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Big Firms Down Under

#1 Big Firms Down Under
13/02/2010 09:37



I know the larger firms (especially the big 4) have a poor reputation in Asutralia.

However, I would like to hear from people familiar with the market down under: which of the following firms are the best of the lot to work for in terms of (1) Reputation (client side) and (2) Work/life balance:

- Deloitte

- E&Y


- PwC

- Accenture


I am currently a Senior Manager at one of these firms and would go across at the same level.


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#2 RE: Big Firms Down Under
13/02/2010 11:03

QRR Rider to T60 (#1)

All of them are about the same. My take:


1. Deloitte

2. pwc

3. ey/kpmg

4. acn

Work/life balance: wont get this at any of the firms you mentioned.

Perhaps deloitte, kpmg will let you breathe. the others wont.

My suggestion would be to get a job as a sr mgr at an industry firm ( non consulting). The job mkt in australia is definately quite good these days ( although salaries are still a bit poor).

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#3 RE: Big Firms Down Under
13/02/2010 13:36

T60 to QRR Rider (#2)

QRR Rider, when you say "industry firms" - do you mean organisations with internal consulting divisions?


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#4 RE: Big Firms Down Under
13/02/2010 18:38

Non-value adding comment of the day to T60 (#1)

I'm big and firm down under, fnarr fnarr!

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#5 RE: Big Firms Down Under
13/02/2010 21:22

anon to Non-value adding comment of the day (#4)

All of the Big 4 are the same in Oz. None of the others register on the scale

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#6 RE: Big Firms Down Under
14/02/2010 06:47

anon to anon (#5)

If you can facilitate an internal transfer, that might make the first year or so easy for you (relo costs, visa help etc) + you presumably get to maintain some semblance of a network inside your firm).

A lot depends on what you do - if you are used to managing large SI teams, then some of those firms just don't really do that (e.g. Deloitte).

Bear in mind most people answer these questions in a manner strongly clouded by their own personal experiences/bias, for example putting PWC second, erm, under what criteria? Deloitte do have a good rep tho.

And again, put any two people from a given firm in a room and i'll wager they have different takes on salary/ work-life balance etc. it is very difficult to generalise.

IBM are supposedly terrible at recruitment, they push towards online channels but anecdotally i understand they are impossible to get in touch with other than by channels they don't bother answering.

If you do IT strategy etc, Deloitte or Acn. If you do SI work, ACN or IBM, perhaps Cap Gem or some of the others.

Worth looking at some fo the local players such as Oakton as well.

Which city do you want to go over to as well, may make a difference.

Also might depend on what industry you specialise in.

check out and for a flavour of what is around (and the main players own recruitment pages). recruitment consultants can vary widely in terms of quality and knowledge as well, so make sure you check out a few if you go down that route.

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#7 RE: Big Firms Down Under
14/02/2010 13:38

T60 to anon (#6)

anon - thanks for the advice.

I work on the advisory side of the business (due diligence, IT strategy, re-structuring) and have no real experience with SI work.

I have an opportunity to move to Melbourne with my current employer, however I'm keen to explore my options.

My indutry focus is energy, metals/mining and to a lesser extent financial services.


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#8 RE: Big Firms Down Under
14/02/2010 13:46

anon to T60 (#7)

This guy has a useful list of Oz MC/ITC firms

but if you already work for Acn or Deloitte, it might be worth just transferring if you can.

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