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Telling recruiters about other interviews

#1 Telling recruiters about other interviews
01/06/2010 11:54


Many times when I have a 1st or 2nd round interview most recruiters ask where I am interviewing and at what stage I am with other companies and to let them know if I reach final stage. This is understandable.

But from my point of view, should I be honest? Say I had a 2nd round interview with one company and they want to progress to final round but I would also be having 2nd round with another company which is my first preference over the one where I am in final round.

Do you guys honestly tell recruiters where you are with other companies especially if the other companies are your first preference but you are still few rounds away from getting an offer ?

Lying would get you in bad books of the recruiters (which is ok) but also the company where you went through three rounds ?

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#2 RE: Telling recruiters about other interviews
01/06/2010 13:10

sm to SH (#1)

Found myself in this situation a few months back. I explained to the 2nd recruiter I was at final interview but I preferred to keep confidential the name of the company. He understood the situation, then once I had the offer in writing, told him who it was. Result - happy candidate, good experience with the 2nd recruiter, would use him next time.

I can imagine there are lots of cowboys out there though but a good one will understand your position. If it gets you in their bad books its probably because they want to put their own candidate into the company and deprive you of a job

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#3 RE: Telling recruiters about other interviews
02/06/2010 08:26

Mars A Day to SH (#1)

Telling your recruiter is not only the professional and considerate thing to do (they are after all putting in a lot of work on your behalf) but the information can also be useful - they can advise their client that you are interviewing at x stage elsewhere, which may hurry their own client along, it provides a degree of assurance to their client that you are in demand, and they can also then advise their client on how best to sell themselves to you (it's a two way process after all).

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#4 RE: Telling recruiters about other interviews
02/06/2010 16:07

recruiter too to SH (#1)

Well yes but in case we all get a bit too cosy here…

While all of the above IS true it is also true that many recruiters will ask so that they can either cold call the client and try and put in other candidates (ie and possibly knock you out) or worse they might actually have their own candidates up for the role and it would therefore be in their interest to ensure you DON’T get the job.

Also there are of course occasions when the recruitment is confidential.

If you trust the recruiter and know them then fine (and clearly to NOT tell them does imply to them that you don’t which isn’t ideal for the relationship) but otherwise be careful

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#5 RE: Telling recruiters about other interviews
02/06/2010 19:59

Craig Milbourne to recruiter too (#4)

If you are honest then it gives me a good idea of what forms will be interested in you and it gives me great leverage (social proof) to be able to say in all honesty that you passed a 1st or 2nd round with a credible cponsultancy. It also shows your focus.

And for example if your interviewing at 2nd round with Deloitte, its hardly news that they are hiring and to contact them with candidates specultaively a) you can lose ownership if you have no mandate b) it will just annoy them as they have a PSL c) Id probably not get a response.

Whats better for me a recruiter is to understand why the other company is your preferred choice so that I can provide you with roles or advice according to your drivers and motivators and help you evaluate my role too.

I'd gain insignificant advantage in my job by you telling me that 3 or 4 branded company names are hiring. I know this already as they have adverts up all over Top Consultant and the internet and its a "under cover" role is probably retained anyway and paid for so it would be pointless. They'll be on my propsect list anyway so if it was that simple I'd already be working with them.

It can take 6 months or a year to win an account so start legitimately sending in CV's and with the big players its all tied down on fixed term contracts that have a tendering process.

In summary - you dont have much to worry about.


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#6 RE: Telling recruiters about other interviews
03/06/2010 13:04

Anon to Craig Milbourne (#5)


I enjoyed reading your other post in the early hours before it mysteriously disappeared....actually didn't think it was too controversial but apparently I am in the minority

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#7 RE: Telling recruiters about other interviews
04/06/2010 07:47

Another Anon to Anon (#6)

Bump for Anon above

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