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PwC Assessment Centre

#1 PwC Assessment Centre
12/11/2010 17:44

PwC Help

Hi Guys,

Can anyone help me get the low down on the activities conducted in the Assessment Centre.

I'm applying as an experienced hire so don't think I'll have the same tasks as those detailed for Grads on Wikijob.

I believe there's a written test and a group one. I think I'm comfortable with the group one - understand that it's possibly a case of displaying the PwC competencies(?)

But the written test is raising questions with me. I believe it's likely to be a business case of some descriptor.......

If any of you guys can help, I'm looking to understand:

1) Any kind of summary of the case

2) What kind of structure/workings are they looking for?

3) Are calculations involved (benefits case type thing)?

4) What kind of conclusions did you come to?

Any help would be massively appreciated.

Many thanks.

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#2 RE: PwC Assessment Centre
13/11/2010 21:38

Mickey Finn to PwC Help (#1)

I didn't think PwC did an AC.

I went for an experienced hire consulting role. Had an online numerical/verbal reasoning test and then an interview with a Senior Mgr. I was told at that interview that only a partner interview would remain. I was unsuccessful at the Senior Mgr interview so can't verify the entire process for you. But that was what I was told.

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#3 RE: PwC Assessment Centre
13/11/2010 21:40

Mickey Finn to Mickey Finn (#2)

Sorry, forgot.

I had a telephone competency based interview in between the online tests and the Senior Mgr interview.

The core competencies they test are on their website. You just need to bullshit your way around this one - I cringe at some of the thought of some of the answers I gave during that discussion. Complete bullshit.

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#4 RE: PwC Assessment Centre
14/11/2010 01:57

Pwc-potential to Mickey Finn (#2)

Hi Mickey Finn,

Can you kindly post the link of the competencies as for some reason I can't spot them on the website?

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#5 RE: PwC Assessment Centre
15/11/2010 09:16

Mickey Finn to Pwc-potential (#4)

Good Luck.

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#6 RE: PwC Assessment Centre
15/11/2010 12:10

Pwc-potential to Pwc-potential (#4)

Thanks, Mickey Finn.

It was buried under the student section. Duh! That is why I could not find it.

Cheers, mate.

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#7 RE: PwC Assessment Centre
15/11/2010 15:10

LimitedEditionPrint to PwC Help (#1)

I recently appeared for the AC (for exp hire) at PwC (and got an offer from them). The written exercise is a one hour case analysis for which you have to prepare a one page report. The case is usually 12-15 pages long with a mix of financial and non financial data. Dont worry too much about the numbers as the AC is run for exp hire candidates for more than one practice i.e finance & PI would be with someone from retain and IT etc. Make sure you write a clean report as there are no right or wrong answers.

Following the written exercise, there would be 30 mins devoted to analysis of the same case by the group that is attending the AC (typically about 4- 5 ppl). There would be 2 to 3 people from PwC doing the observation.

They are judging you on the competency and body language (I think). Dont be very aggressive in making your points but dont keep quiet out there. There will be some blokes who think that yapping all the time means performing well in a group - I dont think thats true.

Hope this helps


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#8 RE: PwC Assessment Centre
16/11/2010 10:58

PwC Help to LimitedEditionPrint (#7)

Hi LEP, really appreciate the in insight, that's really useful.

Are you able to give any further clarification on the conext of the business case? i.e. what was it about? what the company challeneges were? what kind of conclusions would you derive?


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#9 RE: PwC Assessment Centre
20/11/2010 19:40

Ej to PwC Help (#8)

I'm in the same situation PwCHelp, tho no idea when I'll get invited along. Any further info on the AC would be much appreciated.


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#10 RE: PwC Assessment Centre
10/01/2011 20:20

Ej to Ej (#9)

PwC Help, did you get anywhere with the interview? My Ac was pushed back until after the festive period but given how it's gone so far, I'm still not 100% whether I want to go ahead with it or not.

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