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Moving business areas

#1 Moving business areas
22/03/2010 17:03


Currently within ACN Solutions working in FS. I am keen to make the jump across to consulting - can this be done? if so how?



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#2 RE: Moving business areas
22/03/2010 17:25

The Commonsensicator to Guy (#1)

1. Brush dust off CV.

2. Apply.

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#3 RE: Moving business areas
22/03/2010 17:32

Mars A Day to Guy (#1)

You could improve your chances greatly by

1. removing the word solutions from your CV.

2. removing more or less everything else from your CV

3. hand blank sheet of paper to hiring manager in consulting. same effect as giving them a solutions CV.

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#4 RE: Moving business areas
22/03/2010 17:36

tut tut mars to Mars A Day (#3)

jumbo shoulder-chip?

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#5 RE: Moving business areas
22/03/2010 19:49

Tiger Prawns to tut tut mars (#4)

Guy - I would urge you to treat the flippant replies above with the respect they deserve. I have worked at Accenture for many years now and I can tell you that transfers from Solutions to Consulting:

a) don't happen very often

b) need to be backed by a strong business case

c) are perfectly possible

It is true that the skillsets required are very different, as are the expectations. However let's brush aside the pre-conceived notion of Accenture Solutions bods being stuck in an underground bunker coding all day, and be realistic. If you are staffed on a project where you are regularly showing the skills required of a Consultant, in a client facing role, doing the type of role that a Consultant would be doing, then you already have a strong case.

I guess if I could offer you any advice, then it would be to create a strong business case which is of interest to the Consulting workforce. Make sure you understand what the expectations are within Consulting - they are quite different to Solutions - and build your contacts up to Senior Executive level in both Solutions and Consulting. Contact your HR rep and discuss with your career councillor - ensure your SE contacts will support you - and then make the formal request.

Good luck!


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#6 RE: Moving business areas
23/03/2010 09:49

billum to Tiger Prawns (#5)

everything is possible. there was a Lotus Notes internal support bod at Andersen who managed to get into the consultancy division, by sheer force of networking as far as I could see, and after a couple of other jobs eventually ended up at McKinsey (well, for about a year..)

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#7 RE: Moving business areas
23/03/2010 12:11

anon to billum (#6)

...and also some years ago, international underwear model Caprice spent some months dating North-London donkey-face and Arsenal skipper Tony Adams.

It's true, anything is possible.

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#8 RE: Moving business areas
23/03/2010 12:31

wellington boot to anon (#7)

What I don't understand is why the skillsets for Solutions are seen as so different. As far as I can see, most people in sub-manager roles in both SI consulting and solutions largely do very similar work; i.e. large-scale systems integration stuff in consulting & outsourcing projects.

I have never particularly understood the rationale for having a completely different "workforce".

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#9 RE: Moving business areas
24/03/2010 15:09

Guy to wellington boot (#8)

Thanks - believe I have the relevant skill set. Got CIMA/CFA qualifications and leading a major piece of FS work.

Simply believe solutions is the wrong fit, and keen to stay in the company and align to consulting.

@mars - comments not taken on board!

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#10 RE: Moving business areas
24/03/2010 16:56

Mars A Day to Guy (#9)

guy if you are successful I tip my hat to you. But there is an increasingly prevalent malaise of everthing is possible thinking on here which only misleads, and will ulitmately lead to disillusionment. It's the sterotype of the individual with a 2.1 from a redbrick and ACC at A Level - for example - wishing themselves into contention with McKinsey, and despite some giving sound advice other promote this egalitarian nonsense that they can still get there through some alchemy of network, hard work and wishful thinking.

Fact of the matter in hand is that Accenture consulting is already inundated with applicants with directly relevant experience in consulting roles, they simply dont need to bite the bullet of moving solutions people across.

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#11 RE: Moving business areas
24/03/2010 19:09

Tiger Prawns to Mars A Day (#10)

Mars - As I mentioned, I have worked with Accenture for many years. I have seen Workforce transfers which, as I mentioned, as based upon business need.

Guy seems perfectly placed for this on the basis of the small amount of information he has supplied.

Whilst I appreciate you may have some experience with Accenture - and all advice is valuable, as a senior internal insider, I would suggest my advice here is more relevant as to what is and is not possible relating to internal transfers.

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#12 RE: Moving business areas
24/03/2010 19:28

ex-ACN to Tiger Prawns (#11)

Solutions to Consulting transfers are as rare as rocking horse sh*t. They do happen, I agree, but not often and not during bad times.

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#13 RE: Moving business areas
24/03/2010 20:34

Tiger Prawns to ex-ACN (#12)

Eloquently put...

As I said - based upon a business case

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