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Biding my time

#1 Biding my time
30/11/2010 23:34


Hey all

I've accepted an offer with Accenture, to join their graduate scheme in March next year. I've just got back from travelling for a few months following graduation, and so I'm skint and looking for some relevant temporary work until I begin the graduate scheme.

I've not relocated to London yet, so my ideal scenario would be a 2/3 month position in the capital to get myself settled etc.

Do you think it's wishful thinking looking for a temporay but relevant job in the current climate? People keep telling me to just get a minimum wage job in a bar or pub to get by for now, but I'd rather be spending my time more effectively.

While I'm on the topic of starting the grad scheme at ACN; any tips for making the most of my first few months?

Cheers, J

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#2 RE: Biding my time
01/12/2010 04:39

ACON to Jim (#1)

Not to put too fine a point on it, but a minimum wage job would be relevant preparation for the ACN graduate scheme. Data entry would be the most relevant for the 9-5 job, but bar work to learn a range of interesting drinks will also serve you well for the mandatory after-work p*ssups.

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#3 RE: Biding my time
01/12/2010 08:12

Mars A Day to Jim (#1)

Jim just take anything temp you can get for a few months, squeeze a bit more fun out of the time before you start and get acquainted with town a little. You have the job at Accenture, no need to worry just now about what else to do.

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#4 RE: Biding my time
01/12/2010 09:16

Mr Cool to Jim (#1)

Agree with Mars - get a temp job with no worries and enjoy your last days of complete freedom.

The income diffrence between the two over such a short period will be minimal and it is unlikely that you would get a job that would actually help prepare you for the ACN scheme.

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#5 RE: Biding my time
01/12/2010 09:52

ex-ACN to Jim (#1)


Found myself in much the same position nearly a decade ago now and marked TOEFL exams papers for a few months to keep the wolf from the door. Agree with the other posters. Earn a bit of cash anywhere you can but enjoy yourself - the world of work is a harsh mistress.

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#6 RE: Biding my time
01/12/2010 12:32

Jim to ex-ACN (#5)

Thanks for the feedback guys.

I guess I need to make the most of my freedom, but do it on the super cheap!

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#7 RE: Biding my time
02/12/2010 09:28

Shoe Polisher to Jim (#6)

Why not travel to a ski resort and do a season? How long does it really take to get settled in London?

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#8 RE: Biding my time
02/12/2010 09:48

Dave to Shoe Polisher (#7)

What a depressing prospect, biding your time before entering a lifetime in the world of corporate machinery.

"Has it come to this?"

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#9 RE: Biding my time
02/12/2010 11:32

Jim to Dave (#8)

I understand your point.

Believe me, I would love to carry on travelling, spend all my time drinking or having fun with friends, but I simply can't - I have no money given I have just graduated, and returned from travelling.

I'm sure those of you who have been working for years look at the recent graduates and think that if you were them, you'd spend all of your time having fun, going out, getting drunk, travelling etc. before you start a career. I can tell you from first-hand it's not that easy. That's not to say I wouldn't love to do it.

So given the circumstances I need to do something to fill my time, and it is going to have to be through employment...

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