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Barclays B6 level

#1 Barclays B6 level
26/11/2010 21:15


Hi All,

Can someone tell how senior is Barclays (retail) B6 level in IT? How would you map this level to the levels in consulting ( for example this level would suit to someone at Senior Consultant level in Accenture)?

- How many total grades Barclays has, I believe it is B1-B7 hence, B6 is the second highest level in IT?

- Are there various bands within B6? What is the basic salary range for this level?

Your response will be highly appreciated as I am planning to move from consulting to industry and in discussion for a role at this level. I am at M3 level in Accenture ( overall 3.5 years on Manager level). Do you think B6 level is appropriate for me or I should Aim high?

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#2 RE: Barclays B6 level
26/11/2010 21:17

OP to ANON (#1)

Also how does B6 level co-relate to the terms such as "Assosiate Director" "Director" or "VP"?


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#3 RE: Barclays B6 level
27/11/2010 07:54

Anon to OP (#2)

I used to work at Barclays for many years and the B6 level would be a senior project manager grade which in IT would pay around the 60K mark (including car, london weighting etc). Bonus would be up to 15%. On that basis i think your M3 level at Accenture would dwarf that package.

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#4 RE: Barclays B6 level
27/11/2010 10:22

OP to Anon (#3)

Thanks Anon,

I have been told at B6 it is £65K basic, 6K Car, 3K London Allowance, 20% pension, 20% Bonus. So overall package comes to £100K which is almost equal to M3 package. On the top of that it is based on london so my life can be certain rather travelling around UK and Europe all the time in consulting job!!

So as far as B6 salary is concerned I am fine with that bit however, what I am really interested to know whether B6 level is an appropriate level for me understanding I am 1-2 years away from Senior Manager position at ACN ( assuming if I donot get promoted in Sep 2011).

Is there significant jump from B6 to B7?

If B6 is senior project manager then what is B7 level?

How does these levels compare to "assosiate director" "VP" etc.?

and finally how much is the job security in Barclays? can I assume it would be reasonably easy to spend rest of my life in Barcalys unlike ACN?

Many thanks in advance.


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#5 RE: Barclays B6 level
27/11/2010 20:37

Anon to OP (#4)

Obviously the numbers have changed from my day. B7 is programme manager level (VP). I'd say B6 would be AVP/VP level so I think you'd be pitching yourself at the low side if you're M3. Not sure what B7 pays, maybe another 15-20k on the basic for a start.

Be sure to ask if travel is required because they have big IT centres in Coventry and Cheshire so I'd be surprised if you didn't have to do any travel. That said, it won't be as anything like the travel expected with consulting.

I've consulted there since and there is more of an american feel to the place these days, more pace than when i worked there 10 years ago (influenced by the large influx of american execs). It's a big place so who knows about spending a lifetime there, you might gel immediately or be bored to tears after the variety of consulting - always a risk when moving back into industry. Best of luck.

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#6 RE: Barclays B6 level
28/11/2010 14:46

ManUnited to OP (#4)

B6 = manager in ACN, you should try for B6 top most salary band or a B7 which is = SM in ACN. Compensation at B6 is 65k -85k, try to grab the 85k bracket so that even if you do not make an SM in ACN atleast in term of comp you are at par.

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#7 RE: Barclays B6 level
28/11/2010 15:37

OP to ManUnited (#6)

Hi ManUnited,

Is it true B6 basic range in GRB is £65-£85K? I was told the maximum basic on B6 level is £65K!


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#8 RE: Barclays B6 level
29/11/2010 07:20

ex-Barclays to OP (#7)

85k basic for a B6?! It ranges from 55k-65k.

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#9 RE: Barclays B6 level
29/11/2010 14:06

ManUnited to ex-Barclays (#8)

SM's from ACN who went to Barclays in 2008-09 at B6 level got 85k base. I know them , my peers from ACN.

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#10 RE: Barclays B6 level
29/11/2010 14:10

OP to ManUnited (#9)

Man United,

Now that's can't be true!! SM joinig at B6 level!! It's too low level for SM evenif the basic salary is £85K

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#11 RE: Barclays B6 level
29/11/2010 14:15

ManUnited to OP (#10)

I know 2 of them who did as they were on bench for a long time and getting very frustrated....they went at B6. Maybe a one off case?

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#12 RE: Barclays B6 level
30/11/2010 09:35

anon to ManUnited (#11)

Would take that as very much the exception to the rule, B6 basic maxes out at 65k.

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#13 RE: Barclays B6 level
30/11/2010 10:06

ABC to anon (#12)

what's the culture like? Is it too stressfull, too political environment?

How would you compare the culture with working for a big 4 IT consulting environment?

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#14 RE: Barclays B6 level
30/11/2010 17:48

Flava Flav to OP (#4)

Some big numbers here?!?!? First thing 85k base for a B6 is utter sh*te....and you should slap them for lying to you.

As a former B6 mgr (left in April)....who also managed some B6 level staff.

B6 will typically be between 45k to 60k banding, car allowance was 4.5k London Allowance was 3k and bonus was on average 10%. Some exceptional cases will take the base B6 over 60k...but very limited.

B6 to B7 is not straightforward - B7 low end is probably around 65k (car jumps to 7.5k) to....well, upper limit can be in region of 150k (have heard). B7 also get no pay rise and variable pay is used for uplifts, but it means your total package can drop too year to year.

Also worth noting that to move from B6 to B7 is a huge feat of endurance, the interview process is effectively an external, when I was there at least, any B7 recruited required ExCo level approval.

Enjoy and don't believe the hype!

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#15 RE: Barclays B6 level
30/11/2010 20:53

MC to Flava Flav (#14)

that's very nice post Flava Flav!! I can confirm whatever you mentioned in your post is 100% correct.

As you mentioned you were on top end of B6 and left in April what was your experience like? Which level you are working now? how much base salary you are earning at the moment?

If you have an option to choose which will you would choose:

A) B6 with £60K-£65K base + 4K car+ 3K London allowance plus 5-15% bonus or may be no bonus at all

B) ACN Manager (M2) with £75K base+ £6K car+ 8% bonus

Which option is more tempting considering the overall package and career progression/ exit options?

BTW which level are you working now, are you in industry or consulting? how much base salary are you on?

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#16 RE: Barclays B6 level
01/12/2010 11:42

ManUnited to MC (#15)

I checked and stand corrected, the Accenture SM's joined at B7 with a 85k base....SORRY !!!

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#17 RE: Barclays B6 level
01/12/2010 11:59

Anon to ManUnited (#16)

Shut up Man United,

What you say is completely bull**ks!! The max B6 is £65k. I have been told a number of ACN SMs joined at B6 level were on max £65k!! And this information came from a senior director level person.

The only exception to £65K base is hiring a person "who is just shy of B7 calibre" on B6 grade!

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#18 RE: Barclays B6 level
02/12/2010 15:03

Flava Flav to MC (#15)

Mr MC.....

Left after 3.5 years with Barclays (previously had 6 years in Engineering)....could've pushed for a B7 but was a lot of politiking to negoatiate.

On the 2 options - couldn't decide, personally I don't have a great impression of Accenture based on consultants I used.

I left Barclays for Deloitte (or a similar sounding firm) and moved to Mgr grade on circa 70k + 6.5k car + bonus etc. The consultancy will sap your time more obviously,

Barclays was a funny animal, I worked in former GRCB function, good place to work but was being regressed when i left (part of the reason I left, didn't fancy being in UK retail only function). I was fortunate in doing a fairly ambiguous role as "change mgr" effectively as an internal consultant for transformation/re-organisation projects - so my options were limited as the change demand was effectively constricted to reg programmes (obviously) and there was limited investment in discretionary change.

Can be a great place to be though - really depends on your alignment (same as anywhere) and wouldn't be unhappy at going back more senior at some point.

Worth bearing in mind that a high B6 offer as a pending B7 candidate might not be such a strong option as there's a very transient mgmt population so pinning down some commitment is tricky...there's less accountability at B6 and your bonuses will be on the higher % because of this, but the "next step" will frustrate. I used to sit on pay rounds and theres a culture of "total package" so if you're high on the banding scale, it's fair to assume your bonus will be pulled back to prevent a spike in the distribution.

Hope that help.....can't possibly see how it wouldn't!

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#19 RE: Barclays B6 level
02/12/2010 15:08

Dave to Flava Flav (#18)

"I left Barclays for Deloitte (or a similar sounding firm)"


"The consultancy will sap your time more obviously"

Again... eh??

"Hope that help.....can't possibly see how it wouldn't!"

Again, what are you referring to here? Your own comments??

It looks like there's some useful content there, but it reads like mud.

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#20 RE: Barclays B6 level
03/12/2010 12:55

Flava Flav to Dave (#19)

- Left Barclays for Deloitte MCS

- Consulting will impact your personal time more due to longer hours (probably do another 15-20 hrs per week in consulting over industry).

- My comments were helpful.

There we go - clear as mud.

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#21 RE: Barclays B6 level
05/12/2010 09:56

Timm Bhoy Sellick to deleted (#0)

Oh Manchester is wonderful,

Oh Manchester is wonderful,

It's full of...............and United

Oh, Manchester is wonderful!

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