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Deloitte CIMA to Accenture - Salary

#1 Deloitte CIMA to Accenture - Salary
27/05/2010 19:00

Accenture Sept 2010 Salaries


I have 3 years in Internal Audit Consulting at Deloitte, am looking to apply to Accenture F&PM Management Consultancy. Realistically, what type of salary can I be looking at?

Currently get 32k at Deloitte, but this should increase in Sept.

Can anyone provide me with legit insight on what a qualified CIMA from a Big 4 can expect to get at Accenture?


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#2 RE: Deloitte CIMA to Accenture - Salary
28/05/2010 08:54

AM to Accenture Sept 2010 Salaries (#1)

Depends on what level they bring you in at - based on 3 years experience and the accounting qualification, you should be able to come in as a consultant rather than analyst.

C1 most likely so c45k.

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#3 RE: Deloitte CIMA to Accenture - Salary
28/05/2010 12:54

Accenture Sept 2010 Salaries to AM (#2)

I find that a bit of a joke, seeing that their homegrown grads will be C1 and get £45k within 2 years, so why after 3 years do I need to go in relatively junior to them?

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#4 RE: Deloitte CIMA to Accenture - Salary
28/05/2010 12:59

anon to Accenture Sept 2010 Salaries (#3)

Uh, because they have directly relevant consultancy experience and you have indirectly relevant experience and therefore are a risk to a certain extent. Also, you wouldn't be relatively junior as you would be a C1 too.

Not sure a 40% rise on what Deloitte see you as being worth after 3 years is as bad as you're making out.

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#5 RE: Deloitte CIMA to Accenture - Salary
28/05/2010 13:49

Ex-ACN to Accenture Sept 2010 Salaries (#3)

Also, you have internal Audit experience which some people could argue that it's not really consulting. Especially when you look at the type of projects Accenture typically do.

There is no way that Accenture will bring you in higher than a C1 grade as you will need to prove yourself to them. Like anon has stated, you will somewhat be a risk until proven otherwise. Going from £32K to £45K is not bad going. The salary range for Consultant is £40K to £60K...

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#6 RE: Deloitte CIMA to Accenture - Salary
28/05/2010 14:07

DCF to Ex-ACN (#5)

I find your complaint a bit of a joke.

Put Accenture to one side a second and take a look and reflect on what Deloitte think you are worth in your current role and what they pay people in Consulting on entry and with 3 years experience - for the former about the same as you're on now and for the latter somewhere in the low 40s.

Why might that be? And what part of the firm offers the cheapest, most commoditised services? Do your colleagues commonly transfer to Consulting or find it easy to do so if they wish?

Why should you be any different from external hires who come into Deloitte as consultants or senior consultants with rather more years of industry experience?

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#7 RE: Deloitte CIMA to Accenture - Salary
28/05/2010 16:28

AM to DCF (#6)

No need to be so concerned original poster.

Accenture does not respect non accenture experience and tends to start by cutting it in half before allowing you some leeway to negotiate up. If you can persuade them, the might bring you in at level.

F&PM is not a bad place to be and you will stand out by virtue of having accounting skills (which most of the grads who make consultant and move into F&PM do not)

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#8 RE: Deloitte CIMA to Accenture - Salary
28/05/2010 20:41

Ned Flanders to AM (#7)

Taking a step back, I think various posts are conflating:

- experience with,

- salary banding with,

- company branding

Taking each individually:

- You will have to be able to convince - through past experience and cv - that you can perform at and above the level you want to enter. Anything less and you are asking for a promotion without any proof of ability.

- A lot has been said on the topic of salaries in this forum, but a 40% leap is pretty good anywhere. The fact that new colleagues with less tenure will have similar salaries is irrelevant provided they can perform at this level.

- Posters in many threads are placing way too much emphasis on company brands. It's fine until you're a graduate at the university fair but it's becoming a game of trump cards and over analysed. Company brands will always create reputations, stereotypes and to a lesser degree cultures yet they are ways of filtering and giving some form of expectation to the recruiter, nothing more, nothing less.

A good recruiter will dissect what is real and relevant experience from what is somehow-justifiabily-on-the-cv-but-not really-me.

In conclusion, you may regret it if you pitch yourself too high and eventually may end up feeling undermined by your new team.

That said, you know better than anyone your abilities, achievements and past experience.

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