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Salary at Booz, London ?

#1 Salary at Booz, London ?
28/06/2010 09:07


Good morning everyone.

I am going through some interviews with Booz & Co.

I have previous 4 years working experience in a very large ndustry Corporation followed by 2 years experience in consulting MBB.

I am on the point of finishing my MBA and was wondering how much would I expect as a salary band for the equivalent of their Senior consultant / Associate level?

Thanks a lot to everyone

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#2 RE: Salary at Booz, London ?
28/06/2010 10:05

Anon to Max (#1)

Hello, Max.

Firstly, you need to understand the very important difference between SC and Associate at Booz.

Usually, when you get to SC level, after a year or so you are expected to disappear and do an MBA or a stint in industry.

When I was there as a C, I found this very unappealing because I wanted to settle down and take out a mortgage, yet there was this 'inevitable' point after a few years where I would basically face a period of great change and unheaval.

At Associate level, you will typically be working with 30 year olds that have just finished their MBA. Many of them will have had some prior industry experience. But be under no illusion: as an associate, you are the grunt that produces all the powerpoints for the project. I personally didn't much like working with the associates because so many of them worked such ridiculous hours. Also, I felt that for such highly qualified people, they sure took a very long time to produce even the most basic powerpoint decks. I guess they were just 'obsessed with quality'.

The senior associates were even more work-driven. There were some really good ones, but most of the SAs were REALLY hard workers. As in they lived and breathed the work. I really did like some of the SAs a lot.... but some of them were MEAN dudes. As in people who would do anything to get to Partner.

At principal level, again the same experience. Some really nice folk. All very comptent at this level. But they were all international types if you know what I mean - the sort of people that had never really settled down in any one country for more than a few years. It did make me wonder how they hold down a family life when moving all over the globe like that. Again, VERY VERY VERY hard workers. This was not a position for the faint hearted.

Then at Partner level, you generally had decent folk. Some of the senior partners were pretty mean and would say things in front of junior staff that would worry them. But I think those people have left now so the remaining ones are probably decent folk.

Not sure what salaries are but am guessing associate is about 65-70?

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#3 RE: Salary at Booz, London ?
30/06/2010 15:06

DD to Anon (#2)

Associate at Booz is roughly £70-80k base + 18-25% bonus (no car allowance at this level i believe)

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#4 RE: Salary at Booz, London ?
01/07/2010 16:19

Max to DD (#3)

Thanks DD and thanks Anon.

Seems like salary range are aligned with the other 3 MBB.

As for the level equivalent , I guess I had to refer to Associate level (not sure between junior or senior, though)

There were I was, would do anything to try to stub you on the back, before, while and after the project...

The level of people aggresivity made no sense at all...

At least over the internet Booz people do not seem "so" bad (mostly US comments).....

Do other level get a company car? And where do they drive in London with a company car?

Also. do you see any differences in working styles between the generalist tracks and the functional ones?



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#5 RE: Salary at Booz, London ?
01/07/2010 16:51

DD to Max (#4)

Car kicks in at Snr Associate level i believe (roughly £7.5k = cash) plus also bigger bonus kicks in at Snr Assoc - 2nd year, up to circa 45% of base.

Not sure about track of sector generalists vs sector specialists - sorry. Hope you get offer you're hoping for!

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#6 RE: Salary at Booz, London ?
01/07/2010 17:15

Anon to DD (#5)

Ahh, the old "back stabbing" chestnut.

Well, I'm keeping my mouth shut on this one, but be aware that there is a 360-degree appraisal process in place. This leads, in my opinion, to some interesting "dynamics".

Also SA is the level at which you become aligned to a specific sector. Below that and you're in a pool with other grunts that go where they're told and do what they're told.

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