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CV tip

#1 CV tip
25/09/2010 00:39


OK, this may sound funny but should I include in my CV that in high school I won silver medal for swimming in juniors' category at the summer camp and that I plaid violin in school's orchestra, again in high school. I am now in my mid/late 20's. Is this stuff ancient history to be mentioned in my current CV under extra curriculum? You are allowed to make jokes, but I need a serious answer as well. :) :)


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#2 RE: CV tip
25/09/2010 10:32

forget high school to Smiley (#1)

it's time to let high school go. you can mention this in the interview if it comes up, but be prepared for the "why did you stop" question

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#3 RE: CV tip
25/09/2010 13:05

Smiley to forget high school (#2)

Hey, thanks for your reply.

Well, I didn't stop. I still play violin, and piano, occasionally and still go swimming for recreational purposes.

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#4 RE: CV tip
25/09/2010 15:56

Jimmie Daniels to Smiley (#1)

It's recommended CV's are kept to 2 pages, which can be difficult as your experience and skills grow. At your current age I would personally make better use of the space with experience and skills detail as opposed to School achievements.

By all means have a brief 1-liner on personal interests but keep that part small!

Good luck!


Online IT Department Resource

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#5 RE: CV tip
25/09/2010 16:44

Evil Consultant to Smiley (#1)

If you don't do it now, then there's no real point in it being on your CV IMHO.

That said, I really do think that people should include the one-liner in their CVs about what it is they do when they're not working. Otherwise, CVs tend to be dreadfully monotonous.


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#6 RE: CV tip
25/09/2010 17:34

Alyson Hannigan to Evil Consultant (#5)

Once ... at band camp...

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#7 RE: CV tip
25/09/2010 19:34

Alex to Alyson Hannigan (#6)

I would definitely mention both, swimming and instrument playing. It shows that you had quality upbringing and active teen-age which is probably reflected in your present personality. Although you used to do it in the past, more often then you do now, as you said, CV should reflect both present and past achievements/activities. However, don't write any essays about it. Mention it in brief and concise manner.

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#8 RE: CV tip
25/09/2010 20:28

Quality Fare to Alex (#7)

Quality upbringing my anus.

I thought this sort of cr@p had departed from consulting long ago.

My counsel is to focus on your work achievements in your CV, and forget about your top time in the 10k in Petersborough 2003 ot what your golf handicap it. No one will think it reflects on your or your "upbringing"

What a moron to say that

I am now just about to go home and polish my old skool tie

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#9 RE: CV tip
25/09/2010 20:32

Nice but Dim to Alex (#7)

Hi Alex, should I mention what awfully nice middle class people my parents are? Some of the great unwashed haven't even heard of Asia Minor. Can you believe it?

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#10 RE: CV tip
25/09/2010 21:09

Forum Fan to deleted (#0)

Come come EC. Even a trog like you can do better than boasting about their 50 yards swimming certificate.

As someone hiring experienced candidates, I care not one jot about your handicap on the golf course, how many birds you have nobbed, or how far you have climbed up some rock face in Morrocco whilst p1ssed

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#11 RE: CV tip
25/09/2010 22:35

Alex to Forum Fan (#10)

I stand by what I said. Not only does it reflect quality upbringing, it also, as I said, may reflect one's attitude to work, study, play lifestyle. If this guy had this kind of attitude at high school, to play instruments and compete in swimming that is, he probably still has that kind of attitude today. It a good quality, isn't it?! I also said he should mention it briefly as it certainly won't be decisive in him getting an interview or the job. It can be a nice topic of conversation during "informal" part of the interview. You know, something like:

"So, you used to play piano. I did too. Did you ever play Mozart's Piano Sonata no. 4"?

"Well, as a matter of fact, I did"!

"Excellent, we should play it together sometimes".

C'mon, it can't to him any harm mentioning it in his CV.

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#12 RE: CV tip
25/09/2010 22:47

EC to Alex (#11)

What a pile of poo.

"I see you regularly pull your own sausage. I do too. Perhaps sometime we could play soggy biscuit togethe. Now tell me about a time when you led a team through a difficult situation..."

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#13 RE: CV tip
25/09/2010 23:06

Alex to EC (#12)

Whatever EC. If you find conversation about pulling sausages interesting, good for you.

You didn't understand the word of what I wrote. Hm...

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#14 RE: CV tip
26/09/2010 06:55

Evil Consultant to Alex (#13)

Just to clarify, the EC above ain't me and while serial masturbation is an excellent way to pass the time, I'm not sure that I'd mention it on my CV.


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#15 RE: CV tip
27/09/2010 08:15

Mars A Day to Smiley (#1)

Hilarious exchange, had to stop laughing long enough to type.

Smiley I anticipate you now have more than enough to cram into a 2 page CV to lose the teenage interests. If you have space for a line then by all means mention you play violin and piano but unless you are at an impressive level it wont add much. Mention it at interview if asked about how you spend your free time.

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#16 RE: CV tip
27/09/2010 09:25

Smiley to Mars A Day (#15)

Well, I wish to thank you all for your thoughts and comments. I certainly have enough to write on my two page CV but I don't wish to cram it with description of my duties, responsibilities and achievements at previous jobs so it ends up a bit dull. I will include one line about playing instruments and swimming and elaborate further if someone brings it up at an interview.

Thanks again

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#17 RE: CV tip
27/09/2010 12:47

Aces to Smiley (#16)

I guess the main points to think about is

1. How does it improve my CV quality and hence chances

2. Is there even an iota of a chance to put the recruiter off?

So what if the CV is monotonous or boring - you wont be rejected because of that! Yes, the CV only showcases relevant skills and most recruiters will be happy with that and not stray from the main task on hand - and thats judging the profile

But including info that's irrelevant to the task may have chances of not going down too well with some recruiters

Lets put it this way - at a time when there a so many jobless and talented ones out there trying hard for a decent role, even if there is a 1% chance that a recuriter may find it silly looking at your personal interests, why put it in and blow that 1%?

Better safe than sorry is very apt in this scenario


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#18 RE: CV tip
27/09/2010 14:03

Smiley to Aces (#17)

OK, so what exactly should be under personal interest section?!?!

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#19 RE: CV tip
27/09/2010 14:12

Alex to Smiley (#18)

I think some of you guys are missing the point and are offering false advice.

Including such details as instrument playing and swimming in your CV can only enhance the overall CV. I can't believe that someone of you are actually saying that dull looking CV is OK. It isn't. when you have ten people competing for a place all of whom have similar or identical professional profiles, one way of distinguishing one CV among ten of them is to look at some other things in it, such as personal interests, for instance.

This guy isn't going to play on his "interests" as an entry ticket to an interview, he is just going to mention it. Of course his real skills related to the job will be decisive but to suggest that "silly" interest such as instrument playing will put a recruiter off is beyond silly itself. I wouldn't want to deal with a recruiter who would be put of by such thing. Of course it is irrelevant for the job, but so what. So can be one's degree in literature irrelevant for a job with a management consulting but it should definitely be in one's CV. Its relevant for one's full profile. Yes, the skills matter the most, but personal interests say a lot about a person.

To suggest instrument playing or swimming is silly is stupid. I wonder where you grew up.

Smiley, do as you want, but if I were you, I'd definitely include a line or two. Good luck.

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#20 RE: CV tip
27/09/2010 14:34

Bangers and mash to Alex (#19)

Funniest thread ever !! Wow, you need to get out more Alex

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#21 RE: CV tip
27/09/2010 15:03

billum to Bangers and mash (#20)

I like to see a one liner listing some outside interests and achievements - but they do have to be achievements, and either one-off impressive events or relating to ongoing pastimes - so 'Interests - violin (grade 8), swimming (former County competitor)' tells me that the writer is able to stick at something until they achieve at a tough level, and also willing to compete till they win. It also tells me I might find that candidate an interesting, rounded individual to work with.. However, the achievements the OP listed came across as too weak to include if they are no longer pursued..

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#22 RE: CV tip
27/09/2010 16:09

Shoe Polisher to billum (#21)


The best personal interest sections I read are one or two lines that show a well-rounded, balanced life. Some intellect, some kind of physical exertion and something that suggests a social life.

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#23 RE: CV tip
27/09/2010 16:54

EC to Shoe Polisher (#22)

Probably not a wise move to mention sausage pulling

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#24 RE: CV tip
27/09/2010 23:15

ALex to EC (#23)

Smiley, I think the Shoe Polisher gave you probably the best answer.

To me, the fact that you can play instruments and that you swim on regular basis is a sign of well rounded, balanced life. So, include it in your CV.

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#25 RE: CV tip
27/09/2010 23:44

Smiley to ALex (#24)

Well, thank you all for your thoughts, again. I didn't think my question would result in such interesting debate. Maybe I wasn't clear enough at the beginning. I never thought to mention those interests of mine as something that will influence recruiters' decision. I wasn't born yesterday :) I only thought to mention them briefly as my interests since many years ago, on-going at the present time as well. I don't think of them as achievements and therefore I couldn't possibly expect anyone else to, since they were and still are just personal interest, or hobbies, if you will.

Again, thank you all and I very much enjoyed reading all your comments :) :)

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#26 RE: CV tip
28/09/2010 11:28

Alex to Smiley (#25)

Just off now for a bit of a sausage pull, followed by a violin session

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#27 RE: CV tip
28/09/2010 11:59

Alex to Alex (#26)

Fake Alex, good to hear it. Thanks for sharing info with us.

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#28 RE: CV tip
28/09/2010 12:02

rc to Alex (#27)

did this thread count as a 'mass debate' ?

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#29 RE: CV tip
28/09/2010 17:37

The Butcher Boy to rc (#28)

What kinda sausage you got Alex? Chipolita or bratwurst?

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#30 RE: CV tip
28/09/2010 20:07

Alex to The Butcher Boy (#29)

This "Alex" guy talking about sausages isn't real Alex but a fake one :)

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#31 RE: CV tip
06/10/2010 13:07

Alex to Alex (#30)

I'm Alex

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#32 RE: CV tip
06/10/2010 17:05

NOT Alex to Alex (#31)

He is, I can tell by the way he spelt it.

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#33 RE: CV tip
09/08/2019 12:31

anthonyconstantinouceocwmfx to Smiley (#1)

CV should look promising no matter what your skills are

Anthony Constantinou CEO CWM FX

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