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Accenture Vs KPMG Vs PWC vs E&Y

#1 Accenture Vs KPMG Vs PWC vs E&Y
04/11/2010 11:37


Hi All,

I have offers fron KPMG,E&Y,PWC and Accenture in risk consulting practice as a Manager. I have been working with a small risk consulting botique for the last 2 years prior to which I was in front office banking roles. While a problem of plenty is good to have, I am unable to make a choice. The economics of the offers are not much different and cannot be a differentiating factor. I am hoping to get views from the forum on which is a better risk practice



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#2 RE: Accenture Vs KPMG Vs PWC vs E&Y
07/11/2010 17:38

siemak to LEP (#1)


Accenture: strength is in the process- and system-side of Risk (e.g. implementing new system for a new compliance requirements). The culture is up or out, but they have good training programme & knowledge sharing programme, so it's easy to to get help or reference material when you need it. Most people grow up in the company so they tend to have similar approach to project (which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the problem at hand). I heard that they're trying to move to the business advisory for risk and recruiting people with experience in modelling, actuarial etc.

PwC: the focus is more on "business" side of risk, e.g. risk modelling, operating model, regulatory requirements etc. The culture is more relaxed than Accenture, and definitely more family friendly, but can feel "clubby" as you need to know the right people to get on the right project, or to leverage on other people's knowledge/experience. Training and knowledge sharing are rather weak. PwC in general is trying to grow its consulting business and to get to the system side of consulting (i.e. where Accenture is!)

I don't know much about EY or KPMG - except that several years ago many of Accenture Risk people moved to EY (I don't know if they're still there though).

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#3 RE: Accenture Vs KPMG Vs PWC vs E&Y
07/11/2010 18:42

Bing to siemak (#2)

E&Y. Proper Big 4 shop well respected in the Market especially by Investment Banks.

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#4 RE: Accenture Vs KPMG Vs PWC vs E&Y
07/11/2010 21:56

nownow to Bing (#3)

I can only comment on ACN and EY. from a culture view point these two are at different ends of the spectrum.

Accenture feels very aggressive and cut throat. EY is far more family/ social life friendly.

you can expect to spend less time away in EY. I found pay to be better in EY [it might just be a personal case] but ACN will usually add a sign on, which EY does not entertain

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#5 RE: Accenture Vs span class="SearchQuery1">KPMGspan> Vs PWC vs E&Y
14/07/2011 15:27

Amie to LEP (#1)

Hello, I have the same dilemma, have you decided where to go and what was the feedback? other question in which country are you?

Thank you in advance

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