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Is ACN becoming a second rate consultancy?

#1 Is ACN becoming a second rate consultancy?
28/07/2004 16:34


I have heard that Accenture is becoming a less desirable place to work. This, I have been told is due to a number of reasons including the scrapping of overtime. Can anybody shed some light on the the company and its direction in the future?

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#2 Re: Is ACN becoming a second rate consultancy?
29/07/2004 13:03


I have a few friends in ACN and there seeems to be this huge rush of people leaving ACN and the attrition rate is very high.

I asked a friend who left ACN and she said most of the people felt over-worked without due rewards.If one can get the same money working for 40-50 hours a week in a company in London , why wud u work for 50+ hours for ACN specially with they sending you to places like Newcastle on projects, for months on end.

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#3 Re: Is ACN becoming a second rate consultancy?
29/07/2004 13:31


What on earth are you looking for? In 30 years I find that people who (a) feel the need FOR overtime; & (b) WORK lots of it - have got their heads in the wrong place.

Wake up to the reality - a job is that. It is NOT a life. If you think you are only going to earn sufficient money by doing overtime then either your skills aren't good enough or your basic package is totally unrealistic compared to your spending habits.

Revisit what you want out of a career against some REALISTIC assumptions of your own worth.

Oh - in case you wonder, I don't think that working for Big5 consultancies is actually that good. My experience of having to put right their output tells me that the models they work to are generally flawed. The latest book from ACN Managers about BPO being a case in point. They miss out on the choices that exist for management in pursuit of a 'one size fits all' approach.

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#4 Re: Is ACN becoming a second rate consultancy?
29/07/2004 17:28


Only comment I have regarding your above message is that from my understanding being a consultant is all about flexibility. If you are not prepared to be flexible about where you can work then I would say definately dont apply for ACN and realistically think about being a consultant. If you expect to get a cosy project in a nice London office then get with it. Consultancy involves working with the clients in their environments - if the prospect of working in Newcastle worries you then good luck in life as you will need it.

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#5 Re: Is ACN becoming a second rate consultancy?
06/08/2004 12:51

Bob Smith

In the "Most prestigious companies to work for" survey, Accenture has placed as follows:

2002 - 5th ;

2003 - 9th ;

2004 - 12th ;

In "The best firms to work for" survey, Accenture has placed as follows:

2001 - 3rd ;

2002 - 8th ;

2003 - Not in top 10 ;

I'm sure that statistically this doesn't prove anything, but to me it is at least "anecdotal evidence" of a falling reputation

Global attrition is up from 12% last year to 18% now. The company has grown from 75k eployees last year to about 95k today. It is therefore no longer as prestigious to work at ACN, plus the sense of community is being eroded as the company turns into a global behemoth corporation. The company is expanding from high-margin glamorous consulting to dull long time-scale outsourcing with low margins and lower salaries. The minimum time you have to spend at a career level has been extended making it slower to progress upwards in the ranks. It also means your salary does not increase as quickly. Furthermore, the "golden carrot" of partnership that used to motivate people to give their life and soul to the company has been removed throug the IPO, making people question their reasons for staying with the company.

The way I see it, bright blue-eyed graduates in the UK have 4 options if they want a top corporate career: 1. Investment banking 2. Accounting 3. Law 4. Consulting.

All offer different combinations of reward (now and later), training and qualifications, job security, and working hours. What Consultnig had to offer in the past was a middle-level of job security, extreme fast track promotion, lots of money to start off with, and bitching long hours. It still offers the long hours, promotion is slower, same level of job security, and less money than before.

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