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Booze Allen Hamilton (UK) interview.

#1 Booze Allen Hamilton (UK) interview.
06/10/2004 03:11


I was wondering if anyone knows what the recruiting process of Booze Allen Hamiliton (UK) grad. scheme is like?

How many case studies are there during the interviews?

Is BAH a good place to work for?

Thanks for your time!

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#2 basic mistake
06/10/2004 08:36


The firm name is spelt Booz and not Booze. Get that wrong in your application and you can forget all about getting a job there!

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#3 Re: Booz Allen Hamilton (UK) interview.
06/10/2004 15:07


Hi Anon,

You are right! Can you help me with my questions?

What the recruiting process of Booz Allen Hamiliton (UK) grad. scheme is like? How many case studies are there during the interviews? Is BAH a good place to work for? Thanks for your time!

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#4 Re: Booz Allen Hamilton (UK) interview.
07/10/2004 18:01


Usually 3 interviews. Atleast one with partner, one with a Senior Associate or Principal and one other. Case studies and market size estimation will be all around. They will ask the standard stuff about why Booz and what you want to be and all that jazz.

Is Booz a good place to to work? In one word - NO. I wasted about 18 months in the London office having joined before the dot com bust and went through that period watching the beach list grow and the partners telling us in the once a month Friday afternoon "pep" talk that all was well etc. It is a sweat shop and all that rubbish on their website about people and professionalism goes down the loo when things get tough. They let go almost 50% of the London office (the entire consultant and almost everyone in the next level up were let go). They just did not give a toss. Ofcourse the partners stayed - someone had to have those mightly expensive dinners at the clients expense!

I have no regrets having left but I feel pissed off that they just do not manage their people well enough after they come on board.

Thats my view. sadly the only way to find out is from the inside. Good luck if you join but one piece of advise I would give is this - NEVER look like you are desperate for the job, no matter how much you like the salary. They will exploit it to the hilt.

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#5 Re: Booz Allen Hamilton (UK) interview.
07/10/2004 21:48

No Booz anymore

I confirm the previous statements. Booz partners do not treat staff respectfully. When they don't need you anymore, they treat you like garbage. This is just the way it is at BAH. I think more than 50% of the London office was made redundant during 2001-2002 (if you take out the returning MBAs). I just can't tell because we were so many being tossed out of the firm. Just a few partners were let go... (Leave Of Absence - fake)

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#6 happened everywhere
11/10/2004 16:57


Sounds like you had a pretty rotten ride with BAH. I know people who were there in the years before the dot-com crash and it was a great place to be. Most other strategy firms went through a similar period of layoffs a couple of years back, so I'm not sure your experiences would have been wildly better if you'd joined any other firm in the BAH league. It's just a necessary evil of working in consulting. If you want to be paid £60-80k early in your career you have to be billing a lot of client fees to justify your employment. When work dries up you can't just keep people on those salaries indefinitely. This is a hard pill to swallow when you are on the receiving end of redundancy, I appreciate that; but I think it would be wrong for people reading this to go away with the impression that BAH were more heartless than any of the competition. They weren't - there was simply a bloodbath throughout the strategy consulting world! Steve

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#7 Re: happened everywhere
14/10/2004 23:58


Yes and no. Yes, consultancy went through a bad patch and all the firms, big and small, took a beating on the billability during that period. No, not all the consultancies shed their people with such disdain as did BAH. McKinsey became famous for holding on for as long as they could, sending their consultanst to do pro bono work with existing clients, potential new ones and most importantly with charities and public sector. Bain let go of some but not till much later in the phase. It wasn't just what BAH doid but the way in which it was done. Even during the shedding the partners kept telling the staff, and I can only speak for London, that things were OK.

The thing about BAH is that none of the people who were shown the door ever felt they wanted to return. Sure, when things are going well, any consultancy is a good place to work especially at those salaries. Its when the shit hits the fan that the true face emerges.

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