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Dubai package advice needed

#1 Dubai package advice needed
15/10/2010 14:37


I have an offer from a company in Dubai to join as their IT Director - I have around 10 years of UK experience at middle-management level in blue-chip companies.

I have a suspicion that their offer is very low (as the current market conditions there are not too good - more people out there looking for a job) and want to get your views on if I should seriously consider walking away from the offer.

For comparison reasons, my UK salary is £70K per year

Current offer from Dubai company:

Basic: 22K AED

Housing: 7K AED

Car: 3K AED

Total: 32KAED per month

I am single and looking to live a good life in Dubai - excellent 2 bedroom flat in a posh area (marina,etc), nice expensive car, eating out most of the days, and so on.

Will I be able to afford the nice lifestyle on the salary they have quoted, and still be able to make some decent savings?

Really appreciate your views on this.

Many Thanks

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#2 RE: Dubai package advice needed
15/10/2010 16:32

anon to Shakespeare (#1)

You can probably afford the things you mentioned, but you won't have a great deal left to save afterwards. Broadly speaking, both cost of living and compensation are comparable to London now so set your expectations for quality of living accordingly.

As you say, the market has dropped out here and there's a plentiful supply of talent pulling down the wage rates - the offer you describe is market competitive (i.e. about as good as it gets).

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#3 RE: Dubai package advice needed
15/10/2010 22:05

Dubai Offer to Shakespeare (#1)

Just for comparison / benchmarking purposes (and not to brag in any way)... I was just very recently offered an associate (post-MBA) type role at a mid-tier pure strategy consulting house in Dubai at 105k USD base.

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#4 RE: Dubai package advice needed
18/10/2010 13:20

Ratsky to Shakespeare (#1)

Shakespeare, I lived and worked out there for almost 3 years until 2006. I have also advised a feww people with offers out there, so I hope I can help in some way.

The package seems low. The basic should be closer to 35-40k AED. Also ask about:

(1) EOSB (end of service benefit). A statutory requirement which accrues about 5% of your salary paid when you eventually leave.

(2) Flights home, this is normal.

(3) Relocation out (and back when you leave).

(4) How much annual leave.

(5) Schooling?

(6) Medical - essential if you get mown down on Sheikh Zayed Road!

(7) Notice period...ask for 3m.

Its a great place to live and work. Best years of my life. Great people, relaxed, sunshine, beaches. Highky recommended

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#5 RE: Dubai package advice needed
18/10/2010 16:14

Shakespeare to Ratsky (#4)

Thanks everyone for the replies.

Anon - You are spot on. They have other candidates ready to start tomorrow on a much lower salary and so they have no intention to offer me any more than their initial offer.

Ratsky - The basic offered is far-off from your suggestion (35-40k) and so I am very tempted to call it off. Most of the other things you have suggested are VERY relevant, and they have been reasonable on most of them. But the low basic is a deal-breaker, I guess. The great people and sunshine, etc does not matter unless you are being paid well, and as per your qualifications.

Dubai Offer - Thats almost the same as my offer, but for a new joiner. So that just validates other posters views that this is a very low offer, which i should turn down promptly

Thanks again for all your advice - Overall feeling is that its almost 30% less than what I should ideally get

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#6 RE: Dubai package advice needed
18/10/2010 16:23

Shoe Polisher to Shakespeare (#5)

I'm hiring for Dubai at the moment and yes, there are LOTS of candidates, but I still have to pay to get the good ones I actually want.

Your offer seems a little low to me, but not by the 30% you suggest. My concern would be that you couldn't live the high life AND save money on that deal.

There's no way you can propose or build some kind of at-risk element in for improved bonus potential is there? Just make sure its on YOUR performance, and sign it off after three months once you have seen whats on the ground.

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