB, my opinion is my own and I appreciate that everyone is different).

thats all...

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