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Putting CV on Monster

#1 Putting CV on Monster
19/02/2010 19:18


Is it a good idea to put one's CV on Monster job site. Will my current employer see it? Please advise.

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#2 RE: Putting CV on Monster
20/02/2010 07:46

cv to Curious (#1)

It depends on whether they have an account with Monster. You need to see if you can find that out. Can you somehow ask your internal recruitment team?

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#3 RE: Putting CV on Monster
20/02/2010 12:36

Curious to cv (#2)

Yes, my employer has account with Monster. I know someone who got her job with my employer by uploading her CV in Monster.

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#4 RE: Putting CV on Monster
20/02/2010 12:41

anon to Curious (#1)

There is the question of whether your current employer will see it, but even if a recruiter from your present firm was to find your CV on there, they would not know if it was for current hiring purposes - there are huge numbers of old and abandoned CVs on Monster, so it is not always a clear indicator that someone is currently looking for a job.

There is also the question of whether you will get any good leads from Monster. I find you get a lot of spam and bulk-emails from high-street agencies, but see very few consulting jobs.

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#5 RE: Putting CV on Monster
20/02/2010 17:53

anon to anon (#4)

there are varying degrees of privacy on Monster that generally ensure that employers won't see their employees unless they really want to.

If you are on there and your CV has the privacy switched on then whoever is using the database won't see your name or personal details. If you uplift a word CV however the whole document can be viewed so be aware of this. Also be aware that some of the application processes create monster account so you may be adding your CV to the database unwittingly (and this applies to a lot of job boards)

Anyway if they see your CV is out there it can be an opportunity to have a very grown up conversation about where you see your career heading, they can't dismiss you just for looking and if they want to keep you they have a golden opportunity.

On a less positive note you are unlikely to get headhunted from your CV being on Monster but you will be offered every career counselling opportunity going for the first two weeks and you will get emails from newbie recruitment consultants trying to build a desk.

By all means use Monster (and the rest) but use your network, build some meaningful relationships with some recommended recruiters in your field and keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities.

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#6 RE: Putting CV on Monster
22/02/2010 09:37

Tony Restell ( to anon (#5)

Really interested in your concerns about being seen by your current employer. When we first launched <a href= target=_blank>Top-Consultant's CV database</a> (called "Get Headhunted") back in 2000, we took the conscious decision to make it only available to headhunters / recruitment agencies and not direct employers.

Our view was that consultants would rightly be anxious about uploading their CV to a database that might well be accessed by their current employers, so restricting access like this would actually increase the quality of candidates registering with our service.

Now we are regularly challenged by direct employers as to why we have this restriction. We turn a lot of business away as a result - but I remain convinced that if you knew most major consulting firms were going to have access to the database you'd be scared off from registering wouldn't you?

Exercise caution I think would be my advice.

Tony Restell

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#7 RE: Putting CV on Monster
22/02/2010 11:41

Mars A Day to Curious (#1)

Simply set up a new - dedicated - email account to handle responses and then remove your name and (if necessary) key identifying details from your CV.

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#8 RE: Putting CV on Monster
01/03/2010 10:35

Tony Restell ( to Mars A Day (#7)

Do you really think that can shield someone Mars? I would have thought at most firms if the HR team knew:

- someone's rank

- the university they'd attended and grade achieved

- their sector specialism or anonymised details of the clients they've worked on

... then they'd basically be able to deduce the identity of the person on Monster or any other CV database. At the very largest global firms there could be enough similar profiles for this approach to work but at most firms the above information - which you'd have to provide for your CV to sell - would give the game away wouldn't it?

Tony Restell

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#9 RE: Putting CV on Monster
01/03/2010 11:08

Mr Cool to Tony Restell ( (#8)


Isn’t this an opportunity for TC to stand out from the crowd. Add a “hide from employer” field to the CV upload process; recruiters at, for example, E&Y would not be able to see anyone who had ticked the “hide from employer” option and listed E&Y as their current employer.

You could go further and allow candidates to include previous employers to whom they have sworn never to return!

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#10 RE: Putting CV on Monster
01/03/2010 11:08

Mars A Day to Tony Restell ( (#8)

I see your point Tony - but until the mainstream internet sites like Monster adopt a firewall betweeen candidates and employers like Top C then it's an balancing act people have to accept carries some risk.

I would suggest:

1. Look at your CV and ask yourself if there is something distinctive which would identify you. A particular combination of roles for example, or an usual degree maybe.

2. anonymise where you can - hard to balance this one without removing what sells you I guess, but instead of saying Manager, PI FSO Ernst & Young you could say Big 4, Manager, Financial Services.

3. You could date your current job as ended in the current month. This wont stop you being contacted by inteersted parties and you can then explain that you are still there.

4. Your CV is your personal property - unless you are in breach of the trust and fairness covenants in your contract an employer cannot take action against you for posting your CV online (if they found it and were able to prove it was you).

5. Do not assume that every HR department will even be interested. HR feel no pain when it comes to you or your situation so there is little to gain for them by becoming the inhouse inquisition.

6. Respect the quid pro quo: just as HR are unlikely to spend their day looking for your anaonymous CV online to play 'spot the traitor' they are also more at risk than you are as a consultant - after all they are unbillable and many are failed recruiters, so they are an overhead not a revenue generator... so as likely as anyone else to put a sneaky CV on the market (and rely on the discretion of their staff). Works both ways.

7. Finally dont assume that anyone actually cares enough to look for you, notice your cv if they did, figure out who you are, and run the risk of damaging their own career by bothering senior staff with this nonsense - or running the risk of karma coming back. The more senior you get the more likely nonone will risk the fallout of antagonising you.

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#11 RE: Putting CV on Monster
01/03/2010 12:14

Forum Fan to Mars A Day (#10)

My personal view is posting your CV on sites like Monster is akin to falling for the "I'm a headhunter and I have a great opportunity for you so send me your CV" scam that goes on. It is important that we keep as much control of our CV as possible and use it to target the specific opportunities/employers we feel are right for us.

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