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Accenture?Big 4?

#1 Accenture?Big 4?
12/02/2010 03:20


hey chaps, was wondering you could lend me a helping hand by offering some advice to shed better light on my present situation. I just recently graduated from Melb Uni(australia) with an accounting and finance degree.

I recently got 3 offers, an offer for auditing from EY, an offer for GovernanceRiskCompliance for PWC advisory and an offer from Accenture for CRM(customer Relationship Management). I have always liked management consulting but it does make me wonder why would ACN offer me that position and not something related to my study background like F&PM. But however, in pursue of my interest, i would like some advice as to what are my future options if i do go into Accenture, CRM division. Will i never ever be able to venture into the finance world or any other field if i do take this offer. Please advice, any feedback will be appreciated:)

Cheers guys! Hae a great day ahead

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#2 RE: Accenture?Big 4?
12/02/2010 06:41

aus_mike to Indecisive (#1)

Hi Indecisive,

From my experience it doesn't really matter what you studied at uni in order to secure a role in 'management consulting', hence the role they offered not being an exact match for your undergrad (my background is law/bus in aus)

Were the offers that you received in the UK or Australia? Is there any reason you want to take the Accenture offer over the other two?

It really depends on where in the finance world you would like to venture after accenture as to how easy it will be.

This is also where the distinction between IT advisory and management consulting is pertinent. Audit, risk and compliance are probably a closer match to finance than CRM which might be more IT focused.

There are numerous discussions on this forum that will give an opinion either way, but my view is to do the one that sounds better from a training and development perspective. Bear in mind you may have to do further education to make the jump into finance later on regardless of which route (audit, risk, consulting) you take.

I am looking at making the switch now and it is proving more challenging than had I done the CA with the Audit and Risk gents.



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#3 RE: Accenture?Big 4?
12/02/2010 10:06

Mr Cool to Indecisive (#1)

This really is a matter of personal choice, but I would advise that Governance Risk Compliance is going to be a very high growth area over the next few years. I benefited greatly from my first few grad years being in (what was at the time) a high growth area. Pals earned £500 p.a. more than me, a few had cooler titles, or worked for better known companies, but it was me that got headhunted at 23 by the MD of a competitor. Why? It certainly wasn’t my academic genius. It was because I was managing the one of the highest growth areas in the firm and had just stolen all the business he had been chasing for the last two years.

With three offers, you clearly stand out from your peers. Think big, believe in yourself and go for growth over immediate status. Start in a growth area + work your ar$e off while you’re young = best possible start.

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