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UK Accenture Interview

#1 UK Accenture Interview
30/08/2004 13:18



Im currently trying to prepare for a 1st round interview with Accenture, my primary degree is in Software Development(just graduated).

As I have no experience what so ever with case studies, Im wondering does anyone know where to get some sample case studies I can practise with for free preferably(I've had a look at the Mckinsey and Accenture websites so far but havent found them too great)

Also Im looking to hear from people who've worked as analysts and consultants for Accenture..

Whats the day-day job like?

How much travel is there?,

Are you trained into the job or are you thrown in at the deep end straight away?

What sort of career prospects do you have?

Whats the social life/atmosphere like for grads joining?

What chance do you have of getting MBA while working at Accenture?

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#2 Re: UK Accenture Interview
31/08/2004 17:41


Hi Phil, I have a 1st round interview this week aswell!

Any advice?

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#3 Re: UK Accenture Interview
02/09/2004 23:01


Hi Apache,

Not sure what to expect as Im not anyway familar with these business case scenarios but all I can offer is to be brave and try not to rush the case...well thats what im gonna try do anyway,

also remember our jobs(hopefully :-) ) as consultants will not involve knowing everything about a particlular client's business area (at the interview stage anyaway maybe less so in the real world on the job), our role/job will be to listen to the clients(interviewers) problem and discuss it with them while trying to provide enlightment (ie SOME potential solutions and OUR SUGGESTED SOLUTION)...

My rule list for the case would be

No. 1. Be very confident but not arrogant (no one will take any one serious no more how clever he/she is if they lack confidence but no one wants a smart ass either), also dont be afraid to pause before aswering/asking questiions ie DONT RUSH HEAD LONG ,THINK FIRST

No. 2. Understand the problem and re-phrase the problem to make sure your answering the clients(interviewers) problem not some other problem altogether (bring paper/biros if they'll allow usto take notes of the problem)

No. 3. Then the key bit, ask questions to draw the client deep into the problem while at the same time deeping your understanding


remember the interviewer wants to see that you've analyised the problem thoroughly, so let him/her know your thought process if you see multiple solutions discuss them and highlight the advantage/disadvantage of each before showing them your suggested solution

(key here will be to give examples/reasons for what your suggesting, be prepared to defend your work/ideas if you have to)

No. 5 Last but by no means least , be PROFESSIONAL (any critism given towards us is not PERSONAL so dont be offended to have your/our ideas/suggestions questioned),be BRAVE (theres usually no right or wrong answer from what I've read here, and if you can try to be ORIGINAL ( if you manage this in a good way ,you'll interview will be remebered for ALL THE RIGHT REASONS, remeber these people have to sit though loads of grads who say similar things so ORIGINALITY WILL BE REMEMBERED)


PS Best of luck Apache , hopefully I'll manage to take some of my own advice when the time comes!!! :-)...let us know how it goes,Im having mine tomorrow so I'll be back here tomorrow good or bad

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#4 Re: UK Accenture Interview
03/09/2004 12:38


Had interview there Apache,

Interviewer was very friendly and relaxed, I panicked a bit in the case study though( got asked "How to sell/describe ACCN to a global Airline Company", question was actually fairly easy if i hadnt panicked).....say I'll probably wont get to round 2 cause of the way i panicked with the case study but I'll definetly re-apply again next year if i dont...ACCN interviewer was excellent, tried thier best to help me along the way...well I'll defnetly re-apply next year , the intviewer really painted a vivid picture of what the role would involve (warts and all) ,really sounded class...

Just wondering how you found yours? Simlar case?


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#5 Re: UK Accenture Interview
06/09/2004 21:45


Hi Phil, I had mine on the 2nd so I didn't see ur advice! Thanks anyway...I think it went ok for me, he asked a few awkward questions that I couldn't answer properly! Anyway, we'll see what happens. How are u going with ur other applications?

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#6 Re: UK Accenture Interview
06/09/2004 23:33


Hi Apache , sorry for not getting back to you sooner before your interview.

Have'nt really applied for any other jobs apart from ACCN yet as Ive only recently got back from some travelling I was doing with a few mates (around 2 weeks ago) , was looking at Sapient (as its a big technology consulting firm aswell and it looks fairly good) but I think ACCN would be better for me as Im only fresh from UNI and would like the chance to gain experience across alot of different industries so as to find an area Id really like to specialise in

whether that be financial markets, pure I.T, pure business Id be dont know at the moment , thats why ACCN looks a good bet...seems like you get a chance to get exposed to a load of different industry sectors aswell as technology in ACCN... Have heard that the positions available dont start till Feb,so we might get a chance to do some travelling if things go to plan

:-) !! ... At my interview I got asked 1 or 2 questions that I DEFINETLY didnt answer too great, but I found out today that I've been called for a 2nd round interview, so keep the head up cause to be very honest I didnt expect to be getting to round 2(you still have a very real chance yet)

What about you Apache, any other applications or companies that you'd think would be worth considering?


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#7 Re: UK Accenture Interview
08/09/2004 02:28



I have been following your experience with Accenture.

I am planning to apply to Accenture too and am currently fill out their application! Do you have any advice on the career focus section?

Also, I heard that Accenture takes people with MSc and Ph.D's.

Do you think "just" having a B.Sc is a disadvantage?

Thanks for your help and good luck with your interview!


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#8 Re: UK Accenture Interview
09/09/2004 10:39


Hi Sue,

To be honest I can't remeber the career focus section too clearly, I remeber there being a few questions about ACCN's business practise , ie how does ACCN help companies,whats the typical duties of consultant etc, most of the answers to these were on thier website (ie using innovation to deliver business results is mentioned in a few of the case studies as motto)

As for having B.Sc being a disadvantage I'm not so sure as my 1st round intviewer aggreed that alot of people do postgrads too early in thier career before they know what they actually want to do (ie work first then specialising later in your career is no disadvantage as it shows your not doing a postgrad just for the sake of it) id say having B.Sc is no disadvantage( saying that Ive only got to round 2 so far, so I might use that excuse yet as Ive only got a B.Sc aswell!! :-) ) ...

Also when filling out your CV try to highlight things you do/did outside of your studies, Id played alot of sport and helped organising sporting events while in school/college and had been doing some travelling up on till recently and the interviewer seemed to like that alot.

Hope thats been of some use to you Sue,


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#9 Re: UK Accenture Interview
09/09/2004 15:53


Hey Phil,

I didn't manage to get through to the next round. Good luck with ur assessment day! However, all is not bad...I'm accepting a position at CSC so I'll work there for a while then reapply to Accenture when I've built up some experience! Let me know how u get on, laters!

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#10 Re: UK Accenture Interview
09/09/2004 19:51


Congrats Apache, from what Ive been hearing round 2 at ACCN will be fairly hard to get through so id say you've probably come out the better by getting first hand experience as at CSC...expereience is what it all comes down to in the end, and it'll definetly add to CV aswell as your pocket at the same time!!.

Best of luck with CSC,


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#11 Re: UK Accenture Interview
10/09/2004 13:27


Hi Apache

I am intested to get into consulting as a graduate (Analyst position). Having applied to Accenture in the past and getting rejected at the final stage was a bit of a downer but I am keen on applying to other consultancies such as CSC. having read about your recent offer from them, I was wondering perhaps you can tell me how you went about applying to CSC for a graduate position as I got a bit lost on their careersource page. I'd appreciate if you could help me out.

Thanks in advance!

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#12 Re: UK Accenture Interview
16/11/2004 13:38


I've had a first round interview (and have secured a place with them after the second round) with Accenture.

I'd suggest that you do not worry too much about case studies. Although I did get asked a basic question from which they wanted me to brainstorm ideas, it wasn't the type of case study like Mckinsey, BCG etc have on their websites. 90% of the Accenture first round interview was just 'give an example of a situation where you have demonstrated this..' and 'give an example of a mistake you've made', 'what is your greatest achievement'. All fairly tricky questions, but not case studies.

Hope that helps.

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