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how important in current client feedback

#1 how important in current client feedback
20/05/2010 14:48


I was a contractor since last 2 years with the same client and when things things didn't go well due to client's management failure I managed to

pis* off my client manager as I held him publicly responsibile for the failure. I completed my contract and now looking for new contracting roles.

I don't beleive my client manager ( a senior management guy) will give me a shining feedback due the fact that our relationship was spoiled before I left.

Now when I will be interviewed for my next contract roles how important do you thing these references matters? can my client manager or give a negative feedback for me (he works for a furtune 500 company) because I pis*ed him off before living? officially he can't because of my track record with that organisation however, he has been my line manager through out 2 years!! I can also find out from my potential employer what feedback he would have given under data protectio laws however, any feedback given verbally I would not know?

What are the available options for me? How much important is the references now a days?

I am a geniune professional however, just got pis*ed of with the politics whcih my client manager was playing.



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#2 RE: how important in current client feedback
20/05/2010 14:52

nice guy to contractor (#1)

Can't you approach somebody you got on well with to ask for a reference? After all, you've been there 2 yrs.

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#3 RE: how important in current client feedback
20/05/2010 15:27

contractor to nice guy (#2)

Do they (recruiter/potential employer) asks/ preffers the reference from line manager?

I might be a able to find someone other than my line manager to be my referee.

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#4 RE: how important in current client feedback
20/05/2010 15:53

contractor dude to contractor (#3)

i'd be more worried about your lack of grammer, spelling and cohesion when it comes to getting a new contract...

references for contractors will be one from your most recent contract - usually this is not only to confirm you worked but to as to rate things like competency, attitude, delievry, fit with team etc

one question they can ask is "would you re-hire?" - if you think they'll put no to this then choose someone else there who can give you a reference - all they'll want is their contact details and co email...

finally - references for contractors aren't like those of permanent staff - if you can't do the job you claimed they'll simply fire you and replace you with no recourse - the fact you contracted for 2 yrs will count in your favour...lots of 3 month contracts look far worse than 1 long stint somewhere (persumably with renewals)

emplyers also understand contractors are more entrepreneurial - more likely to challenge a stale way of doing things, and will likely be resented by some bosses who earn alot less...

so - in a nutshell, sort your witten items out - and don't worry too much - use the mitigation of getting someone else there to confirm and reference you...

all the best

the dude

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#5 RE: how important in current client feedback
20/05/2010 16:19

Recruiter to contractor dude (#4)

Genius post, contractor dude. Spelling grammar incorrectly, then complaining about poor spelling. I don't think contractor's first language is English and he is at least coherent.

OP - People are scared of giving negative feedback due to the data protection laws you mention. HR will provide the dates that you worked there and nothing more. If you're asked for a reference from the business, use someone you did get on with. Shouldn't be a problem unless you come up against someone who knows the project you were working on and knows who your line manager was, in which case they'll ask him unofficially and you'll probably be turned down for no apparent reason.

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#6 RE: how important in current client feedback
20/05/2010 16:58

contractor dude to Recruiter (#5)

recruiter is wrong wrong wrong

all this talk about people having informal chats etc is utter rubbish - it doesn't happen..

in the contract world quite often HR have no idea or clue about how many contractors are even on the books let alone dates etc

these will fall to the hiring team / pmo / programme or project personnel... HR have pretty much nowt to do with contractors - why would they? - its an outsourced service bought for a set time ..

procurement are more likely to do all the paperwork around contractors than hr

recruiter - it must be "sweeet" on the days someone else's skills and experiences bring you in some cash ... but with a freeze / recession affecting hiring how do you feel knowing you'll be cold calling ten-fold what you probably already are in order to "sniff" a vacancy before finding out you're not on the PSL???

Muchos soul searching and wondering why you never got a real job - or have any transferable skills that can up your game?

let me guess - mid to late 20's - male, eager, earned some cash on commission but pretty much dried up now - envious of the boss in your pyramid scheme workplace where like me, you're making cash for someone else...but wait - you'll prob be on your way out soon anyway...

get yourself a hobby / skills / night-school so you can do something yourself that has some longevity - cos only about 1/300 make it big in recruitment for any duration of time...

they'll burn you out with their work hard - play hard philosphy - and i'll bet your ethics have had to go out the window as well - part of the game eh?

i'll bet the thought of working somewhere not ruled by fear but striving for good delivery and being transparent, open and honest are really alien to you's not too late never is..

if you worked the contract market i bet envy is unbelievable to you - but you could try breaking into it - coming away from recruitment for a firm and looking to help source people properly ? there is a contract market for that too...

food for thought - until then im sure you'll dismiss me as some flake with nowt better to do than post on here and will no doubt be off out to clapham to get smashed, try and pull, swear one day you'll sort yourself out and brag to your mates how much you might be earning one day...

ten a penny

bonnet de douche - the dude

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