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Applying to Booz

#1 Applying to Booz
06/07/2010 12:18


Hi All,

I'm a C2 at Accenture, applying to booz in Change Management & Org. Change. What level should I expect to go in at?

Additionally, are there any Booz specific buzz words I should try and get into my application, in order to press the right buttons with their HR team?

Huge thanks in advance...

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#2 RE: Applying to Booz
06/07/2010 12:41

recruiter to ACN C1 (#1)

Good luck is all I can say.

Traditionally the MBBB don't take people from consultancies (there are some but not common) and if they do it's more likely from the OC+C's of this world. They tend to take people from industry positions.

Why? Basically they say the calibre isn't high enough, candidates are bright but just not entirely 'blue sky' for them. Also, it's a metholodolgy approach that is different. People from consultancies (specifically ones like Accenture) fall into a certain style and approach of working on a project.

Hope you do well but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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#3 RE: Applying to Booz
06/07/2010 13:17

rc to recruiter (#2)

although - a VP from Capgemini has just joined Booz as a partner...

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#4 RE: Applying to Booz
06/07/2010 14:08

anon to recruiter (#2)

I am about to apply at Booz as experienced professional for the Chemicals & Energy Practice. I have a PhD (top-tier school, CH) and a MBA from Warwick, beside 5 y exp in industry as team leader/project management operations: do you see any chance, recruiter?

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#5 RE: Applying to Booz
06/07/2010 14:15

Rec7 to anon (#4)

Going back to the original recruiter message i disagree slightly depending on the team you apply for at Booz. From my dealings with the Org Change team, alot of them have joined from a Big4/Accenture type fim HOWEVER they tend to be top performers and must have top class academics (this counts for more than you may think) and MBA is always a plus.

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#6 RE: Applying to Booz
06/07/2010 17:09

recruiter to Rec7 (#5)

rc - that's true but you find it is more common at a senior grade (i.e. Senior Manager equivalent or above) rather than at junior grades.

anon - If you back yourself (i.e. you are actually very good not just one of a million who thinks they are very good).

rec7 - fair enough.

Also, Booz are probably closer to Accenture/Deloitte/Cap rather than Mck/BCG/Bain, so if you think you're heading for the very top, you're not.

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#7 RE: Applying to Booz
07/07/2010 08:25

Evil Consultant to recruiter (#2)

recruiter's talking BS - there are a stack of folks from the other "lesser" consultancies at MBB (as well as at Booz, ATK, RB etc...)

He is right on one thing - you will have to be smart and motivated to get there - but this is hardly deeply insightful.


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#8 RE: Applying to Booz
07/07/2010 13:06

Anon to Evil Consultant (#7)

Hi Evil Consultant.

I am the Anon of the post above (06/07): apart from offering first-hand experience in a certain industry sector, how can a non-consultant be an added value for a consultancy firm? There are dozens of consultant out there! I am not dealing with CEOs in my daily work (max with VPs of my corporation,sometimes), do not have a blackberry beeping continuously with new messages,do not make ppt presentations to senior managers on a daily basis (only for project reporting/steering committee meetings). Neverthless, I am pushing my projects with a result-oriented attitude, try to motivate my team to be as professional as possible and deliver top-quality work: too uncool for a consultancy?

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#9 RE: Applying to Booz
07/07/2010 13:53

rc to Anon (#8)

your answer your question in the first sentence - the rest is just 'competent worker bee'...

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#10 RE: Applying to Booz
07/07/2010 15:52

anon to rc (#9)

People get too caught up in all this prestige nonsense. There ex-Mckinsey at Accenture and ex Accenture at Mckinsey and all firms in between. It's all a load of rubbish at the end of the day.

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