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Consulting Injuries

#1 Consulting Injuries
26/07/2010 14:05

Cy Attica

Has anyone else suffered chronic / accute back pain or sciatic pain from work? Very recently I have been getting shooting pains up the back of my thigh - almost like someone is sticking a knife in it. I'm convinced it's come from a slouched posture and too many sedentary journeys in the car. I know this probably isn't simply related to Consulting (more any desk job) - but has anyone else suffered in a similar manner? If so - what's the best way to reduce the pain?

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#2 RE: Consulting Injuries
26/07/2010 22:08

Conan the Ballbearing to Cy Attica (#1)

You could try chiropractice, it worked for me. But don't let them get you hooked into going for months on end after the pain has gone. You should also look into some gentle (or more vigorous!) exercises that you can do to improve your posture. You don't want to become a typical sunken chested, skinny armed, pot -bellied office wallah.

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#3 RE: Consulting Injuries
27/07/2010 10:04

Toilette to Conan the Ballbearing (#2)

Personally I would get a referral from your GP for some private physio. Personally I also looked for a recommendation as I have had physios who were great and ones who needed to be told the problem and what to do (I am not arrogant enough to think I know this myself, but had already seen a physio at my sports club and discussed with my GP and a couple of doctors in my family).

I have been to a chiropractor once with a neck / shoulder injury. After spending time diagnosing the problem, the spent time basically cracking my back which was ineffectual given the manipulation actually required once I went to see a physio. Whilst I would not say anything negative about chiropractors given the propensity of their association to sue, I would personally recommend seeing your GP and then physio.

Finally I would also talk to you Health and Safety people to do a workstation assessment. I was a bit dismissive of this until I found a recurring hamstring problem exacerbated by the chair I was working on and the position it was in

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#4 RE: Consulting Injuries
27/07/2010 10:38

Claims Direct to Toilette (#3)

Have you considered using InjuryLawyers4u? They are real lawyers, offering honest professional advice.

It's about somebody stamped down on these consulting companies that expect us to sit hunched up at a desk for 16 hours a day working off a laptop at waist height with a 9 inch screen.

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#5 RE: Consulting Injuries
27/07/2010 13:49

Anon to Claims Direct (#4)

When you do talk to someone about this remember to make it clear that it is totally someone else's fault and you have no responsiblity for making sure your working environment is suitable.

I am not lucky enough to be in the position where I can claim money from someone just because I have always been stupid enough to sort out my workspace wherever I have been.

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#6 RE: Consulting Injuries
27/07/2010 14:18

Claims Direct to Anon (#5)

Just remember - Where there's blame, there's a claim.

Employers have a duty of care to ensure that the work environment for their employees complies with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Forget issues of personal responsibility. If nanny state fails in its duty, then nanny state is responsible.

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#7 RE: Consulting Injuries
27/07/2010 15:23

DCF to Claims Direct (#6)

Yes, I always have complete control of my workspace. I refuse to work in meeting rooms, for example, where the chairs are unsuitable for extended working, and I always carry round with me a spare monitor, full size keyboard and my own personal task lighting.

I also carry with me a small toolkit - spanners, screwdrivers, drill, saw - and find clients are more than happy for me to spend a few hours customising their furniture at the start of the project. Try it!

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#8 RE: Consulting Injuries
28/07/2010 08:47

Claims Direct to deleted (#0)

Stud, are you the same "hero"/"pick-up artist" that wrote "The McKinsey Way"?

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#9 RE: Consulting Injuries
02/08/2010 15:46

Got it in(jury lawyers) 4 u to Cy Attica (#1)

Consulting Injuries could be a new name for a recruitment firm...

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