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IBM Global Services - Consulting

#1 IBM Global Services - Consulting
01/04/2010 14:42

What is... Consultant

Hi all,

Does anyone have any recent experiences that they would like to share on IBM Global Services, more specifically in the technology and strategy domains?

I would like to gain a better understanding of the following areas:

1) Consulting culture

2) Typical client engagements

3) Pay scale for consultant / senior consultant / manager

4) Performance management process

I've visited the website for the usual information and wanted to know if anyone has had any personal experiences with them in the last couple of months.

Happy Easter.


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#2 RE: IBM Global Services - Consulting
06/04/2010 09:30

What is... Consultant to What is... Consultant (#1)

Can anyone shed any light on IBM?

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#3 RE: IBM Global Services - Consulting
06/04/2010 11:46

ex-ibmer to What is... Consultant (#2)

I was at IBM as a senior consultant in strategy.

They are very strong in operational architecture, IT architecture, enterprise systems integration and implementation. They are weak in strategy except for IT strategy. The brand is seen as technology and they put most of their effort into leveraging this.

1) Culture includes high expectations (as all consultancies). Less aggressive than ACN. A bit too cost focused - any non-billable costs are squeezed. Bureaucratic processes - lots of online forms that have to be completed. Think 2 inch thick starter pack if you get the job! Lots of pressure on utilization - be prepared to take projects that don't always fit your experience or ambitions.

2) Typical engagements are large outsourcing or IT projects for large multi-nationals.

3) Pay scale is market average. Bonus in reality is very small. Hours vary depending on the project and project manager.....but it is a consultancy so not 9-5 then.

4) Performance management is bureaucratic. Every project is self assessed against a series of questions and competencies. At year end there is an assessment that pulls these together but at the end of the day the only thing that matters for bonuses is utilization - this can be frustrating. Promotion also involves huge amounts of effort in paperwork and networking.

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#4 RE: IBM Global Services - Consulting
06/04/2010 11:53

goose to What is... Consultant (#1)

check previous discussions on ibm gbs (formerly bcs), should give you enough information on ibm's gbs.

1) it's an IT shop than consulting, it's all about hardware, applications, and integration

2) you will be nobody if you are in the delivery side of the business, only industry go-to-market (sales) prevail. all promotions go to sales (and don't be surprised if you find them not knowing what they are selling)

3) engagements are mainly, if not all, IT related "transformation". As long as hardware, applications, and system integration are sold in a bundle

4) performance management process is a joke. you are only as good (or bad) as what your "manager" said you are. period. so always have good relationship with those who have a say on your performance.

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#5 RE: IBM Global Services - Consulting
06/04/2010 13:13

What is... Consultant to goose (#4)

ex-ibmer, goose,

Thank you for your comments, it has certainly made me have a re-think on IBM as a company. I moved from ACN to a smaller consultancy, where the lack of project work, scope to move up the ladder and the culture, has been utterly disappointing. I am now looking for another role and want to ensure that it is going to be the right move for me. There is only so much information that you can absorb through a website and other people's personal experiences are invaluable. My background has been in implementation/delivery, hence the interest in technology strategy with IBM, however I am not technical consultant…

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#6 RE: IBM Global Services - Consulting
06/04/2010 14:27

ex-IBMer to What is... Consultant (#5)

I should add that IBM recruit a lot of ACN people as the projects are similar.

You might find it worth looking on linked-in for people who have made that move. You may even know people who were at ACN and are now at IBM who you could speak to.

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#7 RE: IBM Global Services - Consulting
06/04/2010 16:17

What is... Consultant to ex-IBMer (#6)

Thanks for all the useful information.

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