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#1 EY
12/03/2010 09:04


Apologies if this thread has been done recently, if so someone can just point me to it.

What's the industry opinion on EY these days? What's their pipeline like?

I have an interview on Monday in their advisory practice and hence the question.

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#2 RE: EY
12/03/2010 15:49

EYer to Anon (#1)

Hi There,

I've been with EY IT Advisory practice and to be honest I have not been impressed and looking to move on once the markets start to pick up. If you need the brand name on the CV then stick out for a couple of years and move on. If not seek other options in parellel. The pipeline is poor, heavy on government which is declining rapidly, we haven't won any other projects and some of the partners have announced no pay rises for the 2nd year running. The mood is the place is pretty depressing and many are looking to move on.

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#3 RE: EY
12/03/2010 23:37

Anon to EYer (#2)

Thanks for the insight, that is pretty depressing :o(

I was really up for the interview and now I'm not so sure!

Any idea why they are trying to recruit at SC/M level then if the practice is in such a bad state?

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#4 RE: EY
13/03/2010 16:46

EYer to Anon (#3)

Not sure from an IT Advisory POV, we are bringing in new talent 95% has been from accenture but at the same time most of them are on the bench as we speak. See what they say and have to offer but I would keep options open too. Sorry i couldn't make it anymore exciting than that. If you check other threads in relation to EY they all sing the same song.

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#5 RE: EY
13/03/2010 21:15

Q to EYer (#4)

EY IT advisory but not the other advisory teams are hiring graduates. Are they staffing up more as an IT bodyshop or something?

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#6 RE: EY
14/03/2010 10:26

YE to Q (#5)

That's a leading question, but yes. The IT job ads are the only ones which are real - the others are a pretty shoddy attempt at market disinformation if you ask me.

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#7 RE: EY
15/03/2010 22:34

BY to YE (#6)

Anon - How did u get on with ur interview on Monday?

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#8 RE: EY
16/03/2010 09:14

Anon to BY (#7)

The day was structured so that there was a case study interview in the morning and if successful you are invited back for an afternoon interview with an ITA partner.

I had the interview with the partner and will hear back in a couple of days according to them.

There were quite a few people lined up it seemed for ITA interviews yesterday and I saw about 20 people in a room for their Corporate Induction so E&Y definitely "seem" to be on a big hiring spree.

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#9 RE: EY
16/03/2010 12:02

EYITA to Anon (#3)

Don't believe this its rubbish - very sad to see this type of message on this forum. We obviously have some work to do to engage a small number of people in the practice. We are hiring big time. There is no-one on the bench. If you want some facts tell the recruiter/contact you want to speak to somone who has joined recently and get it from the horse's mouth. Ask them how they feel having joined.

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#10 RE: EY
16/03/2010 15:04

EY to EYITA (#9)

EY are hiring for the bench right across the business. It is still overreliant on the public sector, but the partners are hoping the upturn in FS will pull them through. I doubt it

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#11 RE: EY
16/03/2010 15:47

ey'er to EY (#10)

Nonsense. FS is a completely separate business with a separate partner group, leadership structure and PnL. ie, an upturn in FS would not pull through the UK&I business (ie Public Sector).

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#12 RE: EY
16/03/2010 20:40

BY to Anon (#8)

Anon - How long was the case study? What was it like?

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#13 RE: EY
17/03/2010 09:53

anon to BY (#12)

It was about this long


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#14 RE: EY
17/03/2010 22:16

BY to anon (#13)

How short was it? And what was it like?

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#15 RE: EY
18/03/2010 09:41

Original Anon to BY (#14)

I didn't get the offer but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing based on this thread!

Anyway the case study was your typical case study in that a Western based MNC has not kept up with average industry IT spend and has various other challenges. It needs an IT strategy as well as Transformational Programmes. You have to come up with ideas about what the EY Partner should propose to the client.

30 mins for prep and then 30 mins discussion with the interviewer.

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#16 RE: EY
01/04/2010 11:17

not ey to Original Anon (#15)

Not getting an E&Y offer is a common theme they are database building and attempting to get leads from prosopective candidates.

only one further thing to add "RP 105" oops

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