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MCA Awards on CV

#1 MCA Awards on CV
06/02/2010 18:02


Hi All,

I work for a boutique consultancy, and during 2009 I was working in a small team which won an MCA award for our work. Similarly this year my work has been shortlisted for another award.

The award hasn't given myself any benefts in anyway - we all know 2009 was a difficult year, so there were limited bonuses offered by my company. The only real benefits are to my company in which I work, as the MCA Awards are somewhat publicised and has also left a good relationship with the client and promise of further work.

I am therefore aiming to try to get some benefit from it - does anyone believe it will add value to ones CV? I am looking to move on from my current employer fairly soon, and was wondering if many consultancies regard this as a significant achievement.


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#2 RE: MCA Awards on CV
06/02/2010 21:29

Deja to Anon (#1)

Put it on your CV - it's a reasonably interesting talking point once you get to interview, but won't necessarily get you any extra interviews

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#3 RE: MCA Awards on CV
06/02/2010 22:52

Congrats to Deja (#2)

Worth mentioning - you say working in a (small) team - did you lead the team or were you one of the members?

Either way well done - you'll be able to highlight your achievement regardless of being the team leader or not. Better than most on this forum who haven't won anything however big or small!

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#4 RE: MCA Awards on CV
06/02/2010 22:56

Congrats to Congrats (#3)

PS. asking whether team leader or team member as you then say "my work" has been shortlisted this year - so was curious if it is the same team as last year, you alone or you in a different team?

Also is it same project/client up for another award or different project/client for this years nomination? Both good just may be able to spin a better story depending on the circumstances.

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#5 RE: MCA Awards on CV
08/02/2010 12:50

WELL DONE!!!!!! to Congrats (#4)

Well done on the MCA award - AWESOME!!!!

And yes, it should DEFINITELY go on your CV!!!!!

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#6 RE: MCA Awards on CV
08/02/2010 13:31

anon to WELL DONE!!!!!! (#5)

The quality of the MCA awards have improved in recent years, so I would certainly put it on your CV if it is current

The awards used to be a real PA love fest - with them sweeping the board. The rules have changed in recent years to make it fair and open. The result is that PA Consulting won diddly squat in 2009.

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#7 RE: MCA Awards on CV
12/02/2010 14:21

Anon to Congrats (#4)

Hi (from the original poster)

Thanks for the comments.

To answer some of the questions, i wasn't the project manager, but was one of the 4 workstream leads, we all had equal responsibility to deliver our own workstream, which contributed to the project success and award.

The nomination this year relates to a piece myself and a colleague worked on, we had equal responsibility in leading, project mangement, governace etc

The pieces of work were with the same client, but different projects and different areas of the business. The MCA award this time relates to a different category than the previous one

Out of interest, if we don't win this year, is it still noting on my CV that I was shortllisted?

Thank you

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