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02/11/2010 21:26


I have a few questions for the experts.

I applied to ACN recently for a Consultant role in the SAP Practice. Whilst I am hoping for an interview, have a few questions.

Just a brief note on my background - 12 years total experience in 6 countries; of which 9 years with SAP implementations; medium to large scale SAP project management for the past 3 years; MBA from one of the top schools.

1. Could you advise about the recruitment process (whilst I have read the essentials on the company's website)?

2. Did I apply short, i.e. for a Consultant role? Didn't investigate ACN's levels properly before applying, pity.

3. If you think I did apply short (based on the limited background info provided, sorry for which, but am sure the experts can see through), based on your experience could you advise at which stage of the interview process I can make a case for M1 Manager.

I seem to think if I do so in the 1st interview, after having demonstrated M1 expeririences, that might be good. But given the interview would likely be over telephone, I seem to think petitioning for M1 at this stage over the phone might come across as premature, and might even put off the interviewer.

Any advise would help.

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03/11/2010 05:30

anon to Hopeful! (#1)

12 years w/e and an MBA and you went for Consultant?

Also why have an MBA if you are a SAP specialist?

Always worth aiming high, esp if you have personally delivered projects.

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03/11/2010 07:08

anonymous anon to anon (#2)

Just like anon above i would question the MBA and SAP practice.

Nevertheless, having gone through the process with ACN i would make it very clear at the first interview that the level required is x [i will come back x in a minute] for two reasons:

1) i have found, one you go through the process, HR start to take over and it is far easier to convince the manager/senior manager and then the senior exec to put you forward at level x than attempting it with HR. I tried it and did not work so I ended up rejecting their offer. A waste of time for everyone

2) it will ensure the interviews are tailored to that effect. the senior exec will test your "manager" ability during the case interview stage [2].

Now coming back to x. you absolutely undercooked it. 12 yrs of which 9yrs feel relevant, you should at least pitch at M2 - this is of course based on limited information. Other factors, which would help determine a feasible level are:

- current position [responsibility, title etc...]

- current salary [ you cannot warrant a jump to the M2 bracket if you earn 40k]

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03/11/2010 10:38

Hopeful! to anonymous anon (#3)

Thank you, both.

SAP is the core experience (hence the Practice), whilst the MBA is add on, which was more than 3 years ago. Perhaps it might provide a bit of an edge once in the firm, with many alumni as well.

Could you please explain the ACN Levels and the base pay range within them (sorry if this question has been answered before) -

M1 - Manager ?

M2 - Senior Manager ?

M3 - What is the title here?

M4 - and here?

Any more?!

A candid self assessment leads me to think that M2 (if it is Senior Manager) is a bit of a stretch, since the level seems to warrant significant large scale project management and business development experience. I have limited, but considerable, experience to that effect.

On the other hand, I see that I tick all the boxes for the M1 - Manager level.

From ACN website - "Managers are responsible for managing small projects, or segments of larger projects. They develop and manage work plans and schedules, analyse and clarify poorly defined problems, come up with answers and also think about finding new business opportunities. Along the way they continue to build core competencies in work groups and capabilities, deepen their industry experience and build client relationship management skills. Promotion from manager to senior manager typically occurs between three and four years into a manager’s service."

So my judgment indicates pitch for M1 leading to M2 in 2 years. As you point out, I should do so in the 1st interview, after having convinced the interviewer about "ticking the boxes".

Anything wrong with this approach? Thank you folks.

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