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is it a good idea?

#1 is it a good idea?
29/05/2010 01:39


Hi All,

I took break from work 6 years back to do masters (after 7 years of work exp). After Finishing masters I was unemployed for 5 months. So far I have been showing this period as a break however, after continous employment with 2 companies (including deliotte) I am unemployed again. It may take another 6 months before I get my next desired job. So it's not gonig to look good on my CV that I have 2 breaks in last 5 years.

Now my query is Can I hide my first break by saying that I was working with x company immediately after my masters rather saying I joined x company after 5 months of doing my masters. Why I Beleive it might be safe option is that x company was a small company which doesn't exists anymore!! Moreoevr after I joined x company they made me a director of company as well and I serve them as a director until I resigned from my post. X company got bursted after 1 year of I leaving them.

Is it safe game? Can someone ask my appointment letter/ salary slip with that company? can anyone ever find about this? Am I carrying any major risks in doing so? I am a geninue professional and this will be the first time I would do such stupid thing but I would do this only to get my next job. Once I get my next job I won't repeat this for my next to next job.


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#2 RE: is it a good idea?
29/05/2010 12:47

Lou to anon (#1)

Is it for to make benefit for glorious nation of Kazakhstan?

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#3 RE: is it a good idea?
29/05/2010 13:16

JJ to Lou (#2)

Personally I think it is a bad idea to lie. I would feel uncomfortable about it ethically. Also there is some risk of getting caught out. Then people will think you may lie about other, more important things.

5 months after a masters degree is quite normal. I was unemployed much longer than that after my MBA. Just say you were in discussions with several companies but felt it important to take more time to get the role you really wanted.

I also have looked at my contacts on linked in and note that virtually everybody has career breaks. This is very very common.

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#4 RE: is it a good idea?
01/06/2010 13:51

Expat to JJ (#3)

I agree, there's nothing wrong with a couple of career breaks on your CV, as long as you can demonstrate that you used the time constructively. I've interviewed a number of people in recent months who were made redundant last year and have had six months or more since their last job - no shame in that, as long as they haven't spent six months watching Jeremy Kyle.

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#5 RE: is it a good idea?
01/06/2010 15:02

R2D2 to anon (#1)

I would suggest that you don't try to hide it. I've seen a few candidates under pressure at interview come unstuck here and you don't really want to provide an interviewer with any suspicions.

Besides that 2 breask in five years isn't so bad and I'm sure you were actually looking for work after your MBA?? If not, what else were you doing that could be attractive to an employer.

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#6 RE: is it a good idea?
01/06/2010 15:02

taxrebate to Expat (#4)

agree with the above but equally don't go overboard on the 'constructive' things you claim to have been doing; looking for a job does take a lot of time and some of that time is unavoidably 'dead'. a part-time background activity such as a property project, further education, voluntary work etc is typically enough explanation

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#7 RE: is it a good idea?
01/06/2010 20:13

Beefy to taxrebate (#6)

When I see a cv of a wage slave suddenly hired as a CEO/COO/Director of a company i've never heard of and then looking for a relatively junior role trying to continue his career as a corporate drone... Well, it make me think somebody is trying to take me for a fool.

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#8 RE: is it a good idea?
02/06/2010 16:14

recruiter too to anon (#1)

Don’t lie

1) some employers use external vetting agencies which are like Rottweilers and ask for confirmation of exact start and leaving dates from employers

2) Google “NHS manager’s lies on CV lead to fraud conviction”

I think it IS probably ok to airbrush by for example using whole years ie 2007-2009 and then leave it out BUT you must refer to it in interview: the plus side is you might get the interview by having a cleaner CV, the minus is the interviewer could think you were a bit dodgy.

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