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Help with contractor T&C's

#1 Help with contractor T&C's
03/03/2010 13:26

New kid on the block


Setting up a Limited company of my own to work through as a contractor but aware I will need a set of (standard) T&C's to give to any clients.

Does anyone have any standard T&C's they could share - from previous experience working through other people's companies these amount to no more than a single A4 sheet of paper setting out the basics of the relationship with a client (and a few specifics relating to the actual project undertaken itself).

Sadly I haven't managed to get hold of copies to work from so would appreciate if anyone could help me with a list of generic T&C's to get me started. Thank-you!

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#2 RE: Help with contractor T&C's
03/03/2010 14:46

Mr Cool to New kid on the block (#1)

Hi New Kid,

The standard template used by someone else might not be a good place to start – how do you know it is any good? Get it wrong and you might end up with a very large tax bill.

My suggestion would be to join the PGC at It costs 120 a year and even if you only join for the first year, you will have access to all the template documents that they provide with all the legal peace of mind that comes with it. It is particularly important that you address IR35 properly and the PGC will cover this in their standard templates.

However, before you go this expense, how do you plan to get find your work? If it is through agencies or other consultancies, then you will most likely not be asked for T&C’s, but will be asked to sign up to theirs. Thankfully most proper agencies have IR35 “compliant” contracts.

These days most clients will also ask you to carry professional indemnity, public liability and employee liability insurance. Shop around, but get a quote from Hiscox – they’ve been consistently cheapest for me for some time. You’ll be looking at 300 – 700 a year but you can wait until you have your first contract before purchasing the insurance on-line with immediate cover.

Final piece of advice – if this is anything other than a stop-gap between permie jobs, get an accountant. A decent one will cost you no more than £100 a month (if they do payroll, tax, and VAT for you) and will more than save you their costs in time AND CASH. If you need a recommendation, then let me know. My accountant does everything by e-mail and has been excellent over the last two years.

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#3 RE: Help with contractor T&C's
04/03/2010 13:40

New kid on the block to Mr Cool (#2)

Thanks for the response Mr Cool - a template from PGC or anyone else who has something similar they could share with the forum is exactly what I am after. Anyone? Anyone...

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#4 RE: Help with contractor T&C's
04/03/2010 21:21

no no... to New kid on the block (#3)

Wrong approach need to alter your mindset. You cannot simply adopt need to consider your specific circumstances.

The nature of your services

The upper and lower contracts

The constraints around your engagement

Speak to Danny Batey at Bauer and Cotrell

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#5 RE: Help with contractor T&C's
05/03/2010 10:09

Wince to no no... (#4)

NKOTB - as Mr Cool says, is this a short-term stop gap between employment or something you're looking to do for many years to come. If it's anything other than a stop-gap then don't skimp on this, mistakes now will come back to haunt you!

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#6 RE: Help with contractor T&C's
25/03/2010 16:51

mon_21 to Mr Cool (#2)

Hello Mr. Cool.

Great to hear your advise to the first person. Could you please give me the contact for your accountant as I would like to contact him. I am trying to set up a company as I will be starting to work independently.



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#7 RE: Help with contractor T&C's
26/03/2010 11:22

Mr Cool to mon_21 (#6)

Happy to.

Certax Northampton

180 Bants Lane, Northampton NN5 6AH

01604 212 482

It is a franchise firm, so you get the benefits of newsletters on the impact of the budget on contractors, IR35, etc from the central firm. These are sometimes useful, but not a reason in itself to use the co.

The Northampton franchise owner is Dorota Haden. She and her team have provided faultless service, and as I say it is all by e-mail and the odd phone call, so location is no issue.

I pay a little extra each month and have everything done (VAT returns, etc), but you can opt for the more basic service and do some of the returns yourself. Personally I don't think its worth saving a few tenners. It lets me focus on my client work.

Hope it works out for you.

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