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ACN M1/ Impending Payrise

#1 ACN M1/ Impending Payrise
05/08/2010 10:14


Hi guys,

I am a B School grad with about seven years of internal/external consulting experience across various industries. I was placed an offer by ACN for an M1 role at a base of 67K a few months back. I was told that this was tending towards the highest end of the M1 salary band.

1) Is this a good base to start with? I was earning in a different currency and a PPP comparison would put me at least 20K (on base) above this figure. Do most managers start at M1 level or is it a possibility to be brought in to the business at say an M2.... Also, what is the range of the M1 base?

2) I have been hearing a lot about potential payrises at ACN next month. Any guesses on what the new payscales would be. Although there is a thread about whether or not the new joinees' remuneration would be adjusted to the new structure, I personally doubt whether that would happen.

I still have about two months to join, should I start looking out again to probably leverage one offer with another..... Any thoughts on which firms are paying more than what I've been offered? Would I be breaking ACN's back by re-negotiating with a new offer, considering that I have already accepted their offer, or would they re-consider if I show them my BATNA.

3. How does the annual appraisal and payrise work. What is the typical and also the maximum payrise that happens year on year, considering movement within the same role (M1 to M2 to M3)?

4. How long does it usually take to move from M1 to a Senior Manager role, assuming good performance.

I find this forum extremely helpful for folks like me who are new entrants. Would appreciate any kind of inputs. Thanks ...

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#2 RE: ACN M1/ Impending Payrise
06/08/2010 16:16

bond007 to bond007 (#1)

Hi Guys,

Would really appreciate some inputs on this. Thanks

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06/08/2010 22:18

BATNAN to bond007 (#2)

What is a BATNA?

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06/08/2010 22:43

Robni to BATNAN (#3)

He's my dyslexic boss!

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06/08/2010 23:39

The Riddrel to Robni (#4)

dundundundundundundundun... BATNA!

Riddle me this... if you were offered M1 and 67k a few months back, and I assume you accepted, what makes you think they will even consider a renegotiation? anyway...

1) most managers start at M1. can't see the point of M2 as a starting level, myself. either you're a manager or you're a senior manager but you need to do your time regardless before being promoted.

2) see my point above. is your "BATNA" walking away from ACN into a different job? then I doubt you'll achieve anything by invoking that other than pi**ing them off, if you accepted an offer months ago that's it, whether you get uplifted with the rest in the next payround is irrelevant.

3) annual payrises are tied to your rating, which is tied to your project's ability to kick ass.

4) at least 3 years, usually more. there is usually an overhang as people wait their turn to be put forward for SM, the progression is not as easy as A to C to M.

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07/08/2010 11:56

Anon to The Riddrel (#5)

Can't understand why people wait around for it to be honest. Stand in a queue to get promoted so you can get even more work dumped on you and be a senior manager til you are about 40 because 'It's me next! Definately this year!'

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07/08/2010 18:24

AlmostTheSharpestTool to BATNAN (#3)

Best Alternative To No Agremenet

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07/08/2010 18:27

AlmostTheSharpestTool to The Riddrel (#5)

Promotion to SM is a lottery unless you have been lucky enough to build a career on a growing engagement. The bigger the project and the longer you have been around to build your network and gain supporters the greater your chance. If you an a EH then you will need oodles of luck to make it.

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08/08/2010 13:08

eh to AlmostTheSharpestTool (#8)

what is EH?

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#10 RE: BATNA?
08/08/2010 20:14

Rich to eh (#9)

Actuallt it's Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement...

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#11 RE: BATNA?
08/08/2010 20:16

Rich to Rich (#10)

And EH = Experienced Hire

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#12 RE: BATNA?
09/08/2010 12:55

Bob to Rich (#11)

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#13 RE: BATNA?
09/08/2010 21:29

Desmond to Bob (#12)

love this!!

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