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To do or not to do......pls advise !!!!!!

#1 To do or not to do......pls advise !!!!!!
15/07/2004 08:26


Hi all.

I'd really appreciate some constructive feedback/advice on the following. Apologies in advance for the long winded post.

Bckground - completed IT degree end of last year from an Australasian Uni. Grades in IT (major) papers are average. Grades in Business and Management (minor) papers are good. Overall GPA is average, certainly not top 10% of class. I've got some interesting and varied entrepreneurial experience while at uni.

After completing the degree I applied to a few Consulting firms (grad position). I had an initial interview (phone)with A.T. Kearney and CGEY (regular interview)- didn't get anywhere, but got some +ve feedback. I'm working currently as an Information Analyst for a local market leading organisation. My role involves significant data/business analysis and business process improvement.

My aim is to develop a career in the Strat/Mgmt Consulting/I-Banking/Private Equity/Venture Capitalism sectors. To position myself to be a competetive applicant to firms in these industries, I'm considering doing a one year Graduate Diploma in Economics (GDipCom) from my university next year. This program consists of all the Econ papers that an Econ undergraduate major would study. Economics is a discipline I'm really interested in, and given my high level of motivation at this point, quantitative aptitude and interest in the discipline, I know that I'd get top grades (top 5-10%). I will also continue to be involved in my extra curricular and sporting involvements.

My dilemma is:

Benefits - Doing the GDipCom and getting top grades will open up the following doors:

1)After completing the GdipCom I can apply for entry level analyst positions with the top Mgmt Consulting/I-Banking/Corporate firms and be seen as an achiever (top grades in GDipCom and 1 yr value added work exp), hopefully enough to land an interview.

2) In 2-3 years after next year I can apply to a top MBA program, and be seen as someone with academic abilities (top GDipCom grades) despite the average grades in the degree. I can project myself as one who evolved in his academic and career interests and then excelled.

3) With the top GDipCom grades I'll be well placed to competetively apply for a place in a Masters program (Econ) at a top uni in the UK/Aus/USA. I'm keen on doing a Masters in Econ as it will aid me in develping an expertise in certain industry/funcitonal segments. A few years after the Masters, I may or may not decide to do an MBA. Either way, the top grades in the GDipCom and blue chip Masters will only add value to my B-School application.

Costs - Doing the GDipCom will mean

1)Giving up one year of work exp and revenue.

2)It will also increase my student loan.

3)There is perhaps the risk of my GDipCom being percieved as a redundant qualification - "not quite a complete degree".

I'd like some input on this. What would you do in my position? No, I'm not looking for others to make my decision for me. I'm keen to know from people in the industry how my proposed plan of action is percieved.


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#2 Re: To do or not to do......pls advise !!!!!!
15/07/2004 08:28


Greetings all

Apologies for the formatting getting messed up in the above post. For some reason, the text has been posted without the paragraphing.

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